Monday, November 18, 2013

On Beauty

Yesterday I was watching Bethenny.  I seriously love her show and watch it anytime I am home to do so!  One of her segments was based on this clip of a woman being photoshopped.   If you have not watched it please go do it.  You will be amazed.

When you see her before and after picture next to each other she does not even look like the same person.  They did not leave one thing about her the same.  It saddened me to watch the video and then hear her perspective on it.

She claimed on Bethenny that she likes what she looks like in the photoshopped picture better.  Granted when I have not makeup on and am not smiling I will never say I like what I see.  This got me thinking about myself and how I view myself with and without makeup.

In the picture above you see my before and after from yesterday (neither have been edited at all and I tried to get them in the same light).  The left is my before.  I had just gotten out of the shower and all I had done was moisturizer, deodorant, and put in my hair product.  

The picture on the right is my after.  My makeup is all done and my hair has been dried and pulled back out of my face.

It's not that I do not like what I see on the left.  I just feel more confident with the after picture.  

Over the years I have gotten better about being seen in public without makeup on.  I remember the years of NEVER going anywhere without at least some foundation and mascara.  I have now gotten to the point of not caring.  I went work on Saturday without nay makeup on.  And plenty of people saw me!

Who decided what was pretty and what wasn't? Who said we always have to wear makeup and look put together?  Whoever they are…I'm not their fan.  I wish I had more confidence to not wear as much makeup as I do.  I try to keep it simple…but honestly I wear a lot more than I probably should.

I remember back to my camp days when we would have princess week (my favorite week ever!) and we would ask the girls to wear no makeup, not do their hair, and not look in a mirror for a whole day.  We even would cover the mirror in all the bathrooms.

The girls HATED that day (and I did too when I was a 14 year old camper!).  We were at a coed camp and saw the boys all throughout the day.  It broke my heart as I got older that so many girls would CRY over not being able to wear makeup.  They were all so beautiful without and who really needs makeup when it is 100 degrees out and we are playing sports!?

We are all made in the image of God. How can one not find that beautiful? Why would you want to change what God made you into?  I know everyone has their insecurities (I know I do) but if we could all just learn to embrace it all the world would be such a different place.

We  need to stop putting other women down because their nose is too big or they have acne or their hair is a wild crazy mess.  Who are we to judge?  Everyone is beautiful and everyone should embrace it!


Miss Riss said...

This is so wonderful Mosby! And you ARE BOTH photos! I have to completely agree with you on the no make-up thing. I go places without make-up and if I can avoid putting it on I do, but that's only because I'm lazy and I hate washing it off at the end of the night too, lol! BUT that doesn't mean I feel good about myself without it on. I don't. I feel terribly self conscience. And that video just breaks my heart. Who decided what's deemed acceptable as far as what women look like??

I have this dream that all the magazines, TV shows, blogs, etc. will just stop talking about women's weight and women's looks. Because if nobody talks about it, it's not an issue. All the gossip magazines would enter into a contract, an agreement that says no one will report on bikini bodies, body after baby, too thick, too thin, etc. and this issue would just go away. Seriously, it's that simple. And that's what saddens me most, is that women work in these industries and they support this kind of "news" and this kind of photoshopping. ...makes me sad =(

That was a suuuuuper long comment...I'm done now =)

Annie @ Mismatched Simplicity said...

You are so beautiful and this post just warmed my soul, reminding us of truth and honesty and true beauty. That camp princess week is such a great idea, but I can totally see girls flipping out about that. Mainly, because for most of my life that was me. Such a good reminder of what really matters :] Thanks for sharing

Jewelz said...

Loved this post! Amen to that sista! This may sound kinda weird...but I feel like I don't really know someone until I've seen them without makeup on or with some sort of crazy hairdo. haha if that makes sense. it may sound weird but no makeup sort of humanizes a person and makes them real to me.

Thanks for sharing! You're awesome!

Torrie said...

I posted on these same lines a couple months ago---I've always been scared for some reason of going out without makeup. I'm getting a little better, but not much---the fact is, as much as I hate to admit it, I do get a lot of confidence from feeling like I look my best. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, but I do think the media in general tends to suggest to us that we need to push it farther and farther.

If you want less scattered thoughts on the subject, here's my post on it:

Love the post, btw!