Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My First Stitch Fix

Ever since we all found out about Stitch Fix I have wanted to do it so bad!  Only recently did I finally give in to my desires and do it.  I wanted to get it as soon as possible and knew I was going to have so much fun with it!  Here is what I received.

*please ignore my hair.  I had just gotten back from a hair appointment and had not fixed it to my liking.

I hated this top.  It was that high-low trend in a knit sweater.  It was also kinda cropped which I hate.  I would have loved this knit if it was longer.  Just so not me and not something I would have ever worn.

Both this top and jeans were in my Fix.  The jeans did not fit, which is why you do not see them very much.  About 2 inches too long and too tight on me.  Plus they were wide leg and I prefer a boot cut or skinnier leg.  I loved everything but the sleeves on this top.  Too wide on the end.  Also it was a touch tight in the shoulders.  But I LOVED the print!

I LOVED this dress.  It was a great style on me and I felt great in it.  I contemplated long and hard over this dress.  But I did not get it either.  I wash't in love with the color.  I do not wear a lot of blue and usually don't care for it on me.  And since I wasn't completely in love with it I could not justify buying it.

This necklace was the last piece I received.  I loved the necklace.  But I have something similar too it and I really do not wear too much jewelry.  So it was a no go too.

So I didn't end up purchasing anything.  Nothing was spot on with my style and what I wanted.  I also just went shopping the other day, so I wasn't as willing to spend more money on something I just liked. Just because I did not purchase anything does not mean it was not worth it!  It was so much fun and I will totally do it again in the future…after Christmas!



Brittany said...

That dress was so cute on you, bummer you didn't like the color.

Miss Riss said...

I love the patterned shirt on you with the red jeans! Super cute! And I also happen to think your hair looks adorbs in these pictures!! =)

Amy said...

I looove Stitch Fix! Getting one next week, yahoo! :)

Love all the fun colors in yours girl!

Anonymous said...

Stitch fix seems so cool! I want to try it but I'm too scared. The blue dress is nice, but when it comes down to it, it only makes sense to spend money on stuff you absolutely love, y'know?