Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Biggest Fear

Are you in need of a good laugh?  Then it is a good thing you stopped by here.  For Day 7 of Blogging Everyday in May we are suppose to talk about our biggest fear(s).  Well mine is kind of a bit funny...

One of the things I am most terrified of? Dolphins.  And not this is not a joke.  They are creepy and big and if they can kill a shark then why would they not kill me?!  And they do not all smile like the one in the picture below.

OK so there is a good story behind this one.  If I want to get all psychology on you I could say that I have been classically conditioned to be scared of dolphins.  But let me just tell you what happened on that day about 6 years ago...

So I live in Florida and we go to the beach all the time.  My sister, her boyfriend at the time, my brother, and I were all out on the boat and jet ski when we see a group of dolphins swimming around near shore.  And of course we think "wouldn't it be so cool to swim with them?!" 

My sister's boyfriend jumps off the back of the jet ski to swim with them while my sister comes and picks me up off of the boat to join him.  As we are cruising back to him slowly, I look down and out of no where this dolphin head pops up right next to me (he had a body too but all I saw was his head).  As in I was probably less than a foot away from him.

Have you every seen a real dolphin person? Well they are scary and not cute like the movies.  Of course I scream and everyone laughs at me.  My sister tried to get me off the jet ski but there was no way that was ever going to happen.  So I got back on the boat.

Needless to say I never go near dolphins anymore.  And when we are out tubing my siblings no longer yell "shark" to scare me.  Instead "dolphin" comes out and I cry.


Amy said...

Hahahah aw I love that she yells "Dolphin!" to scare you. But I will absolutely agree that if a dolphin was right next to me, I would be scared too!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that is a strange fear!! I don't mind dolphins or even sharks...spiders on the other hand..yech!

Erika @ CHiMERiKAL.com said...

Hahaha... I've never gone swimming with dolphins but now I am a little fearful of it should it happen, haha!