Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why I Work With Kids

As you may already know I work in a day care at a gym (and have two more jobs coming up).  And well I am pretty sure that is the one place I will always belong.  There and in a classroom.  Seriously kids and I go together like peanut butter and jelly.

You see there are many reason why I work with kids.  And I figured you would al be DYING to know why that is.  So I will tell you.

1.  I love craft projects
Anytime we do one in the Kids Club and I am there I usually take the lead.  And if not I do one on my own.  Seriously I love arts and crafts.  I love making messes.  And I love it when I get colors all over my hands so that it proves I did something that day.

2.  I love playing games
Case in point we were trying to play the game "Mount, Knight, Carry" with the kids.  Well we needed an extra player and I jumped right in.  You can bet me and that girl won every round.  And I had a BLAST doing it.

3.  I talk to babies
I love it when I get a cute little guy or girl in my hands.  We have the best conversations.  They listen to everything and always agree with me.  And thats the way I like it:)  But seriously I find talking to babies so much fun.  How can you not smile at their facial expressions?

4.  I'm don't embarrass easy in front of kids
Kids do not judge me as much as I feel others do.  I will say and do all kinds of craziness in front of them and not have one care in the world about how I look.  They are the only people who I will dance for without having a single drink in me!

5.  I am 5 years old at heart
I love all things kids.  I love the toys, the dress up clothes, the games, and the fact that they have not a single worry in the world.  Kids make me feel like myself and I love it.  Some days I wish I could go back and be 5 again.

I really do love being around kids all the time...even if they do drive me crazy sometimes! Most of the time I just want Moms to know how awesome their kids are and that they are loved.  Really and truly I love those kiddos and would do anything for them:)

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Miss Riss said...

I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, but you're gonna be an awesome mother one day! =)