Monday, February 28, 2011

Rain boots on a Rainy Day

I am grateful for many things.  One of which are my rain boots!!!  One of my biggest pet peeves is when you walk in the rain and the bottom of your pants get wet.  It drives me insane!!! So fortunately some awesome person invented rain boots!  And on a day like today where its like a torrential down pore outside they are just what I needed!  And to top it all off my rain boots are the cutest everr!!!
You see they are 50th Anniversary  Barbie Rain boots!  And they are sooo amazing!!! I love getting to wear them!  The best part about rain boots? I can jump in PUDDLES!!!!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Disney Princesses on Ice

As many people know I am pretty much a five year old at heart!  I love to be a kid and love doing what kids do.  Whether this means hanging out with kids, or watching kids movies (my favorite is How to Train Your Dragon), or going to kid events, I am all in.  And this Friday night was no exception!!! Ashlee, Eliza, and I went with Ashlee's family to go see Disney Princesses on Ice!!  And let me tell you, it was the best ever!!

I am pretty sure that me and Eliza were more excited than half of the 5 years olds there! We screamed for excitement the whole time and just loved every second of it!!  Here is a little of what happened that night!
 Princesses Mosby, Eliza, and Ashlee
 Mickey and Minnie came!
 All of the Princesses dancing
 We were stoked about our princess cups!
Cinderella in her carriage!

We had such an amazing night and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  And I am so grateful to have two best friends who love being 5 years old with me :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have seriously been exhausted this week (which explains why I have not been blogging lately!) Since waking up at 6:20 on Monday morning until now I have been so stinking tired! I have just been so busy and have had all kinds of things to do.  I swear my days NEVER end! I go from running, to work, to class, to trying to study for tests, to trying to spend time with friends and having a social life, to finally bed sometime hopefully before 1 am.  I just have not seemed to be able to catch up on sleep or time or anything!

Seriously Spring Break you could come any day now and I would be the happiest camper alive!  I know your next week, and I know I am leaving a day early (yay me!) but seriously I could use you like right now! All I keep dreaming about is beautiful Florida and the beach that I am going to be sitting on soon!
This is the sight I am dreaming of and wish I could be right now! 
But I have 3 tests and lots of other homework assignments to do before I can get there.  But you better bet that I am counting down the days!

Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Train Your Marathon

So last night was date night with Becky.  Love Thursday nights because of this and because its the one night the food in the caf is actually worth eating!  During out date Becky brought up the idea that she wanted to run a half-marathon.  And I was like dude I have so been wanting to become a runner and we should totally do this together!  This way we both have great support and don't feel like we are on our own!  And of course Beck was all in!!!

So now we pinky swore and we are on our way to become marathon runners....starting Monday.

It's going to be a long time training and we are probably a year out from actually running the half marathon,  considering neither of us are runners, but I know we can do it! So prayers will be welcomed as we start our journey to getting fit and becoming marathon runners!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunshine and Warmth

Today was a gorgeous day! We had tons of sunshine and tons of warmth.  I was so excited when I woke up and decided to wear flip flops today! It was so nice! My toes were free and loving it!!!! No more bundling up in tons of layers to stay warm.  Now I can wear short sleeves and sandals!!

Since our wonderful God decided to bless us with this gorgeous day me and Ashlee decided to take advantage of it and spend the afternoon outside!  After day of work and classes it was just what I needed.  We took a guitar, book, a blanket, and grabbed our sunglasses and went!  As we sat down I opened up my book and read as Ashlee serenaded me with her beautiful music!

Oh and we can't forget the dried mangos we ate! So yum!  As the afternoon went on we got a little goofy...
This is what a great afternoon and a great friend will do to you!!! We so enjoyed ourselves!! And I may have pulled some good moves and songs on that guitar:)

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Life as A Professional Paper Scanner

This here my friends is my new bff.  I spend about 2 hours a day with her and just love it.  I love her so much that I am now considering a career as a Professional Paper Scanner.  Forget Education, this is the job for me!

For the past month or so it has been my job to take all of the old files down at work and scan them onto a hard drive.  I have had an absolute BLAST doing this (sarcasm people).  It actually hasn't been that bad, but seriously sometimes it gets a little monotonous.  Heres my process:
1. pick up the file
2. open the the file
3. sort through and find all of the important forms
4. look at all the pictures from the 50's 
5. enter my email address into my fave machine
6. load the paper and press start
7. repeat this process for about 15 times
8. pick up all the files
9. walk over to the computer
10. go through email and load them onto the hard drive
11.  look at all of the names and find some for your children (this is always fun)
12. walk over to the shred box
13. place the files in the shred box,
14. repeat steps 1-13 until all 100 boxes are done

See its not all that bad.  I try to make it fun!  I know you all are going to be jealous of me and my amazing job, but no one else can have it.  I was specially chosen for this job, and will never let it go...well maybe for a good price!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sundays :)

Sundays are probably my favorite day of the week.  They are for Church and worshipping my awesome God. 
(and afternoon naps!)

I love waking up and getting ready to go and worship God in my loving church community.  I have been very fortunate in the fact that I have been able to find the perfect Church for me! I absolutely LOVE Harrison Christian Church.  I have been able to get involved with the children's program there and have loved every minute of it.  Those kids are seriously the best ever.  They brighten my day every time I get the chance to see them.

I also absolutely love the fact that more and more Milligan Students have started to come to the church.  For a while me and Eliza made up a little less than the college program there.  But now that more are coming more opportunities for me to get involved are opening up.  SO love it!

These Sunday's just keep getting better and better and I always looked forward to the next :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quotes from Dr. Ruth McDowell Cook

Dr. Cook has the ability to say the best things ever.  Here are just a few of her quotes...from one class.  She cracks me up and makes me love being in her class.  For those of you who have had her, you know these only hit the surface of what she will and does say.

"I am a Nana and Nana's are made from Teflon."

"With only 10 pages to read and half of them have pictures I am tempted to say get over yourself and do it."

"Wilson....well meaning."

"I'm an idealist...students don't cheat, they don't lie... hahhaha"

"You kinda worry when the professor prays that she will be put in the fire."

"He probably photoshopped his chest and I voted for this guy!"

" Paintballs don't hurt do they?  Not unless you freeze them. Oh freeze the"

"We suggest that you do not have alcohol in your room, that you do not smoke in your room, and that you do not....well I'm not going to say that."

"They should have had women there.  It was just a bunch of old farts sitting around smoking cigars.  I don't get that."

"Economist impress me.  I think I would want to be an economist.  I made good grades in calculus."

"This is going to get's a Friday afternoon."

"If you ever want me to write something good about you for a job....don't tell me about your lap dancing career."

"There's always a Hitler coming down the pike"

"Were electing a new president at Milligan...could be a Hitler.  Better start your prayer meetings."

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Why am I a leader?!  I don't want to be a leader anymore!  Not after this stupid Leadership class!!!  This semester me and 3 of the girls had to take a Leadership class that is required for a scholarship we all had.  We thought "hey its leadership it can't be that hard...right?"  WRONG!

This class is stinking hard!!!  The teacher is the sweetest person ever and she means so well.  But one of the problems is this is a business leadership class.  And I'm not a business major.  I don't want to be a business major.  So why am I in this class again?!  I don't know.  But I have to take it so I am.  

I try to listen and pay attention....honestly I do.  But the thing is it is offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:40-5.  And we never end early.  And its just not a topic that intrigues me enough for that long.  I wish it did because then maybe I would actually be able to pass this test I have in about an hour (pray I do well please?!)
Who knows maybe at the end of this semester I will be grateful for this class and be happy I took it.   Maybe I will actually pull off an A.  
Like seriously who gets a C in Leadership?!


Alright so me and my friends just might be a little obsessed with celebrating each others birthdays!  We just love it! We have so much fun celebrating each other and another year they have grown.  This year we decided to go a little more low key than last.  The birthday girl kinda gets to plan what they want to do and so far everyone just wants to go to Barbs!

The first birthday girl we celebrated was Becky!  She decided she wanted to go and get pedi's and then onto Barb's for dinner!
We had so much fun celebrating her!  She is an amazing young lady and love her to death!!!

We then had about three birthdays that all fell within a couple weeks of each other.  Lauren, Jessi, and Jordan all had either a January birthday or early February birthday.  So what did we do?  We went to Barbs.  While there we also decided that we would celebrate Kelly's birthday as a surprise since we kinda missed it due to it being over thanksgiving break!
 The Birthday Girls
 Me and Eliza finger painted for Kelly
All of my BEAUTIFUL ladies

Coming Back to Blogging

So it has been approximately.... FOREVER since I last blogged.  And after some reflection with a great friend about blogging I decided it was time for me to get back to this!

So life at Milligan....where to start. Well we all got back from Christmas Break and did that whole run while screaming in an annoyingly high squeal to give you friends a hug because the month you spent apart from each other was just way too long!  After that we all had to play catch up with each other.  We sat and talked and filled each other in on our lives.  These are the moments I live for! They remind me why I have the friends I have and why I love them they way I do.

After being back for a few days it was time to start classes.  We all looked for what classes we were going to have with our bff and then when we didn't have a class with them we made sure to find someone we could talk to during that class.  After the first week or so we were already fed up with our classes.  But hey were here to learn so thats what we got to do!

Now that we are about a month into this semester things have seemed to come back to normal.  We have started to take our first tests in our classes (again the professors here seriously plan all their tests at the same time!)  We are al settled in and dealing with snow and cold weather! So cannot wait for spring to come around!

So thats Milligan for now!  Who knows what this semester has in store for me and all my friends, but I know its going to be a good one!