Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What I Love Most About Christmas

Girl Between the Lines Link up

I am linking up with Lauren and Haley again for the Girl Between The Lines link up! This weeks topic is what we love most about the Holliday season!

This was super easy for me. As you all may know I am huge on love languages. And mine that I give out is gift giving. So it should be no surprise that my favorite part of the holidays is giving gifts! I love the planning, the buying, the crafting, and watching the people I love most open them!

I work really hard at making sure I get just the right gift for everyone. It is never random and there is always a reason I got you what I did. I love thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Not just some random thing bought from a store. 

I am BEYOND excited for all of my gifts this year! Every single one is great and I cannot wait to give them out. And I cannot wait to share some of my favorites on here! Here are some gifts from Christmas past that I have loved giving!

This H was made two Christmas' ago.  Here is the tutorial for how I made it (SO EASY).  I made it for Mom and it now hangs in our kitchen at home.  I LOVE it and get so many compliments on it all them time.  The best part was Mom was stunned by the gift.  No one was expecting anything like this so I loved the big reveal!

Last year I made wreaths for Mom and Mattie.  The one above is Mattie's hung in her apartment.  I have even redone mom's so that it looked fresh.  I love the personalization and creativity behind wreaths.  Plus super simple!

And last year I got this tumbler for those girls! The M is for Milligan and then everyone had their name on theirs (not mine…that would have been weird).  It was senior year and I wanted all of us to have a little something to remind us of Milli.  And they got used ALL. THE. TIME.  Someone even asked if one of us went to the book store and bought the cup and then personalized it.  I would say I did pretty dang well with this one!

So as you can see I put a lot of time and meaning into my gifts.  I love gift giving.  And now I cannot wait to see what everyone else's have thing about Christmas is!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Last week was a crazy week for me.  Hence why there were not many blog posts from me.  Monday and Tuesday weren't too bad. Normal days of sleeping in and getting homework done.  I had spent the previous week at my parents, so I was also cleaning and getting everything back together from not being there.

Wednesday was my first day of subbing.  It was only a half day, but it was more eventful than any other day I have had.  So much so, it is getting its own post tomorrow.  And then I worked from 3-7 at the gym.  And then I went to see The Hunger Games for the second time with friends.  Bad decision.  That was the night the exhaustion started.

Thursday I subbed again.  For a kindergarten class.  They are just SO much work.  They are cutelittle  loves, but I was tired and really did not want to hear one more time how to do something.  The teacher also had literally every minute of the day planned for me.  No joke.  So I was a wee bit stressed when I started to fall behind with assignments.  But the kids went with me on it and we made it work!

After subbing all day, I got off at 3 and raced to the gym.  I was there till 10 that night.  And I was pretty busy most of the night.  I was exhausted and just wanted to go home and sleep.  I had also decided I was not going to sub on Friday and instead sleep in and clean and relax. 

And then I got the phone call Friday morning.  The sweet teacher who called is a friend and had lost a family member and really needed me.  There was no way I could say no.  And of course she taught kindergarten.  I was in for a very long day.  The kids constantly talked.  They could not work independently at all and I was SO tired after working 14 hours the day before.                     

By the time I got home at 4 I wanted to go to bed but I was also starving.  I orded a pizza because I had no food.  Had a little drink.  And then passed out on the couch by 6.  Im telling you friends I was exhausted.  6 hours of sleep has never been enough for me. I woke up at 8, turned off the lights and called it a night.  And then slept until 7:30 the next morning.

I have never felt so refreshed.  Sleep is everything to me and when I miss out on it I crash and want to cry all the time.  Im actually surprised I never did.  Hopefully this week won't be as time consuming and hard. 

Fortunately as you see above, I have the best cuddle bunny ever.  I love that kid and don't know what I would do without all his snuggles:)

And She Fainted

I mentioned yesterday about the crazy day I had last week. Well here is the story!

Last Wednesay I went to go sub at one of the elementary schools for a 5th grade classroom.  It was only going to be half a day since the school has early realease days.  And it was fifth graders.  How much easier could it get for a sub?!

Well it was the craziest day I have ever had as a sub.  All was going fine and dandy.  I gave out the math assignment and after walking around and checking their work, I told everyone they had to bring me their paper to check before they could turn it in.  And everyone did, excpet for one young lady.

I looked up and saw her at one of the computers.  I asked if she had let me check her paper first and of course the answer was no.  I asked her to get her paper from the box and let me check it.  She tripped over a few back packs on her way over, but all was well.  Girl friend had had tons of enery all morning long.

She brought me her paper and as I was looking it over she stepped to my side.  Next thing I know she crumpled/fell straight back and hit the ground.  My first thought was she has tripped again.  But then she didnt get up.  And then she started rolling and makng stranged noise and he eyes were closed.  That was when I knew something was wrong.

I immediately had a student run next door and grab another teacher while I called the front office.  I then took my class to the other teachers class to watch them while the nurse took care of my student. I was completely shaken up, as were my students.  I asked if this had ever happened before to which they said no.  I calmed them all down and then went to talk to the nurse about what I saw happened.

They say she fainted/blacked out.  But honestly I kept thinking it had to be more than that.  She had not complained once that morning that she didnt feel well or was tired.  I found out yesterday when I subbed for her classes again that she had low sugars that day. I told her she may have tried, but she has not scared me away from the fifth grade!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Girl Between the Lines

Girl Between the Lines Link up
My real life bestie Lauren and her friend Haley came up with this awesome link-up! And well why would I not want to link-up!? More chance to tell you more about me? My kind of post!

This weeks prompt is to share a picture of ourselves and give three things we love about ourselves.

1.  I love that I do not take most things in life seriously.  As seen by the picture above.  I have more fun in life when I can laugh and just have fun!

2.  I love that I have a huge heart.  When I love, I love hard.  And I welcome just about anyone into my big heart.

3.  I love my tenacity.  When I set my mind on something, I will accomplish it and not let anything get in my way.  Some call me stubborn, I say tenacious.

PS I took forever trying to figure out which picture to use.  
PPS I had to look up the definition of tenacity to make sure I was using it right.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Goals
Usually I do not do monthy goals.  I have not always been the best at keeping up with them and I don't want to fail.  But this month I have some good goals that I really want to keep!

1. Buy all gifts before Devember 20.  I am usually really good at getting my shopping done early, and this year I want to do the same!

2.  Give back to someone this season.  Any random act of kindness.  I have some ideas and will share when this is complete:)

3.  Stop complaining.  I want to have a holly jolly Chistmas and that can't happen if I am always complaining.

4.  Eat clean.  I did really well on my AdvoCare 24 day Challenge (results to come soon) and I am remotivated to keep eating clean and getting healthy!

5.  Spend quality time with friends.  In order to develop friendships you have to put in the hours.  And that is what I want to do!

Come back in January and see if I was able to complete all these goals!

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Inner Moose

This post was started back in the summer. And I just found it again to finish!

As I was laying out on the boat last weekend attempting to take a nap I did some thinking.  And I came up with this blog post.  Yeah I know the title probs has you wondering what in the world I am going to write about.  I hope promise it will be good.

So we all have those crazy nicknames from growing up.  And well one of mine just so happens to be Moose.  Long story short some teacher called me Mooseby in class one day (this was 3 months into class btw) and I told a camp friend the story.  Of course she found it hysterical and then continued to call me that.  Eventually it got shortened to Moose.

Not many people in my life call me Moose anymore.  Just those special few from camp.  And when I do here that name, I am always filled with great memories.  I have always felt like I needed to live up to this crazy nickname.  I mean come on who is called Moose and is normal?

To explain how I have come to embrace my Inner Moose I am going to use an acronym. 

M is for motivated. I have an inner motivation that pushes me to succeed and go further with life. I desire to be the best Mosby I can be. I work hard to get where I go. And I love every minute of it. 

O is for outstanding. I try to do an outstanding job with everything I do. It's rare when you find me half assing something. If I am going to do it, I am going to do it right. 

O is for outrageous. Just like the nickname Moose is outrageous, most of what I do and say is. I'm the crazy one who says the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about it first. 

S is for serve. I love to serve the people around me. I'm not always good about it, but I do love it. Yes it makes me feel good, but I also love knowing it makes the other person feel good even more. 

E is for encourage. I love encouraging people. You ask my opinion and I will give it and then encourage you to go after something. I want to see people around me succeed. I want to help them get there. I love being there for those most important to me. 

Do I live up to my nickname Moose everyday? No.  But I try.  And if at the end of the day someone remembers or thinks of me in one of these ways then I will consider my job well done.

What Holds Your Memories?

I was thinking the other night about how there are certain things or words that will always cause me to think of someone or some memory.  It's funny to me how something so simple can mean so much to me and nothing at all to someone else.  I love that I have these memories and things and wanted to share some of them so that I will always remember them.

1.  Want a Frosty?
A Wendy's Frosty may be a simple yummy treat to you.  But to mean it is so much more.  It is the long road trips taken all through freshmen and sophomore year with Ashlee and Eliza.  We always made a special stop for some Frosty's.  And even when it was the last thing we would want, we always asked "Want a Frosty?" everytime we saw a Wendy's sign.

2.  This one I probs should not admit to.  Mom will be killing me over this one.  It's no secret to most people who know me that I don't always use the prettiest words.  Well even though Lauren may not remember it, we bonded over the agreement that there is always a time and place for the F word.  Sometimes you just have to say F***!  

3.  Peace and Blessings
Oh freshmen year.  Sitting around Kelly and Lo's room hanging out with all the girls.  No better memories.  We may or may not have memorized this video.  And from that point on whenever we departed from each other we have said "Peace and Blessins, peace and Blessins!"

4. Sunny D
I was OBSESSED with Sunny D in college.  And Ashlee may have jumped on that chain too.  So everytime I see it in the store I want to buy it just because I think about how that was all I wanted to drink in the mornings.

5.  Pretty Pretty Princess
Did you ever play Pretty pretty princess?! I did and maybe I still do... One summer at camp, my favorite summer of all time, I told my campers I was a princess, a daughter of the King. And I may have acted like one a bit. For two maybe three weeks straight I was the pretty pretty princess with a chant and all. Oh how I miss that summer and those weeks with those girls!

I love that we all have memories to cherish. A thank God everyday we do. Pictures and memories are my most favorite thing in the world. While there are many more I could share, these few are some of my absolute favorites!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Moving Sucks

As we all know back in May I moved back to Florida for grad school. I was so excited to be near my family again and super close to the beach. I couldn't wait to get my own place, start school, and start working. What I didn't think about was how hard it was all going to be.

I have been struggling a lot lately with the move. Was it the right decision for me? Yes I 100% believe it was. But that has not stopped the sadness and grief of leaving friends and places in Tennessee. I have been missing everything and everyone so much lately. I never thought I would say this, but I even miss the snow and cold weather!

Leaving my friends was not easy. And it has put major strains on some relationships which has even moved towards destruction of some those friendships. And it absolutely hurts my heart everyday that this is going on. 

I want my friends back. I want to see them every day or at least every week. I want to spend quality time with them (my love language). I want to know what's going on in their lives and them to know what is going on in mine. Seeing them once every couple of months is not living up to this. 

Yes I have amazing friends here in Florida. And no they do not become besties over night. It takes time to form strong relationships. I just miss my girls. I miss having to not have to explain myself or worry about saying the wrong thing. And I know with time that will happen with my friends here. 

I really am just missing Tennessee something fierce lately. It was my home for four of the best years I have ever had. I learned so much during that time. I discovered who I was and wanted to be. I met people who will forever be part of my life no matter where we live. I just want to go home. My Tennessee home. My Milligan home. 

Please tell me this is normal for recent college grads and I am not just the weird one here!

Monday, November 18, 2013

On Beauty

Yesterday I was watching Bethenny.  I seriously love her show and watch it anytime I am home to do so!  One of her segments was based on this clip of a woman being photoshopped.   If you have not watched it please go do it.  You will be amazed.

When you see her before and after picture next to each other she does not even look like the same person.  They did not leave one thing about her the same.  It saddened me to watch the video and then hear her perspective on it.

She claimed on Bethenny that she likes what she looks like in the photoshopped picture better.  Granted when I have not makeup on and am not smiling I will never say I like what I see.  This got me thinking about myself and how I view myself with and without makeup.

In the picture above you see my before and after from yesterday (neither have been edited at all and I tried to get them in the same light).  The left is my before.  I had just gotten out of the shower and all I had done was moisturizer, deodorant, and put in my hair product.  

The picture on the right is my after.  My makeup is all done and my hair has been dried and pulled back out of my face.

It's not that I do not like what I see on the left.  I just feel more confident with the after picture.  

Over the years I have gotten better about being seen in public without makeup on.  I remember the years of NEVER going anywhere without at least some foundation and mascara.  I have now gotten to the point of not caring.  I went work on Saturday without nay makeup on.  And plenty of people saw me!

Who decided what was pretty and what wasn't? Who said we always have to wear makeup and look put together?  Whoever they are…I'm not their fan.  I wish I had more confidence to not wear as much makeup as I do.  I try to keep it simple…but honestly I wear a lot more than I probably should.

I remember back to my camp days when we would have princess week (my favorite week ever!) and we would ask the girls to wear no makeup, not do their hair, and not look in a mirror for a whole day.  We even would cover the mirror in all the bathrooms.

The girls HATED that day (and I did too when I was a 14 year old camper!).  We were at a coed camp and saw the boys all throughout the day.  It broke my heart as I got older that so many girls would CRY over not being able to wear makeup.  They were all so beautiful without and who really needs makeup when it is 100 degrees out and we are playing sports!?

We are all made in the image of God. How can one not find that beautiful? Why would you want to change what God made you into?  I know everyone has their insecurities (I know I do) but if we could all just learn to embrace it all the world would be such a different place.

We  need to stop putting other women down because their nose is too big or they have acne or their hair is a wild crazy mess.  Who are we to judge?  Everyone is beautiful and everyone should embrace it!

Friday, November 15, 2013

10 days Later

Wednesday was Day 10 of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge I am doing.  Man did those 10 days take a while to pass.  I swear it feels like a month ago I started this challenge.  I have had so major ups and downs in those 10 days, but I feel as though I have come out on top!

So I was suppose to not eat any sugar, processed food, white flour, or alcohol.  Basically anything bad for you.  Well I failed that one miserably.  I have had it all.  I was hoping to stick to at least the no alcohol, but it was my friends 21st Birthday on the 10th day and it was not going good, so I took her out to dinner and well you know…you can't not drink on someone's 21st!

I also realized that I need to be more prepared with meals.  Last friday I was babysitting all night and that was my first major downfall.  We made cookies, we had spaghetti (I didn't eat the noodles just the meatballs), and I am a muncher and had some chocolate covered raisins.  I felt rotten after that night.

All that negativeness out the way… I did lose 5 pounds!!!!  That is the tastes 5 pounds I have ever lost. And other than no sugar, I found the diet and plan to be pretty easy.  Like I mentioned before, the diet is very similar to one I try to uphold anyways.  But no sugar?! Ugh I die for sweets…especially ice-cream!  I have not had ice-cream though! 

Here is what a normal meal for me is:
6 oz of protein
lots of veggies
a couple little tators (only for lunch though)
I am feeling so much better right now.  I really cannot wait to keep going with this and lose more! I definitely am back on the eating clean train.  When all is said and done, I will add in some cheat meals on the weekend, but I want my weekday meals to be clean!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My First Stitch Fix

Ever since we all found out about Stitch Fix I have wanted to do it so bad!  Only recently did I finally give in to my desires and do it.  I wanted to get it as soon as possible and knew I was going to have so much fun with it!  Here is what I received.

*please ignore my hair.  I had just gotten back from a hair appointment and had not fixed it to my liking.

I hated this top.  It was that high-low trend in a knit sweater.  It was also kinda cropped which I hate.  I would have loved this knit if it was longer.  Just so not me and not something I would have ever worn.

Both this top and jeans were in my Fix.  The jeans did not fit, which is why you do not see them very much.  About 2 inches too long and too tight on me.  Plus they were wide leg and I prefer a boot cut or skinnier leg.  I loved everything but the sleeves on this top.  Too wide on the end.  Also it was a touch tight in the shoulders.  But I LOVED the print!

I LOVED this dress.  It was a great style on me and I felt great in it.  I contemplated long and hard over this dress.  But I did not get it either.  I wash't in love with the color.  I do not wear a lot of blue and usually don't care for it on me.  And since I wasn't completely in love with it I could not justify buying it.

This necklace was the last piece I received.  I loved the necklace.  But I have something similar too it and I really do not wear too much jewelry.  So it was a no go too.

So I didn't end up purchasing anything.  Nothing was spot on with my style and what I wanted.  I also just went shopping the other day, so I wasn't as willing to spend more money on something I just liked. Just because I did not purchase anything does not mean it was not worth it!  It was so much fun and I will totally do it again in the future…after Christmas!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


You know the saying that Disney is the happiest a place in earth? Yesterday I would beg to differ. Legoland was the happiest place in earth for me. 

Mom and I met up with my cousin and his family to spend the day there. They have two young boys who are obsessed with Legos. It was so much fun to spend the day with them and seeing a new place through kids eyes. 

We walked around all day. Rode all the rides we could. Looked at all the characters. And spent lots of time catching up with my cousins. Oh how I love them and wish we lived closer. 

After realizing that I have been pushing myself really hard in school and working this was a much need day of fun.  I am so glad I went with them and got to relax and not have to worry about anything!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Expectations Are My Worst Enemy

One of my biggest struggles in life is my expectations.  I have always struggled with being able to control them and always find myself hurting due to them.  Most people in my life know this about me and I get constant reminders that I may need to lower my expectations for some people. Easier said than done for me.

The best way I can explain my expectations, especially of friends, is that I expect someone to treat me the same way I would treat them.  I expect niceness, kindness, genuineness, and truth amongst many things from people.  Because I believe those to be the basics of everyone and what I try to give out to others.  Unfortunately that is not true.  Not everyone acts that way.

I find myself in shock when I meet someone who does not match what my expectation was. Which is totally and completely wrong of me. I should accept someone for who they are, not who I want them to be. Quite a hard lesson to learn. 

Most days I pray that my expectations won't be too high. I want to be happy so I lower them when I can. But honestly that doesn't always work. My expectations are always in the back of my mind.

In life we are given struggles and this is one of my big ones. I hope one day my  expectations of others naturally won't be so high or that I learn to not expect everyone to live up to them. Until then I keep in trying!


I'm Gonna Lose It!

Last year I lost 20 pounds.  And then over the holidays I gained 10 of those pounds back.  And I never got rid of them.  Seriously not fun knowing I weigh more than I did a year ago when all I have been trying to do is lose.  

For the past year I have not taken eating right and working out seriously.  Life got in the way and I always had something else I had to do.  And always eating the right thing got boring when all my friends could eat whatever they want.

I heard about AdvoCare awhile ago from another blog.  It is no secret that several ladies have at least done the 10 day cleanse.  Back in August my sister did the whole 24 Day Challenge and lost 10 lbs!! I was so proud of her and had hopes of being able to do the same!

After saving some money (AdvoCare is NOT cheap) I made the plunge and purchased the 24 Day Challenge.  I started it yesterday 11-3 and I end the day before Thanksgiving.

During the time I cannot have:
White flour
Processed Food

Man am I glad I end before Thanksgiving! 

During this time my diet will look a little something like this:
Spark 30 minutes before breakfast (energy like from coffee even though I can't have coffee)

Breakfast: Fiber drink (6 days during the first 10), protein, complex carb, and fruit.  Or a meal replacement shake during the last 14 days

Snack: fruit, veggies, hummus

Lunch: Protein, veggies, complex carb

Snack: same as above

Dinner: Omegaplex (vitamin) Protein and veggie

Snack: same as above

Fortunately I have eaten a diet very similar to this one and I know it works for me and that I can do it.  There are some other things mixed in as the days progressed but this is the basics.  I really look forward to feeling better with my eating.

Honestly my goal in all of this is to lose weight so that during the Holidays if I do gain some back I won't have done anymore major damage.  I am hoping this will also kick start me back into losing weight and staying on track with it!

Here are my before measurements:

Weight: 195
Height: 5'7''
Arms: 12 inches
Chest: 41 inches
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 49 inches
Thigh: 22 inches

And the latest picture I have of myself at this weight:

Here is to hoping this will work for me and that I will be able to stick to it!  I am so ready to get this all back under control and make my health a priority again!


Relaxation and Renewment

This past weekend I made my way back up to Tennessee to visit some of my favorite people in the whole world.  Just like my last visit, this one could not have come at a more perfect time.  I was needing some girl time and time with people who really get me.  Not having to explain myself and knowing I was loved the whole time is exactly what I was needing.
On Thursday morning as I flew over the mountains I was in awe of the beauty below me.  I have never flown up there during the fall when the leaves are changing.  I could not stop myself from looking out the window during the last part of my flight.
I was so lucky to have the amazing Danielle pick me up from the airport.  This girl is truly amazing I was so happy to have been able to catch up on her life and learn about where she is at.  Her light shines so bright and I love that I get to call her friend:)
I spent the rest of Thursday camped out on my favorite couch at Lauren and Jacob's doing homework till Lauren came home from work.  I am so thankful to have such great friends who make me feel so at home at their place!
Friday Ashlee picked me up bright and early for an awesome morning.  She went to go get her haircut, and I don't know what she would have done if I was not there!  We have so much fun together and I loved that everyone knew we were truly best friends.
We then met up for lunch with Lauren and Lauren.  Lauren took her lunch break and the other Lauren came so that she could steal me and spend time together.  I love it when people can meet over food and have so much fun! 
Friday night Lauren dragged me out for a run.  I didn't know how well I would do since I had not been running a lot lately or very far.  It was so gorgeous out and I was SO proud of my run!  I got in 2 miles with some pretty huge hills involved! That is the furthers I have gone in a while!
Saturday morning while I layer around the apartment, Lauren ran some more.  Afterwards we went to lunch where Danielle serves and off to a soccer game to support Lauren! We missed the last part of the game/the only part Lauren played in.  I felt beyond HORRIBLE for missing it! 
We spent the rest of the day as lazy bums.  We legit read for almost 6 hours straight.  And both Lauren and I were beyond happy doing so.  Yup we are lame!
Throughout the weekend I was able to relax and be renewed.  The Truth was constantly spoken to me which was something I had been missing a lot lately!  I am thankful for friends who will always point me back to God.  I really needed that this weekend!
I am so thankful to have had such an awesome trip!  I cannot wait to go back.  Unfortunately that may not be for some time:(