Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

To say that I was excited and ready for Thanksgiving break is a MAJOR understatement.  I was ready to not have to focus on school and instead relax and enjoy my family!

Wednesday morning at 7 am I hopped on my first flight to heading home.  One more flight later and by 11:15 I was finally in nice warm Florida! PS seriously proud of myself for not overpacking for this trip!

I think I mentioned that I could not wait to get back and work out with Sherry.  I was so ready for it, but she really did kick my butt....I couldn't walk for the next three days after!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day.  Mamerz made us all waffles for breakfast.  I was one happy camper.

After a yummy lunch we all vegged out and had some fun hanging around the fire pit that night (as well as every other night.)  Seriously best thing ever getting that fire pit!

The rest of the weekend was spent decorating the house for Christmas and relaxing.  Christmas decorations are my favorite.  Especially the columns in our house.  Most favorite ever!

On Monday I headed back to Tennessee very unwillingly.  Break was so not long enough and I did not want to leave Florida.  Oh and I had a crazy day In the airport.  I knew I was only going to have about 45 minutes between my two flights.  Well I really ended up only having about 25 minutes.  And of course the gate I landed at and the gate I was heading out of were literally across the airport from each other.  I had to run through the whole airport in order to make my flight.  So not fun!

So now that I am back at school for the next 2 and a half weeks, I am counting down the days until I get to go home for a long time! I cannot wait to really not have to think about school!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where I Have Been

So you may have noticed I haven't been around these parts for a little bit of time.  There are a couple reasons I have yet to blog for about a week.

For one I was on Thanksgiving break from last Wednesday till Monday.  I wanted to spend time with my family around the fire pit, not on what I should write on the blog.

Another reason? I have gotten tired of blogging a bit.  I felt like in order to be a good blogger I needed to post something everyday, comment all the time, read everyone's blog, and on and on.  And while all of that is what can make a good blogger, that is just not me.

When I started this blog it was to document my time in college.  I didn't want to forget all the time I spent with my friends or what was going on with the family. 

And now I feel like half of my post have nothing to do with this.  Most of my posts really are not that important and really I don't even care about.  And I don't even want to write them half the time, but I feel like I have to.

So from now on I may not post as often, but when I do it will be important and it will be something I want to be able to remember when I am old and gray and have forgotten everything.  And that I think will make everything happy again!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Gifts for the Girls

I can now FINALLY share with yall what I got the girls for Christmas this year! Yes I know Thanksgiving has not come and gone yet, but I just got too dang excited to not give them out yet!!

It didn't really take me too long to come up with what to get them.  We have all been relatively OBSESSED with tumblers lately and I thought that maybe this would be the perfect gift.

Well I was right! But I really wanted to get them personalized for each girl.  I also thought that since it is our senior year it would be great to throw some Milligan in with it.

So here is what I ended up with!!

They all have the Milligan 'M' on them and then each girls name! And yes they were the best ever.  The girls loved them and I was so glad I could get them something they would love, use, and remember our time at Milligan by!

Now to move onto what to get for the family....

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

I have to say this was one of the only weekends I have ever wished would go by fast! And why did I want it to go by so fast? Because come Wednesday at 7am I will be on a flight home to see my family!!  And that day cannot come soon enough!

Even though I wished for a quick weekend, I still wanted a good one.  And that is what I got friends!

After classes on Friday morning I spent the day just hanging out and relaxing.  I needed to make sure I was well rested for Airband that night!

The theme this year was "Wild One"! We had all kinds of bands show up including, One Direction and Justin Bieber.  I have to say One Direction (or Detour as they wanted to be called here) stole my heart!  

Some professors even got in on the action and I have to say I was pretty impressed with them! Who won you ask? I honestly couldn't tell you! I didn't know anyone in the band and they obviously didn't really stick out to me!

The day I was mostly looking forward to was Saturday.  Benjamin and Bryce (the brothers) had come to Tennessee to do some hunting and I got to go see them!

The first picture is a conversation between Benj and I.  He amazes me everyday...

Then there is me and Brycey and his pedophile mustache...bubs you gotta shave that's got major creeper status.

I promise my brothers love me and each other.  And they love it when I demand we take pictures!

After lunch at Bob's Dairyland (gotta love East Tennessee) Uncle Harvey took us riding around his property.  I got the comfy ride with him in the mule (with my seat belt buckled), while the boys cuddle on the back of our old four wheeler.  Oh how that four wheeler brought back some good memories of the old hunting lease Dad had.

Oh how I love my brothers and the time I get to spend with them! I cannot wait to see them again on Wednesday!

That night when I got back Jessi made some yummy spaghetti and invited our neighbors over.  One question...why have not done that before?! Totes fun spending some time with Gretchen and Gracie!

I then told Jess I would help her paint some signs.  Don't ever let me volunteer to do that.  For one I hate spacing things out just right, and two I am not a perfectionist!

This weekend I was also able to put together all of my Christmas presents for the girls....and hand them out! I for real was just too excited for them and had to hand them out! Tomorrow I give out the last one and then I will share with you all what I got them...let's just say it really was the perfect gift:)

Sunday was the usual spent doing homework.  Major nerd status for loving that I got a lot accomplished!

Hope yall had a great weekend too :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How We Live

Since moving into our dorm this year I have learned quite a bit about my friends and how they live.  I have also learned how different we are from each other!  It is crazy to me how much alike we can be, but also so different at the same time!

I love these girls to death, but all I can do is laugh at how differently we live!

From left to right we have Jessi, Kelly, Becky, Me, and Lo.

And here are the fun little quirks I have picked up on that make us each who we are and how we live!

1. Kelly likes to live in the dark.  She always seems to have as little light on whenever possible.  I however like to turn every light on when I walk into a room. 

2.  Lo stores her spices in the fridge.  Why you ask? Because bugs might get into them.  And this has not ever happened to her before.

3.  Becky brings home food from restaurants ALL the time.  And then they sit in the fridge for weeks before she throws them out.  My food never lasts for more than a day in the fridge...I just get too excited to eat it!

4.  Jessi hangs the rug that sits on the floor outside of the shower up all the time...even if someone is about to get in.

5.  I am more likely to buy name brand food products...I just do not trust most generic brands.  I grew up on Publix and nothing can top that when it comes to generic.

6.  When someone goes to put the silverware away they never separate out the spoons.  They are different sizes people and therefor go in different places on the tray.

7.  Everything in Kelly's room matches.  The consist of three colors: grey, coral, or green.

8.  Becky and Lo take forever to put a room together.  Instead of doing a little here and a little there, they wait till they have everything and then decorate.  

9.  Jessi is very DIY and sew everything.  I would rather just go buy it half the time.

10.  And this last one is to how we all tend to be the same in the way we live.  We all make some hot messes during the week and then at some point in time clean up.  Half the time mine and Kelly's room looks like a bomb went off...and that is only the first day after it has been picked up!

I love you girls and I love that we all have our own little ways that we live!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All I Want For Christmas...

Is my two front teeth!!  Oh wait I already have those... guess I will have to come up with a new list!!  

I found that last year around my birthday posting what I wanted for my birthday was a good idea.  Most of my friends got me something off that list.

So now I am going to tell you all what I would like for Christmas, in case you wanted to get me a gift and need a little help! So here it is Mom, Dad, Siblings, and friends!

1. An iPad.  Have I told you how much I hate my computer?! Well I do, and it hates me too.  But It probably really could last me a little bit longer if it wasn't going everywhere with me.  So my solution is an iPad!

2.  An iPad cover.  And it has to have a keyboard so that I can take notes in class and all that fun stuff!  Something along these lines.
3. New boots.  I have really been wanting a pair of dark brown riding boots.  
4.  Some Chai Latte K-cups.  I ran out at the beginning of this semester and I have been craving them for a while now!

5.  And last but not iPhone case!  I really have no idea what I want, just something new.  I have looked and looked and cannot settle on one so I need someone to do that for me!

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Consumes My Life

I know I have mentioned quite a few times that I am in the middle of applying to grad schools.  And let me tell you is not all that it is cracked up to be!

Stressful is probably the only word I can think of to describe it.  Oh that and time consuming!!

This is what my computer screen looked like pretty much all afternoon yesterday.  I will say though, I am pretty proud of myself for getting things done!

1 GRE test, 4 transcripts, 6 essays, 100 million letters of recommendations later...and I am almost finished!!! I cannot wait until the only thing I have left to do is interview and wait.

Although I would like to know right now where I will be going.  That and what I want to do with my life are the questions of the century right now for me!

I am being pulled in 2 different directions and have no clue where I will end up! I know it will be either Florida or Tennessee, but I wish I knew more.  

Logically speaking I need to go back to Florida.  That's where my family is, it is where I see myself in long run, and they have some really great programs.

But my life is in Tennessee right now.  I cannot imagine leaving.  All of my friends are here...what would I do without them?  My heart aches at the thought of leaving.

I desire to follow the path God has set out for me and whether that is in Florida or Tennessee, I know it will be the best place for me!  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Not too much happened this week.  But it was all relaxing and wonderful just the way I like it!  And a little productive too!

On Saturday I went out shopping for Becky and Kelly's birthday celebration on Sunday.  While at Target I found chocolate oranges! They are seriously my fave...I think the whacking is very therapeutic sometimes!

I stopped by the post office on the way to go shopping and found this package waiting for me! It is all the Christmas presents I ordered for the girls! I really cannot wait to give them to them!

Saturday night I got bored and decided to add a little fun to my nails! Glitter it was!

Sunday was my most productive day.  I did some homework, grad school applications, and grocery shopping.  All while enjoying some very yummy coffee!

I was SO excited for Kelly's gift.  Girlfriend is the hardest person to shop for so I was super proud of what I came up with! She has been in a major baking mood so I got her a brownie bundt pan, cookie and brownie mix, green glitter decorative frosting, and a handmade recipe book!

And Sunday night was spent at Barbs, the only place we go for birthdays! It was so much fun to have all the girls together and enjoy a yummy meal! 

I am looking forward to getting this week over with because then it is the week I get to go home! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Goals Update

So if you look up you see a tab labeled "My Goals".  This past summer I started making some goals for myself.  When I noticed I wouldn't be finishing them all over the summer, I extended them to be life goals.  

So now I have decided to update yall on those goals, since it has been quite some time since I have!

This started out as just some Summer Goals. But in wanting to keep some goals going on I have changed this page! Here are just a bunch of goals I have in my life.  If and when they happen, you can bet I will let you know :)

1. Get healthy
2. Read at least 10 books for he summer and one book each month there after
Read Fifty Shades of Grey
Another Book Down
I was able to read 10 books over the summer! Yay me!
I am currently rereading the Hunger Games

3. Learn how to French Braid my hair
This will probs not be happening...I chopped off all my hair to braid!

4. Cook at least 3 nights a week
I pretty much cook all of my meals!  
Lots going on in my kitchen!

5.  Get a tan
6. Figure out my shoulder
7. Start running/ learn to run
This looks like a good plan:)
I gave up on this one! I would much rather do cardio another way! But maybe one day I will pick running back up!

8. Get a blog makeover
9. Start getting into the Word more
Loving what God has shown me!

10. Create my canvases for the dorm 
11. Enjoy my job
I have LOVED my job and will be sad to say bye to the girls in August!

12. Save money
Not too bad. But now that school has started I have not really been able to save!

13. Create a budget (and stick to it)

14. Take the GRE
Bought a book to get me started!
Done and Done!

15. Wear a hair bow everyday

16. Get into Graduate School
The applications are driving me crazy!

 17. Learn how to make Scallops
Made them and LOVED them!

18. Learn how to make an Apple Pie

19. Learn how to make homemade Pasta

20. Plan our trip to France

21. Find a post graduation job

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Going To Be...


Ahhh! I am so excited to say that I will be part of the best wedding ever!  Seriously I don't think any wedding is going to top this one...until mine that is...if that ever happens that is!

Anyways...Becky and Josh are getting married on June 1, 2013 and I get to be there!  If you want to hear their amazing engagement story read here.

So on Friday I got an email that I had a package at the Physical Plant.  This was weird because I was so not expecting anything.  

After class Lauren and I headed down there to pick them up.  We found it a wee bit suspicious that we both had one there, especially since Lo has an apartment and doesn't get anything sent there anymore!

When we got there this is what we found:

And then we opened them and found this:

Laurens of course had her monogram on it.  We were very excited to open the boxes, but had to take pictures first.  

Lauren was having some struggles with my phone.  And I got annoyed.

But I REALLY was excited about this!!

And we opened it up and this is what we found!

Anything and everything we needed to know about how to be the best bridesmaid ever for Rebecca!  She put in there a little piece of the material for our dresses.  And an awesome bridesmaid CD to listen to all up until the wedding!

Beck thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your wedding day! I cannot wait to stand up with you and Josh and watch you say "I Do".  And yes there may be some tears...if your lucky;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

I have to say, I consider myself to be pretty lucky.  On Fridays I have one class and that is it.  And it is at 9 so I really get a three day weekend just about every week.  Yup I'm a lucky one!

Friday after class I decide I was going to be productive!  I had not done laundry in forever so I got that done.  Plus I cleaned my room and the whole apartment.  Oh and I fixed the vacuum.

After that I pretty much did nothing.  Well I did decide I wanted to watch The Hunger Games again.  And I did.  Good decision.  Now I want to read all the books again.

Saturday I was going to be good and go workout.  But the wellness center was closed.  Lame.  So I didn't.  Instead I decided to get all cute for the guys and girls soccer games.

I would call it a success.  Another success? I have not been able to wear that shirt since freshmen year! Loves it!

That afternoon and night Jessi and I hung out at the games and cheered on our buffs! Both teams did awesome and won their games! So proud of them all:)

Sunday, after getting a nice extra hour of sleep, I went to church, the grocery store, and did homework all day.  It was a nice productive day and just how I wanted it.

Hopefully this week isn't going to be to stressful.  Just a couple tests and grad school applications and all should be good!

PS I changed the domain to my blog! It is now!! Make sure to change it in your google reader if you follow that way!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Losing the Pounds...

Is not quite as easy as it may seem.  It has been about 6 months since I started losing weight!  Holy cow 6 months have gone by fast!!!  While I am proud of where I am at...I still wish I was much further along.

So far I have lost 22 pounds! And yes I know that that is awesome! 

I have worked hard for everyone of those pounds and even battled surgery and heading back to school. 

Now school has been a bit overwhelming and put me a little behind...but I'm going to push through this!

Reasons why I am going to push through?
1. It is worth it.  This is my body and I want it to be the best it can be!
2. I love the feeling of being healthy.
3. I sleep so much better when I work out (totes noticed this the past couple weeks)
4. I want to prove it to myself that I can do this.  I am not all talk anymore people!

I am really looking forward to the end of this month and all of December.  Why you ask? I will be back with Sherry, my trainer, and get that major push that I am desperately needing right now!

She is definitely keeping tabs though...and I may or may not like her for that!

This week I was able to get back in the gym 3 days so far, and I hoping to go again today and maybe Saturday.  While diet may be a big part, being in the gym is too!

So here is to hoping I will make it to the gym and keep losing the weight!  As Lauren would tell me... suck it up and do it...which I always need to hear!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Thankful Heart

This time last week I posted about how thankful I had been lately.  And this week I am extremely thankful again...but for some other reasons.

This week has been a week of MANY answered prayers.  And for that I am beyond thankful to be serving a God who answers prayers.

As I have said before I have been struggling through this whole grad school application thing.  Well finally Sunday night I prayed that God would relieve the stress and show me the way.  I gave it up to Him and knew He would guide me.

And of course He did! 

I knew I would be meeting with my advisors this week to schedule next semester.  And one of my advisors is amazing and I knew he would be able to help me make some decisions.

He flat out told me that it would be basically impossible for me to get into any MA/PhD program.  Other then one local one and it would be a stretch.  

You would think I would have freaked out over this, but I was SO grateful he was able to tell me that.  I needed to be pointed in the right direction and thats what he did.

So now I know that a Masters in Counseling is more the route I need to go.  Now I just need to decide where that will be...

This is one less thing I have to stress about and I am so thankful for that!

What are you thankful for today?