Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm a Smart Cookie

After deciding to join in on the "Blog Everyday In May" link-up I am already feeling inspired and happy about blogging...and it is only day 2.  Apparently it does not take a lot to make this girl happy...

So I am suppose to educate you all on something I know.  And while I could go many different routes with this one...I think I am going to get all sweet on this one.

How To Love The Obnoxious Child

Bad title? Just go with me on this one.  So if you have ever been around any groups of kids for any length of time you come to find that there is at least one obnoxious child in each group.  And that my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

Maybe it is because I was that child growing up, but there is something about the obnoxious child that I just love.  And usually they are the ones who need the love the most.  See there are reasons they are obnoxious and crave attention.

Typically they do not have the best home life or by the time I get to the kid the teachers have already given up on them.  So I love on them.

It's really quite a simple process.
Step 1: Talk to the kid
Step 2: Take interest and what they are saying and what they like to do
Step 3: Repeat steps 1&2 every time you see the kid

Honestly just this simple gesture of listening and taking interest in a kid will make them feel more loved than anything.  If you think about it, we all work that way.  And sometimes you simply taking your time to do this will change that obnoxious child into one of the best.

So if you work with kids or are ever around them, find the one others seem to steer clear of and show them a little lovin!


Aleshea said...

Girl, you betta preach. I work in the afternoons at an afterschool program with low income kids. This is sooo true. I have to remind myself of it daily to keep from getting annoyed at certain children when they do things for attention!

Amy said...

Great post girl!! It's so important that all children receive love, ESPECIALLY if they are not getting it in their household!