Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I've Been Reading

Since I have been home (2 weeks) I have read 3.5 books.  Yup super nerdy bookworm over here.  I have always loved reading.  Once I start a book I struggle to put it down.  I would rather sit and read than talk to people sometimes...

We all have out favorite authors and our favorite types of books.  I would love to tell you that I am an intellectual reader, but nope I am a huge lover of chick-lit! I love books that are easy to read and I do not have to decipher every word.  And my all time favorite author of these books is Kristan Higgins.

I believe I have read all of her books.  And I find myself wishing there were more.  The past two weeks her books are all I have read.  I read:

The Best Man

All I Ever Wanted


Somebody to Love


All three books were phenomenal.  All about love and dogs in each of them! Seriously if you are looking for some good light reading pick these up!

What are your favorite books to read? Summer is my time to do it and I would love some suggestions!

A Confesh Sesh

I have been feeling the need for a major confession session.  Since I no longer live with my friends right at my finger tips, I am in need to vent some things.  So I am turning to your wonderful listening ears for my venting/ confession time!

I confess...that I LOVE running...oh wait I think everyone already knew that one
I confess... that laying out in the sun with a good book brings me a happiness like no other

I confess...that I cannot and will not pee in a toilet that has not been flushed (I have been told I am the one being weird about this one. Someone help me out here and tell me I'm not crazy!?)

I confess...that I wear makeup just about everyday.  And it is because I like it, not because I always feel like I need to.


I confess...when people make noises with their mouth (like those little smacking noises) I want to barf.  It is the worse noise in the ENTIRE world to me.  I would rather hear nails on a chalkboard.

I confess...that I hate the unexpected.  I like things planned and to always know what my day is going to look like.  And I get major anxiety when I do not.

I confess... my love for blogging! It has brought me great happiness and a place to come and be me!

What do you confess?

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was my first beach weekend of the summer.  And man was it a good one.  My goal was to get lots of sun since I have a wedding this upcoming weekend and needed to look good! And tan is what I got!

Saturday was spent at the beach.  Laying out, out in the water, and all with friends.  It was nice and breezy which always makes for a good beach day if you ask me. We came back, cooked out, and then had a nice easy night.  I am telling you I LIVE for weekends like this!

Sunday we had a pool party to go to at some friend's home.  We didn't really know many people there, but it was none the less fun to go to! 

And Monday was a boating day!  We headed out on the boat and just rode around the island.  Most of us had had plenty of sun by this time, so it was nice to be in the sun, but also have the shade of the boat when needed!

This week entails lots of pampering, flying to Texas, and getting our party on for the Hughston-Little Wedding! I could not be more excited to see one of my best friends get married! Oh not to mention a much needed reunion with my girls:))

And here is the one of the ONLY pictures I took this week.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Beet

For months I have been talking to my Dad about trading in my car (Nissan Altima) and either buying or leasing a new car.  I am VERY lucky to have a Dad who bought me a new car when I turned 16, and even luckier that he leased me a new car to start grad school!

So friends if you read that correctly then you know I just got a NEW CAR!!! And I could not be anymore in love with it than I am.  I even volunteered to run errands all over town for mom so that I could drive my car some more!

I said goodbye to the big red car up there and said HELLO to the small white beetle AKA The Beet!

Seriously this car could not be more "Mosby".  I have wanted a beetle since I was 16, but Dad didn't think they were big enough or safe enough at the time.  When this new style came out I fell even more in love with the car!

I cannot wait to just drive around Lakeland in my cute new care!  What do you think friends?!


The Hardin Napa Vineyard Awards

At the end of our trip to Napa, we decided to come up with some awards.  We Hardin's are very opinionated and it was fun to see what everyone thought about each Vineyard we visited!  So here I am to bring to you:

The Hardin Napa Vineyard Awards 2013

Best white wine: Mondavi unoaked Chardonnay 

Best red wine: Raymond Cab

Best scenery: Silverado 

Best estate: Caymus

Best tour: Mondavi

Biggest assholes: Del Dotto (told you we didn't like them very much!)

Best hospitality: Mondavi

Best snacks: Silver Oak (sea salt crackers)

Best food: V. Sattui

Best tasting atmosphere: Duckhorn

Best taste tester: Dad

Best money spender: Dad 

Most touristy: V. Sattui

Best overall: Dad: Duckhorn Mosby: Mondavi Mattie: silverado Mom: silverado

Monday, May 20, 2013

Napa Valley Vacay

For my graduation gift I asked my parents for a trip.  I didn't want things (especially not a dog) I wanted time with my family and memories that can be kept forever.  After thinking long and hard about it...we all settled on Napa Valley!  The family is very much so into wine (Dad should be considered a collector with the number of wine coolers we have) so it was a no brainer to go there!

Mom and Dad went for their anniversary 15-16 years ago (it just so happened we were there this year on their anniversary) but had not been back since.  Mattie and I had never been and were very much so interested in learning about and trying different wines.

Typically I am not a red wine drinker, but I learned to love them over the past couple of months.  Napa is known for their Cabernets so it was very important for me to love them!  Mom, Dad, and Mattie were also able to learn quite a bit about white wines while we were out there too (thank goodness!).

We flew in late Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning jumped in the car and headed to Napa.  We were abel to get one winery in, Robert Mondavi, and then headed to meet up with some friends for lunch!

After lunch we went to our second winery, Del Dotto.  While the wines and company could not have been better, the service there was not all that great.  Needless to say I do not think we will be heading back there anytime soon.

The next day was spent traveling around from Calastoga to everything in between.  We went to Duckhorn, V. Sattui, back to Robert Mondavi for a tour, and Silveroak.  Such a long but god day!

Friday was our last day in Napa.  Needless to say we went out with a bang....5 wineries!  Most people do 2-3, but not the Hardin's!  Raymond, Caymus, Silverado, Stags Leap Winery, and Chimney Rock were all graced by our presence:)

Our last day in California was in San Francisco! We walked up and down everywhere, road the trolley, saw Lombardi street, Pier 39, and old friends!  It was such a great last day in California!  

It was such a crazy busy 5 days traveling, but I could not have done it with better people.  I know I was not in the best of moods the whole time, but I am grateful for my family that puts up with me anyways:)


I'm Back!

So I have been away for about a week now and I have decided it is much needed that I return! I have missed everyone and really want to get back into blogging on a regular basis....except next week might be an exception again because I have a wedding to travel to.

This past week was spent in glorious Napa, California tasting wines, eating great food, and spending time with family!  And as much as I would love to recap it all right now....I still have 500+ photos to go through and edit!  So tomorrow will be the big Napa Recap!

For today I am just popping in to say hello and Happy Monday:)


Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm A Graduate!

On May 11, 2013 I graduated from Milligan College with my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Child Development!  I cannot believe I walked across Seeger stage for the last time...it was one of the most bittersweet moments!

I was lucky enough to have not only my parents come up for graduation, but also my grandma.  With her there I was the 3rd generation to graduate from Milligan!

Instead of writing about it all I am just going to share the fun photos! Also I was a hot mess all day so it's ok if you wonder why all of my friends look better than me!

Also I have decided to not continue on with the Blogging Everyday in May.  It was definitely fun and I was reinspired to write more! But I have been crazy busy the past couple of days and I am going on vacation today...so I will not be around here much!

Hope all you lovelies have a fantastic week! I will be enjoying Napa Valley with my family and cannot wait to share it all!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Words or Less

Day 11 of the Blogging Everyday in May and I have to say today's topic is probably one of my favorites!  We have to sell ourselves in 10 words or less.  So here is goes friends!

Jesus lover, friend, daughter, sister, passionate, hard working, and loving life!

(The and doesn't count as a word selling myself does it?)

Happy Graduation day to me!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm Embarrased

Day 10 of this Blogging Everyday in May Challenge and we have officially reach my most least favorite question ever!  No joke, I hate this question.  What s your most embarrassing moment(s)?

 The problem is I embarrass myself on the reg so I never remember anything.  I also try to let embarrassing moments turn funny and good so that I remember them that way!  Usually it is my mouth that embarrasses me the most.  I always seem to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  That stupid thing is always getting me in trouble!

Probably one of the most embarrassing things I have done though wasn't because of my mouth.  It was my dang feet!  It happened at camp about 2 years ago as I was the Girls Camp Director.

See it was a crazy morning in the office and I was trying to help out even though I really had somewhere else I was suppose to be.  In the midst of all the craziness I had two of my girls upset and no idea why.  One only spoke French so I was needing to find someone to translate for me so that I could make sure the girl was ok.

So I ran outside to find someone.  And well that darn porch was not my friend.  I stepped off and completely rolled my left ankle.  And I am pretty sure some expletives came out of my mouth.  That thing hurt like no one's business.

My campers and everyone around immediately could tell I was hurt since I was sitting on my ass crying.  I tell them to go get the camp nurse/doctor/paramedic.  And who do they come back with? The camp mom who claimed to be a doctor who only spoke Spanish.

I was not so nice when I told them to go get someone else because I was not about to try to translate this one!  So finally the nurse and paramedic come.  I could tell the paramedic was concerned I had broken my ankle because in the matter of 2 minutes since it had happened it was so swollen.

It was determined that I had to go to the hospital to get an X-Ray.  So my brother and sister took me.  Fortunately for me it was just an extremely bad sprain.  I was put on crutches for 2 weeks and had a golf cart to drive me around.

If it wasn't embarrassing enough that I sprained my ankle and cursed in front of my campers, when I finally was able to walk some I had to dray my foot.  The guys thought this was hysterical and would make fun of me for walking like that!

I was just thrilled that I was off the crutches and walking again!  I know my story is not that bad but like I said I don't remember a lot because I just look back and laugh and love it all!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I Miss

I do not believe that today's Blogging Everyday in May Challenge topic could have been more perfect. As you read this I am probably crying my eyes out in the car as I drive back to Florida for the last time of my college career.

What do I miss?  

The friendships that took long days and nights of living together to create.
The college that shaped my early adult years.
And as much as I will deny this after this post is published...seeing those gorgeous Tennessee mountains!