Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Things I will Miss From Camp

There are soooo many things from camp that I will miss dearly!! Whether they were funny or serious I miss  everything about camp.  And here are just a few things:

1. Dean singing to Kalah "WeBow Down" when she would bow to him.
2. Hanging out in the infirmary most of the day talking to Miriam and Paul.
3. Miriam having water babies.
4. Going into the office to mess with Karen at the front desk.
5. Maria being the best assistant ever.
6.  Looking like an idiot at Morning Watch
7. girls Camp beating Boys Camp at XiRho songs every week
8.Waking up early to go see my brother in the Kitchen
9. Sitting on england's porch and reading and saying hi to all of the girls
10. Being the camp Princess and everyone knowing it and always getting what I want and my way:))
11. Going up to Deans house for bible studies and after XiRho with the staff
12. Nan's cookies
13. Using Dean's office as my office when I sprained my ankle
14.Riding around in my golf cart because I was the one smart enough to take care of myself
15. Having my best friends around me all the time
16. losing my voice all the time because of all the excitement and screaming we did

Now while camp was amazing and all there are some things I will not be missing one little bit.  And here are some of those (this list may be a little longer than the one before)

1. Showering with shoes on
2. Non-air conditioned bathrooms
3. Walking up girls camp hill
4. The same food for each meal on the same day of each week
5. It always being so dang hot
6.  All of the drama from living with 150 girls
7. My cabin being smaller than the size of my kitchen at home and living there with 8 girls
8.The lack of cell phone service
9. The craziness of getting girls to their cabins when they come in the middle of the night
10.  Missing all of my friends back home all the time

no joke that this was the best summer ever!!! I love and miss all of you who came this summer!!

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