Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress Can Be Overwhelming

Sometimes I start to wonder if all of the Milligan Professors sit down and plan to give all tests and projects at the same time! I swear they do it!  This week seems to be one of those times when I have a bazillion things to do and only have a short time to do them in.  Between having a 2 papers due, 3 tests (two on the the same day), several assignments to do, a doctors appointment, fall festival for church, meetings with professors, and everyone and their mother asking me to help them with something, I have probably gone beyond crazy!!!!  It seems like there is never even 5 seconds for me to stop and relax.  Stress has seemed to be all around me and never seems to go away.  

On a positive note though, stress seems to empower me to do more things in a more timely manner.  When under so much stress all I want to do is make it go away, so I work work work until it is done!  I have made list after list, researched many different topics, sent several emails, all while trying to maintain some sort of social life.  I may not have succeeded at this whole social life thing, but hopefully my friends will be loving enough to understand that soon I will be back to my normal social self!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


While the food here at Milligan can be good, there are days when caf food just does not sound enticing.  There is only so much that they offer and after a while the same thing gets a little boring.  Unfortunately here we don't have the joys of have different restaurants on campus, BUT we do have this little thing called HOME.  Homemade food is what I live for.  And lucky for me I have a best friend who lives rather close to home.  Every now and then this best friend of mine does the most amazing thing ever....she brings me home cooked food!!!!!  And tonight she not only brought me food from home, but she brought me my most favorite food ever.... MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!!

I could seriously live off of this food!!!!  I don't know what I would do without having an awesome friend to bring such awesome food!!!  Love her heart for being so amazing and filling not only my heart but my tummy as well!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Study Study Study

As many Milligan students have done before me, I took today to study for the three tests I have coming up this week.  Yes I know it is Saturday and I should take the time to relax, have fun, and spend some quality time with friends.  But instead I locked myself away in my room and spent the day studying away....
This is the lovely studying area I set up for myself 
so that I would be able to fully focus on my work.

The TO DO List I made so that I would remember to get all of my homework done.
(I just LOVE being able to cross items off! It makes me feel accomplished!)

And this is one of the many results on my long day of studying, 
WAY too many notecards for one person to have!

Now that I have spent the day caring about all of my classes and many tests this week,  I am finally taking a break from it all.  I have for once this semester decided to curl up on my bed, with a non-textbook book, and read until my hearts content :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

General Biology 110

Even though it has been almost 3 months of school, today was the day I decided to take control of Biology class and finally pay full attention! Yes, I know I should have been paying attention the whole time, but as many of you know paying attention to a boring topic is NOT what I excel at.  So I as I sat in Hyder Auditorium today, towards the back of course, I started to listen to what Professor Leek really had to say about fungi.  I took all the notes (even some little extra ones not on the powerpoint!) and listened intently to what he had to say.  No longer was I constantly on my phone texting everyone from Tennessee to California to Colombia, or playing games to get by.  I finally listened to what was going on.  And it was then that I finally realized that when you pay attention you actually start to understand the notes quite a bit more.  I know this is nothing new or anything, but I just thought I would share that thought with you.  So from now on I have made the decision to keep taking control of Biology in hopes of actually passing this lovely course!