Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happiness Project & January Goals

I mentioned in this post that I would be sharing my monthly goals and the change up Rissa and I are making.  And after spending over an hour video chatting with her Sunday night, Rissa and I have officially decided how this big shindig is going to go down.  And I must say I am in love with it!
Last year I set out 14 goals for the whole year.  14 things I wanted to accomplish.  And I got to most of them.  But not all.  Which is totally good and fine with me.  Life happens and I am still happy with what I did accomplish.  Also starting last year Rissa and I started our monthly video chats to hold each other accountable for goals.
This year instead of setting a number of goals to work on throughout the year we have decided to do....A Happiness Project.  We could not be more excited to be embarking on this journey this year. Gretchen Rubin wrote the book The Happiness Project back in 2011.  Both Rissa and I have read the book and loved the inspiration we got from Gretchen. 
We have put out own little spin on out Happiness Project.  We chose our own life topics to tackle each month.  We desire to work on different parts of our lives in order to grow and become better people.  By focusing on one area a month we believe we will be better able to focus and achieve the goals we set.
So how does it work?  Each month we have a life topic to tackle.  With each life topic comes sub goals to work on throughout the month in order to achieve tackling the life topic.  So what life topics did we choose?

January--Happiness Project

Each month I will explain a little more what each topic represents to me and reveal the sub goals I have for that life topic.

Since our video chat happened later in January than we expected, we didn't want to rush anything.  So we chose to focus on planning for the rest of the months.  My sub goals for this month include:

1. Decide on sub goals for all months
2. Get everything together to help better achieve goals
3. Re-read the book The Happiness Project

One thing I want to keep in mind with this project is that this is a working and moving plan.  This meaning things are subject to change if life changes.  And that is ok.  Also once I finish the month of one life topic doesn't mean I stop working on that life topic.  I want things I do to carry over throughout the year.

Well now that I have written the longest post ever, I will wrap it up by saying that I cannot be more excited to have all of these goals to make me more happier!  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

7 Secret Dreams

We all have our own hopes and dreams for  our lives.  Some many people may know, others we hold dear to our heart and never tell a soul about them.  About a month ago my good friend Lauren posted her dreams and yesterday Brandy, a friend from college, also posted her dreams.  Both of them have inspired me to to think and talk about my hopes and dreams.

If I am completely honest I have to say that I always have some crazy dream running through my head.  It is usually completely unobtainable and pretty laughable.  Please tell me we all have those dreams from time to time?

Most of the hopes and dreams I have spoken of before are the ones I know I can/will obtain.  Getting into Grad School.  Graduating from Grad School.  Falling in love with my job(s).  Making new friends after moving.  All of which I have either reach or know for fact  I will reach.

Today I am going to share 7 secret dreams that I have either not talk anyone or only told handful of people.  Those of you who have published a post like this, must know how nerve racking it is to put it all out there for people you do and do not know.  But here goes nothing.

1. Have Scripture Memorized
I have always wanted to be the person who could spit out a piece of scripture no matter what the situation may be.  I am not that person.  But I strive to read and learn more of the word so that I can be.  I want to study the Bible and know it.  I recently started using the She Reads Truth app and have been diving into studying the book of John.  LOVE IT!

2.  Be VERY Well Known In My Field
I do not want to be just any counselor.  I want to be the counselor that is known by colleagues and clients.  I desire to be on of the best in my fields.  Prideful much?  Maybe.  But really my heart strives to achieve this not for myself but for my current and future clients.  I want to be the best counselor for them.  Not for my ego.

3.  Write A Book
What blogger doesn't have this one on their list?  To me it explains why I love writing so much.  I do not know what I want to write about or what genre.  I just know how much I love reading and learning and want to be able to write so that someone else can enjoy or learn.  

4.  Get Married
After my stint with online dating last year, you would think this would not be on my list.  And if you know me in person than you know that I say I will never get married quite often. It's a cover up for what my heart truly wants. What girl hasn't dreamed of getting married one day?  For now though, this dream is in the distant future.  And I am ok with that.

5.  Be A Mom
As much as I love my career and want to always be a counselor, I want to be a mom one day even more.  Having kids completely excites me and terrifies me all at the same time.  What if I don't like my kid?  What if they don't like me?  I know, all things I can put off worrying about for a while!

6. Be Known As A Kind Person
When people think of me I would love to think they also think "she is so kind, sweet, etc"  I want to be a generous person. I would love for people to know how giving my heart is and how much I love being able to help anyone in anyway.  Am I always kind and sweet?  No, mostly sarcastic.  But I'm constantly working on this one.

7.  Get My Ph.D.
In what?  I am not sure.  When?  Not for a very long time.  I have always wanted to be able to be called Dr. Mosby.  And I know I am completely capable of obtaining this degree. That being said, I am completely burned out on school right now and want to focus on getting licensed before I get my Ph.D.  For my field I do not need one, but I am an overachiever and want one.

7 secret dreams made not so secret anymore.  Some of them are pretty basic dreams.  Others are pretty big ones to me.  One day I hope to look back on these dreams and be able to put a little check mark next to each and every one of them.  Until them, I will just keep dreaming bigger and bigger and bigger. As I hope each and everyone of you are!

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year at the Beach

This year for New Years my family spent our time at the beach.  Florida decided to not really participate in winter this year, so it was the perfect weather to be at the beach.  We had a party that no one really knows how it started and we spent lots of good family time together!

Tuesday we made out way to the island and to finally meet up with my mom's best friend from college and her husband.  We were so beyond THRILLED to have Denise and Dave with us for New Years.  

Wednesday night we had over 30 people over to ring in the New Year.  Lots of food, drinks, and dancing surrounded us!  Many didn't make it till 12, but those of us who did had a blast when the ball dropped.  And then we were ready for bed.

January 2 is my sister's birthday and since we were on the island, a boat ride was in order.  Mattie chose to a place for lunch and then we headed out on the boat to enjoy the day.  It was a perfect day for a boat ride and after days of no sun, it came out and warmed us all right up!

After two weeks of being surrounded by people day in and day out, Saturday I finally made it back to my apartment with just Brutus in tow.  The quiet was more than welcomed for this girl who needs alone time to recharge.  And I would say Brutus was pretty happy to be home and get some cuddles in.

Break is now over and I am headed back to school and work.  I loved being able to take the last two weeks off in order to maintain my sanity.  I feel refreshed and ready to go!  Here is to hoping that lasts longer than a week:)

The Grossest Experience of My Life

For the last 3 or 4 years I have had a cyst on my chest.  It was a normal little cyst that just hung out there and didn't do much.  Until this past weekend.  It grew.  And it grew.  And it grew.  Till it was the size of a ping pong ball or so.  On my chest.  Which hurt.  A lot.

So I told my mom I needed to see a doctor ASAP it hurt so much and I knew something was wrong.  Monday morning came and I found myself at a dermatologist with a nurse in shock that I had a cyst as big as I did.  On my chest.

The doctor comes in and tells me she really needs to drain it.  I was expecting it, but still cried from my anxiety with needles and knives. On my chest.  I do have to say thought given that I was by myself I think I did pretty damn awesome with controlling my emotions.

You may be asking yourself now why this was the grossest experience of my life.  Well the doctor numbed me up, cut me open, and started pushing and squeezing.  She warned me ahead of time that it would smell a little.  And boy did it smell!  And then next thing I knew as she was squeezing and pushing it squirted out ON MY FACE! 

That was when I lost it.  I had held the tears very well up until then and next thing I knew I was sobbing and extremely grossed out.  I didn't want to see anything that had to do with draining the cyst and about died when I did.  

After some more squeezing and pushing the doctor was finished.  She stuffed it full of gauze that I now have to pull out day by day.  I am NOT looking forward to that and have no idea how it will get done.

When it was all said done, I only had one question.  Can I still get a husband with a scar on my chest?  Fortunately I was reassured on Instagram that I will still be beautiful with a scar and I can still get a husband.  Whew!