Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally Finished My Room Decor!!!

I moved into school just over a week ago.  And it has taken till today to finally finish decorating my room.  And man am I excited to share this with you all!! Now I may not be the most creative person but this project was awesome! I worked hard just to make it right!

As many people know I am OBSESSED with pictures.  I love to take them, I love to be in them, and I absolutely LOVE to display them.  A room is not complete to me unless it has pictures.  So I got this crazy idea.... canvases + paint + pictures + quotes = BEST MOST CUTEST IDEA EVSSS!!!! So here are the pics of everything!

This the work station I had set up.  Lots to paint and to do!
 The start of one of the canvases. The finished product has the Bible Verse Psalm 71:14 "but as for me I will always have hope."
 Tried to use the lace on the top as a stencil but it turned out better like it is.

 Can you guess what I used to do this? A CD!!! Man I even impress myself!
 Finished product! Love Love Love the way it all turned out!
 The quote on the brown canvas is my favorite! It is by Dr. Suess and it says "Today you are you.  That is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than you!"
 And these are the other canvases.  The one of the far right says " happiness is not a destination".
And yet another picture of the completed room!

I hope you all love the room as much as I do!!!  It was fun to put together and I love how it all turned out!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Blog Is Feeling Lonely

It has been wayyyyy too long since I have last posted on here! I guess everyone may be needing an update on my lovely life....so here it goes!

Classes started last Wednesday here at Milligan and man have I been busy since then!  Between making sure I go to the right class, and then sitting there during the dreaded roll call (at least for me it is dreaded).  I hate having to tell the teachers that I actually go by Mosby and not Mary.  So confusing and so not fun!  So far I have not had too much work to do, but after today I have a feeling I am going to be BUSY.

Between all of my classes I have been doing what every Milligan student looks forward to most when they get back on campus.... catching up with friends and making new ones!! I have been so excited to get to know new people here at Milli and so far so good!!  Everyone should be proud that I made new friends!!!

This week is looking to be crazy.  Whoever said taking 18 hours was a good idea was stupid! So not what I want to do, but hey one last semester like this won't hurt!!!

BTW: I have been working hard on making my room look super cute, and when I finish I promise there will be a blog about it!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Life Back at School...

On August 21, 2011 I moved into Milligan College for the third time and entered my Junior year of college.  And let me be honest with all of you for two seconds, I was TERRIFIED to come back!  And I'm not talking the normal nerves or anything, I am talking like I was considering for a couple seconds not coming back at all.  Life has been hard on me for the past 8 months or so, and I have not wanted to deal with it.  And I knew coming back here I was going to have to deal with it.  What I was not prepared for was what I walked into when I came on campus.

You see when I came for some reason I had in my head that  I had no friends here.  Between two friends being away on an internship, one getting married and being an RA at the same time, and a couple who have been lost in the process of life, I didn't know who to turn to.  But I got here and those who I thought weren't going to be able to be here for me like I needed were.  One in particular is the one and only Lauren B. Austin.  Now freshman year you probs would have called us acquaintances or (fraquences as we like).  But then last year we started hanging out and let me tell you people she is pure amazingness!! Loves her to death.  And she has been here for me and wanted to hang out with me and spend some quality time together.  Whether it has been late at night with me crying on her couch or dinner dates and menchies it has all just been awesome.

And thanks to Lauren and some other great people I am starting to realize that I do have friends here.  And people do love me, no matter what others may say or think!  So between getting through all of that and getting my life all figured out, I have been moving in.  And while the room is far from finished, it looks super cute!!! So excited to post pictures of the finished product!!

So this seems to have turned into a therapy session for me so I want to thank you for letting me vent you about my very crazy and confusing life!  More updates will be coming with the start of school coming and all kinds of crazy things!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Reading Fun

Ok people I think I may be addicted to books.  And I am not kidding!!  I absolutely LOVE to read.  I have loved to read basically all of my life, and even though I read thousands of things while at school, I never can seem to get enough books to read.  The summer is my favorite time for this, and this summer was no exception!!  I read all summer and here are some of my favorites!

 This book was awesome people!  It showed me what the power of prayer can really do for people!!  I totally suggest this to anyone who has any doubts on prayer!!
 This is probably one of my new favorite books.  I first saw it in bookstores and thought it was a joke, and didn't have any desire to read it.  Then when I got to camp and Dean starting talking about it and using it as a reference, I knew it had to be good! So I went and bought the book.  Lets just say I could not put it down!! I loved this book.  It was so eye opening.  I started telling everyone about it, and before I knew it my book had been passed around to half of the camp! I so love how God can work sometimes!!
I just finished this one last night.  And again it was another I was skeptical of and then once I started reading it I could not put it down!!  I loved this book.  Again it was eye opening and now I am DYING to go see the movie!!
 Not exactly sure where I heard about this one from, but loved it.  It was so good and fun to read.  Its kinda weird and not for everyone, but I couldn't put it down!!  If your looking for something light to read, this one might be the one for you!
 Part of my reading problem is that I have fallen in LOVE with autobiographies.  Like seriously people, I am obsessed and pretty sure this is my favorite section in the book store.  I love learning about peoples lives and this book was an awesome one.  I first heard about it when Mattie had to read it for college.  Then this summer the lovely Miss Lauren B. Austin decided to read it which got me into it.  Great book about a different kind of life than most live.  Definitely a must read!
Now I have always loved Nicholas Sparks books.  Who doesn't?  But lately they had gotten really predictable, and plus love stories make me want to barf right now (don't ask me why).  But mom and Mattie read this one and said I should as well.  And while it was a love story, and very predictable, there were some twists and I actually enjoyed it!!

So as you can see I read a lot and of course I recommend them to all.  I have a new obsession also with going into bookstores and getting lost there.  I can spend hours there reading and finding some awesome books to read!! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy..... not as nice as it sounds!!  This week, in order to try and heal my shoulder, I have been going to massage therapy.  The good news is we found the muscles that were inflamed.  The bad news....they are severely damaged.  I also had about a bagillion more trigger points!

In order to fix all of this I have to do trigger point therapy and let me tell you it hurts!  I cry during this time, when I thought I would be relaxing!  I am hoping and praying this will be the answer and soon I will be pain free.  Until then I have to suffer through the pain of working on these muscles until I can finally be pain free!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life Since I have Been Home

So here is what I have done since I have been home:

Went to another doctor's appointment just to have another MRI done just to be told that there is not much that can be done for my shoulder.  There is fluid in my shoulder due to inflammation of my tendons but all the doctor has told me is that I need to do yoga, and get massages..... I guess I will have to learn to be ok with that!!

Headed down to the beach with the fam to enjoy lots of sun and fun!!  Between the boating and the time spent with friends it was a great and much needed weekend!

Then this whole week while Mamerz was moving Mattie into her dorm I was running the household! I cooked and cleaned and lets just say... Mom does a much better job!!  And its a lot harder than it looks!!

Now I am preparing to go back to Milligan.  I head back in a week and I cannot wait to be back up there with all of my friends!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Summer in Pictures

Though I did not take many, here is my summer in pictures:)
 The Beautiful Meadows Sunset :)
 Bri being better than the boys and getting rid of the snake!
 Playing jokes on Mattie when she sleeps
 My gorgeous ankle after spraining it!
 Miriam making water babies
 Bubba's birthday:))
 Love these girls soooo much!
 Christmas week and the Mexican Posada with awesome friends
 The BEST GCDA anyone could ever ask for!
 Love that my sister got to come and spend time at camp with me!
 Security from the bee's time!!
 hanging out with the baby brother in the kitchen!
 Time for a devotion in the meadows
And home to Milligan!

The Things I will Miss From Camp

There are soooo many things from camp that I will miss dearly!! Whether they were funny or serious I miss  everything about camp.  And here are just a few things:

1. Dean singing to Kalah "WeBow Down" when she would bow to him.
2. Hanging out in the infirmary most of the day talking to Miriam and Paul.
3. Miriam having water babies.
4. Going into the office to mess with Karen at the front desk.
5. Maria being the best assistant ever.
6.  Looking like an idiot at Morning Watch
7. girls Camp beating Boys Camp at XiRho songs every week
8.Waking up early to go see my brother in the Kitchen
9. Sitting on england's porch and reading and saying hi to all of the girls
10. Being the camp Princess and everyone knowing it and always getting what I want and my way:))
11. Going up to Deans house for bible studies and after XiRho with the staff
12. Nan's cookies
13. Using Dean's office as my office when I sprained my ankle
14.Riding around in my golf cart because I was the one smart enough to take care of myself
15. Having my best friends around me all the time
16. losing my voice all the time because of all the excitement and screaming we did

Now while camp was amazing and all there are some things I will not be missing one little bit.  And here are some of those (this list may be a little longer than the one before)

1. Showering with shoes on
2. Non-air conditioned bathrooms
3. Walking up girls camp hill
4. The same food for each meal on the same day of each week
5. It always being so dang hot
6.  All of the drama from living with 150 girls
7. My cabin being smaller than the size of my kitchen at home and living there with 8 girls
8.The lack of cell phone service
9. The craziness of getting girls to their cabins when they come in the middle of the night
10.  Missing all of my friends back home all the time

no joke that this was the best summer ever!!! I love and miss all of you who came this summer!!