Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Hardin Napa Vineyard Awards

At the end of our trip to Napa, we decided to come up with some awards.  We Hardin's are very opinionated and it was fun to see what everyone thought about each Vineyard we visited!  So here I am to bring to you:

The Hardin Napa Vineyard Awards 2013

Best white wine: Mondavi unoaked Chardonnay 

Best red wine: Raymond Cab

Best scenery: Silverado 

Best estate: Caymus

Best tour: Mondavi

Biggest assholes: Del Dotto (told you we didn't like them very much!)

Best hospitality: Mondavi

Best snacks: Silver Oak (sea salt crackers)

Best food: V. Sattui

Best tasting atmosphere: Duckhorn

Best taste tester: Dad

Best money spender: Dad 

Most touristy: V. Sattui

Best overall: Dad: Duckhorn Mosby: Mondavi Mattie: silverado Mom: silverado

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Miss Riss said...

These pictures look amazing!! I love wine tasting! Glad you guys had so much fun! ...that was a lot of exclamation points! Phew!