Monday, November 25, 2013

My Inner Moose

This post was started back in the summer. And I just found it again to finish!

As I was laying out on the boat last weekend attempting to take a nap I did some thinking.  And I came up with this blog post.  Yeah I know the title probs has you wondering what in the world I am going to write about.  I hope promise it will be good.

So we all have those crazy nicknames from growing up.  And well one of mine just so happens to be Moose.  Long story short some teacher called me Mooseby in class one day (this was 3 months into class btw) and I told a camp friend the story.  Of course she found it hysterical and then continued to call me that.  Eventually it got shortened to Moose.

Not many people in my life call me Moose anymore.  Just those special few from camp.  And when I do here that name, I am always filled with great memories.  I have always felt like I needed to live up to this crazy nickname.  I mean come on who is called Moose and is normal?

To explain how I have come to embrace my Inner Moose I am going to use an acronym. 

M is for motivated. I have an inner motivation that pushes me to succeed and go further with life. I desire to be the best Mosby I can be. I work hard to get where I go. And I love every minute of it. 

O is for outstanding. I try to do an outstanding job with everything I do. It's rare when you find me half assing something. If I am going to do it, I am going to do it right. 

O is for outrageous. Just like the nickname Moose is outrageous, most of what I do and say is. I'm the crazy one who says the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about it first. 

S is for serve. I love to serve the people around me. I'm not always good about it, but I do love it. Yes it makes me feel good, but I also love knowing it makes the other person feel good even more. 

E is for encourage. I love encouraging people. You ask my opinion and I will give it and then encourage you to go after something. I want to see people around me succeed. I want to help them get there. I love being there for those most important to me. 

Do I live up to my nickname Moose everyday? No.  But I try.  And if at the end of the day someone remembers or thinks of me in one of these ways then I will consider my job well done.

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Brittany said...

I love a good nickname. One of my favorite things was trying to come up with good ones but the best are always the unintentional ones.