Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why I Work With Kids

As you may already know I work in a day care at a gym (and have two more jobs coming up).  And well I am pretty sure that is the one place I will always belong.  There and in a classroom.  Seriously kids and I go together like peanut butter and jelly.

You see there are many reason why I work with kids.  And I figured you would al be DYING to know why that is.  So I will tell you.

1.  I love craft projects
Anytime we do one in the Kids Club and I am there I usually take the lead.  And if not I do one on my own.  Seriously I love arts and crafts.  I love making messes.  And I love it when I get colors all over my hands so that it proves I did something that day.

2.  I love playing games
Case in point we were trying to play the game "Mount, Knight, Carry" with the kids.  Well we needed an extra player and I jumped right in.  You can bet me and that girl won every round.  And I had a BLAST doing it.

3.  I talk to babies
I love it when I get a cute little guy or girl in my hands.  We have the best conversations.  They listen to everything and always agree with me.  And thats the way I like it:)  But seriously I find talking to babies so much fun.  How can you not smile at their facial expressions?

4.  I'm don't embarrass easy in front of kids
Kids do not judge me as much as I feel others do.  I will say and do all kinds of craziness in front of them and not have one care in the world about how I look.  They are the only people who I will dance for without having a single drink in me!

5.  I am 5 years old at heart
I love all things kids.  I love the toys, the dress up clothes, the games, and the fact that they have not a single worry in the world.  Kids make me feel like myself and I love it.  Some days I wish I could go back and be 5 again.

I really do love being around kids all the time...even if they do drive me crazy sometimes! Most of the time I just want Moms to know how awesome their kids are and that they are loved.  Really and truly I love those kiddos and would do anything for them:)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was fun, busy, relaxing, and full of lessons.  All of those combined together make up the best weekends!

Friday night we went to a local wine tasting as usual.  And of course this means drinking the wine most of the night.  After the tasting we went to dinner with friends where I discovered that sometimes it is best to just get another drink and some dessert.

I then escorted my parents and their friends to a bar.  So as to make sure no one died (jk I got stuck in the car and had to go). This is night one of my lesson learned this weekend:  I REALLY SERIOUSLY DESPERATELY NEED TO FIND FRIENDS MY OWN AGE!

The next morning I woke up and walked 6 miles on the beach with one of my mom's friends.  Barefoot.  And this was no nice easy beach walk.  Girlfriend boogies down that beach.  And my feet are still killing me.  At least the view was the best in all the world.

Needless to say I was pretty exhausted after that walk.  I laid around and read the rest of the afternoon while waiting for Mom and Dad to come back from fishing.  Lucky for us all they caught some huge permit and I was able to make some of the best fish we have had in a while.

Friends joined us again that night and I relearned/solidified my lesson that : I REALLY SERIOUSLY DESPERATELY NEED TO FIND FRIENDS MY OWN AGE!  Those people were a little crazy and I was definitely ready to get out of there.

The next day was spent on the boat with my parents and dogs.  It was the best most relaxing and fun day.  I loved spending time in the sun ever if I do get a touch too much of it sometimes...

Girl Behind the Blog: Encouragement

I am so happy Ashley has brought back Girl Behind the Blog! I have loved doing these and I really feel as though you truly get to know someone better via video!  So here is mine all about encouragement:)



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quiet Time

Growing up in the Church has always brought it's fair share of challenges for me.  Between never feeling like I had this huge "Ah-hah" moment when becoming a Christian and never feeling as though I knew enough based on my time spent in the Church, I have struggled at different points through the years.

One thing I seem to have the most struggles with is quiet time spent with the Lord.  Making time in my day to make him a priority.  I know this is a must to maintain my faith, but I never seem to be able to lock down that time.

The times that I have been able to?  I have never felt closer to the Lord.  My last summer at camp I spent every morning doing a devotional and being in the word.  I did so because I knew my job called me to do so.  How could I feed others if I was not feeding myself as well?  But then the summer ended, I no longed had the beautiful view of Cabin England's porch, and I stopped with my devotional.

Two summers ago was the last time I was consistently being fed.  And lately I have been craving it.  But I have yet to make it a priority.  Sleep and work and doing something else always seem to come first.  And I know I am the one to blame for this.

I keep telling myself at the start of the next stage in my life I will begin.  I convinced myself that now is not the time because I would give up once life started changing again for me.  But I know now is the time and I need to get in the word.

So friends, I come to you for help.  What are some of your favorite devotionals?  How do you find the time for quiet time with the Lord?

I am bound and determine to make this a habit that will never be broken.  I desire to be closer to God and have that relationship I see others having.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Watermelon 5K

Back in April I ran my first 5K ever.   Last Saturday I ran my second 5K and came to the realization that I just love racing. Was it my best race ever? No, but I still LOVED it!  I didn't have my favorite photographer there, Jessi, so there are not very many pictures, but I still got me some!

For this race I had three goals:
1. Run non stop
2. Beat my time from my last race 34:27
3. Beat my average min/mile from my last race 10:53

And guess how many of those goals I reached? If you follow me on any social media then you know none.  Not one.  Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  And I was bummed.

1. I had to stop like 5 times (lame)
2. My time was 35:09
3. My average min/mile 10:55

Now I fully realize that this is not that far off from my goals and overall not a bad race even a little bit.  I am BEYOND proud of myself for running it and finishing.  And as I was reminded by pretty much everyone: I would NOT have been able to do this a year ago.  How can I not be proud of myself for that reason alone?

This race was spur of the moment.  Sherry and I had been wanting to run together and the only time we found we could was this past weekend.  I knew from a coworker that the race was at the same time and place we would run so I told her we should run it.  She agreed.  So we did.  Obvi.

We met up that morning and the plan was to run it on our own.  Sherry runs ten million times faster than me and I didn't want to hold her back. The deal was she would come find me when she was done. And she did.  She got me through that finish line even when the last thing I wanted to be doing was running.  

Like I said I didn't reach my goals and didn't feel like I did my best.  But I finished.  And I did better than most of my other runs recently.  So I have nothing to be but proud.  And now I am going to kick it into gear and train for my next race!


Happy Weekend

Sometimes my weekends run over to Monday and I don't have my computer to blog.  So this means it takes me a little bit to get my post written and up.  Hey at least you hear from me right?!

Friday after working and taking a nice long nap I went to pick up my race bib for the Watermelon 5K the next day.  I was meeting Sherry up there since we were running it together.  Next thing I know she has me trying on new shoes (they were Newton's and they were amazing) and I was up on a treadmill running.  And I run funny and need new shoes bad.  Parents take note.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, 5:30, for the race on Saturday.  I had not run a 5k since my first one in April so I was pretty stoked.  But I will explain more about that race tomorrow... so be nice and please come back?

Right after the race I got on the road and headed to the beach.  Some time on the boat and the sun was just what I needed.  We all wanted a nice relaxing night so Mom and I went to the store that afternoon and picked up some salmon and steak.  Such a yummy relaxing dinner!

Sunday was spent by the pool trying to wear out the dogs.  I haven't gotten much sun lately so I was loving just hanging out and letting the sun relax me.  

That night we went to a friends home for dinner.  And I found my new favorite wine.  If you love me and want to get me some here is a picture.  For reals I love it.

I love relaxing weekends more than anything in the world. Especially when I know I have a super crazy busy week at work.  Wish me luck with those kiddos!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vineyard Camp Memories

From the time I was 10 years old until I was 20 I spent every summer at the most fabulous place on Earth.  The Vineyard Camp has a HUGE part of my heart, and after seeing all the fun that is going on this summer I have decided to share some of my favorite memories and pictures!

I only have pictures from when I started to use Facebook.  That means we can go back to my last year as a camper and work our way up.  Get ready to see me from 2006-2011!

2006 was the year that I made one of my first lifetime friends.  Even though Sara and I got off on the wrong foot, we quickly became super close.  She even dated my brother at one point.  I loved my last year as a camper more than any other.  And looked forward to the next year when I would FINALLY be staff!

My first year as staff meant getting the Best LIT award, starting more lifetime friendships, and finding out how some campers can truly change your life.  Oh and No Purple ruled this summer.  As it did every least we had a sign this year!

The summer of 2008 I spent my whole time in the craft hut.  Loved being there and all the girls who came in! As you can see Sara and I were still the best of friends.  The Hardin 4 were together and when we were no one could stop us!  And while I may never have good things to say about camp outs...sometimes when your with people you love they are not all that too bad!

The following two groupings of pictures are really a combo of 2009 and 2010.  2009 was one of my favorite years.  I was lucky to get to go that year, as I was about to start college and had to apply late when I learned I would be able to make it.  I had the best time staffing the best cabin.  Team Tink ALWAYS!

2010 was a rough year.  At last minute my sister took the job of Girls Cap Director (which ended up being just fine) which has me worried, I worked in the store all summer with the best staff I could have asked for, and I was sick with my shoulder most of the summer.  But no summer at Vineyard is ever regretted!

Now there is a big reason why there are not many pictures of 2011.  I was the Girls Camp Director and was SO busy.  It was a crazy summer, but as always good.  I could not have gotten through that summer without the great girls who were on staff.  Some of us took sometime to get along, but we all made it in the end!

Sometimes friendships are made that last.  Sylvana and I met our first year as staff and for four years after that were inseparable during the summer.  I could not have gotten through my years as staff if it wasn't for this girl.  I love her so much and know one day we will see each other again!

I could have added 1000 more pictures and 1000 more words.  But sometimes pictures are better.  I love the Vineyard and I love the friends I made there.  I still talk to them on a regular basis and would not trade the time I spent with them at camp for anything.

Thank you Dean and thank you everyone who I came in contact with at the Vineyard.  Everyone made such a huge impact not only on my life but on my walk with the Lord.  To say He is present there is a major understatement.  I pray those there this summer find God there the same way I did growing up.  Oh what I would give for one more summer at Camp Vineyard!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Thoughts For Tuesday

  • Today is a bullet point kind of post day...because I have nothing else better to write.  So instead I have for you some random thoughts that have been going through my mind. 
  • I wish I had more ideas for blogging. I can always use suggestions for new posts!
  • I signed up for a 5k this weekend and I cannot wait for it!  Not only do I get to run it with Sherry, but I also think this is what I need to help me to keep going and stay excited about my half marathon in October.
  • I really miss my besties.  Which is why I am already planning a trip up there in a month.  Even if I  really should be spending that money on my new apartment.  But I love them more so it will totally be worth it.
  • Totally and completely lost my train of thought and have no clue what I was going to put in this bullet...
  • Oh now I remember what I was going to write...I  love and I am SO beyond grateful for friends who have given different household items to go into my new place.  I'm a poor kid and plus I love redoing things so it is perfect!
  • I spent the past weekend moving apartments for my sister.  And I was a bad blogger and took a total of 0 pictures.  Which is why I didn't write about it all...
  • One of my real life besties wants to start a blog about her gluten free lifestyle.  She needs a cute blog name.  Any suggestions?  As you can see in the picture below she is fun, cute, and the bestest ever!

Well friends that is all for today.  Hopefully tomorrows post will be much better.  Actually I know it will be since I just got the best idea!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Apartment Makeover Part 1

If you didn't already know I am SUPER DUPER DUPER excited about moving into my new apartment in just less than 2 months!!!!  Seriously I wish I was moving tomorrow and had everything ready to go.  Unfortunately/fortunately I still have some time.

This weekend I completed my first apartment project.  There will be more makeovers so that would be why this post is title Part 1.  

My parents gave me a table and 4 chairs that had been in the upstairs of our beach house that was really only used to hold our stuff and hang towels over.  While I did not love the coloring of it, I fell in LOVE with the basic design of it.  

This meant I had some work to do.  And I was extremely excited to makeover my very first piece of furniture!  So here is what I started with:

Since I do not have any other white furniture going into my apartment, I decided to spray paint the table and chairs a chocolate brown.  And since I do not plan on have a beach theme, I got rid of the sea shell fabric and added fabric that was more my style and color.  And here is what I got:

I honestly could not love it more.  And since the table was free I only spent about $24 on paint and $22 on fabric.  This means for less than $50 I have a brand new (to me) table and chair for my apartment.  Oh and by the way the glass is missing for the table top!

Up next I have a desk to makeover, some couch pillows, and some other fun crafts!  I cannot wait to not only have it all done but all in my apartment as well!

So I Love Running!

For the past month I have not been the biggest fan of running.  I was lonely during my runs and just not succeeding the way I wanted to.  I was super discouraged, but thanks to SO many wonderful friends I jumped back on the running train.

Last Wednesday my Mom told me she wanted to go running with me.  She told me it had been about 5 years or so since she last ran, and at that time she was doing more sprints than long distance.  She did run track in high school so it wasn't like she was completely new to running.

I told her my goal was 3 miles but we could stop anytime she wanted to.  I also told her I would be kinda mad if she made it the full 3 miles.  So what did she do? She went the full 3 miles. 
I was SO amazed by her and her strength to do whatever she put her mind to.  She was not about to stop before she reached 3 miles, and that is the the attitude I want to adopt.

So come Sunday, the first possible day for me to run again, I wanted to reach my goal of 3.5 miles.  I had never gone past 3.3 miles, and plus I am needing to gain some distance if I am going to run a half marathon in a couple months.

I was so proud of myself when I not only hit 3.5 miles but 3.6!!  It was all mind over matter and I was bound and determined to reach my goal.  I knew I could do it and I did!

This morning when I went to run I knew my head was not in it and therefor I got maybe a mile in.  While not exactly the most encouraging thing, I know what went wrong and that tomorrow it will be different!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The 4th & Weekend Recap

Happy belated 4th of July friends!  I know I am late in posting my festivities, but I was just having too great of a weekend to even think about blogging.  I call those weekends the best kind of weekends.

The Fourth was spent watching a parade that morning and then cornhole by the pool that night.  I wore my Fourth of July bow and Boone got all the beads, that is after he crawled under the golf cart to get some shade.  It was fun to be with family and doing much of nothing.

Unfortunately, Friday morning I had to head back to work.  And that was not exactly what I call fun.  But at least I was able to come home to a bottle of wine, a good movie, and a nice sister.

After looking for a dining room table for my apartment, my lovely mother had the idea for me to take the one that was upstairs at our beach house.  That table was really only ever used for holding things when we came down.  Lucky for me (yes I mean lucky) the table and chairs were not the color I wanted.

I LOVE the design of the table and chairs, just not the color.  I have no other white furniture so it would not fit at all in the new place.  Unfortunately for you, you will have to wait till later to see my finished project...let's just say IT'S PERFECT!

In the midst of refinishing said furniture above, a little creature decided to scurry its way into our house.  You see I opened the front door, saw said little creature, screamed and ran outside with the dog, Mattie screamed and ran inside and therefore the door was left open and he sneaked on in.

Oh did I mention said creature was a SNAKE!!!! Yeah and he was a feisty one at that!  Apparently Hardin's are not snake fans at all.  So I had to go get the next door neighbor (who we later found out is scared of them too) to come get the snake.  He went from my mom's office to under the couch to the back porch to being shoved out the screen door.  45 minutes later we were very happy to see him go!

Saturday night I Face Timed with my best friend! We seriously could not figured why we had not done that before! It was so great to here Lauren's voice and catch up with her.  Hopefully in about a month and a half we will be doing that in person!

The rest of my weekend was spent curled up on the couch watching episode after episode of One Tree Hill.  Just the way I like it:)
Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth and weekend!