Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog Vlog


I am so excited to participate in this months Girl Behind the Blog.  This is my first ever Vlog and I have to admit I was very nervous to do it!

As most people say when they hear their voice on video...I think I sound funny.  Usually I have more of a southern accent and who knew I smacked my lips so much!

Also I was trying to be kinda quiet because I wasn't sure if any of the roommates were in the apartment and didn't want them to overhear and make fun. (Didn't work by the way!)

And so not an attractive screen shot of me.  Boo you blogger.

Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better!

The friend who makes fun of my iPhone case? Lauren...yeah she's real great.  Asks me all the time what my name is....

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekends are my favorite.  I would wish that everyday was a weekend but then I guess I wouldn't appreciate them as much.

On Friday's the only thing I have is one class at 9.  After that I am a free bird.  I had never been to Fresh Market and so I thought I would check it out and pick up a few groceries I needed for the weekend.  That place intimidated me.  Don't know if I will ever make it back there...

Since I didn't have any other plans on Friday, and since sleep has been hard to come by for me, I decided to take a nap.  Apparently I have some pretty crazy bed head.  I took a picture of it.  Not cute.
I spent the rest of Friday not doing too much.  I look forward to days when I can do nothing!

Saturday I attempted to finish the 3 grad school applications I started.  Uff those are hard.  Trying to figure out what I want to do and where is really hard.  

The girls and guys soccer teams were playing Saturday afternoon and I was excited to get out of the apartment and enjoy some fresh air.  Even thought we froze, Kelly and I had tons of fun sitting and talking and cheering on the Buffs!

I made it to church Sunday morning, which I am always happy to do.  I was even more excited because it was cold enough for me to wear one of my new sweaters.  Totes made my day!

That afternoon I tried to attack grad schools again.  And they attacked back.  Like I said, they are hard. 
I don't know where to go or what to do.  Do I get my Ph.D. or just a masters for now? What do I get in my degree in? Why is Psychology such a broad field?  Can I even get into a Ph.D. program?! I just don't even know.

Someone please tell me what to do.  That would be so much easier.  Or just having someone tell me the best plan would be great.  

Last night I received a message on Facebook from my Uncle Gary with some awesome words of encouragement.  It always amazes me how God knows just what we need when we need it.  In the message he sent me some verses for wisdom to get through this whole grad school application process.

Oh how James always seems to speak right to my heart 
and always knows just what to say!

Another one that tells you like it is! 

I love it when I receive the strength and wisdom I need from those I love. And it is even better when it comes from God.  So thankful for this!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Am Thankful

Usually on Thursdays I am updating you all on my weight loss.  And while I have lost 1 pound this week ( FINALLY!!!!) I have something that has been on my mind more that I need to share.

Throughout this week the constant thought of "I am so thankful for..." has run through my mind constantly.  I have been blessed beyond measure and I am SO thankful for everyone and everything in my life.  

Since I have been so thankful and since Carina has this link-up going on, I thought I would share with you all what I am so thankful for.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

I am thankful for my parents who are beyond supportive of me and my dreams.  I was on the phone with my Dad the other day and we were talking about grad schools for me.  The fact that he desires to help me make the best decision is amazing.  But the fact that he said him and Mom would support me in whatever decision I made was even better. I am so thankful to have parents like that!

I am thankful for a roommate who leaves me sweet sweet notes...all the time! They mean so much to me.  Who doesn't love being told they are loved?!

I am thankful for a friend who is honest in telling me she wants be to stay around here! I am so grateful for the time I have with Lo every week, and just knowing my friends genuinely want me around warms my heart every time.

I am thankful to have a job in the office I do on campus.  My boss is amazing, the people I work with are amazing, and I actually kinda like what I am doing.  

I am thankful to be at Milligan.  For one have you seen our campus? Gorgeous.  For two I know I am receiving the right education.  And three I am surrounded by God loving people.  

And last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for the God I serve.  He is amazing.  No words can describe how thankful I am to know that I have a loving God who wants the best for me.  

What are you thankful for today?


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Call Me Chef!

It is only Wednesday and I feel like I have cooked up a storm! For the last couple of weeks I have not been wanting to cook.  I wanted easy meals with no effort.  And then this week hit, and I was DYING to get in the kitchen and cook!

Monday night was stuffed bell peppers night.  Southwestern stuffed bell peppers to be exact! Seriously beyond yummy.  I have been eating leftovers for lunch and I fall in love again with every meal!

I used this recipe as a guideline.  I omitted the rice from mine because I just didn't want it in my peppers.  Other than that go make this now!

After making the bell peppers, I decided to give baking another shot.  If you remember the last time I tried baking something it ended up as brownie soup.  But I was really craving some cookies and wanted to give these a try.

And I am so glad I did! They were amazing! Oatmeal chocolate chip.  I followed this recipe but used truvia, brown sugar splenda, and almond flour as substitutes.  The roommates loved them and they are just about all gone now!

 And then last night I made dinner for Ashlee and I.  I threw some chicken, one can of corn, one can of black beans, and a jar of salsa into the crockpot that morning.  I then paired that with some quinoa added some cheese and sour cream and was a very happy camper.

I don't know what you would call it but it was pretty yummy!

Now to figure out what to cook for the rest of the week.  Except our fridge is now kinda filled with my leftovers.  I never seem to be able to cook for just one.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Influenster Beauty Box

Back in May sometime I received my first Beauty Vox Box from Influenster.  I was so excited and loved just about every single item I received.  Needless to say when I got the email that I would be receiving another beauty box I was beyond excited.

Well that excitement kinda ended when I opened the box.  I really was not a fan of the majority of the items I saw.  But I still have to try some out, so maybe I will change my mind!

Here are all the items I received.

Boost is a drink supplement that is suppose to give you energy.  I have not tried this yet, but orange flavor things are usually not my thing.

Vitabath fragrance spray in Citron Leaves.  No thank you! I know I am picky about perfumes, but this one I just could not handle.  I tried using it the other night and did not like it at all.

I will say I am excited to put this one on my candle warmer! It smells so good!

The one thing I was most excited about was the biggest bummer of all.  When I opened my box this eyeshadow was EVERYWHERE.  As in it broke in the box and I now have silver shimmer all over everything.  Really sad about this one.

I don't wear fake eyelashes nor do I have an opportunity in the near future to so...trying this out will be interesting.

I never would have picked these up in the store.  I like the concept, but I think my hair may be too short for these to actually work.  Totes worth a try though.

I am always looking for new products for my hair so I was excited when I saw this one.  Cannot wait to give it a try!

If I change my mind on any of these products, or absolutely fall in love with one I will be sure to let yall know!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Really now why do weekends have to end? I enjoy them way too much, and as everyone says Monday is not a welcomed day in my book.  Especially this Monday.  This Monday is GRE day for me.  Stress me out much?

I knew this weekend was going to be filled with studying.  But I also wanted to make sure I had an easy going and fun weekend.  

This started off with hanging out with Lo all night Friday.  It was suppose to be a girls night with all of our friends, but everyone got busy and I was the only one to show up.  Not complaining AT ALL.  We took some much needed time to just talk.  About everything.  So worth it to not go to bed till 2!

Saturday I wanted to get my sleep on till I needed to study.  Loved it.  I then went and spent 5 hours at Panera studying my butt off.

I had two practice tests to take and it was a very up and down day.  One page I would get all the answers right, and then the next page I would get them all wrong.  But overall I feel very prepared and know I am going to do well on the test (ok I am praying I am going to do well!).

After studying my day away I decided to have a chill night with my hair straightener.  I always feel better when I am looking good!  Oh and I came home to this from the best roommate ever!

Sunday I was going to be very productive.  Church, grocery shopping, study a little more for the GRE, bake some cookies, do some other homework, cook a yummy dinner, and get a good nights sleep.

I accomplished 3 of those things.  I did some grocery shopping, did some homework, and had a yummy dinner that I did not make.

Instead I chilled out all day and then went to dinner and a movie with the roomies.  We saw Pitch Perfect and now I am in LOVE.  Seriously go see it!

Oh what a wonderful weekend!  Even thought it was so not what I thought would happen, it was exactly what needed to happen! I have such a thankful heart!

Also prayers for the GRE this morning would be much appreciated:))

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Randoms

Quite a bit has been going on this week.  I feel like I am constantly always on the go and rarely have the time to just sit and think.  Here are a few things that have occurred in this sweet little life of mine!

1. Tuesday night we had a faculty panel assemble to discuss political topics for this election.  They were not allowed to promote any individual Presidential candidate, but they were allowed to share their views.  I feel like I learned so much from all of them.  It even sparked an hour or two long discussion with the besties afterwards!

2.  Speaking of the election... I received my absentee ballot in the mail the other day!  Other than a local election this summer, I have never really voted! I was only 17 during the last election so I super stoked to vote in this one!

3.  My computer is evil.  I swear it hates me.  Yesterday it randomly decided it was time to turn off during class.  I cannot wait until I can buy a new one.

4.  Remember this post about me wanting to join the FBI? Well I was on Milligan's Infotoday site and saw this note about the FBI coming to Milligan.  No joke.  Maybe this is a sign...

5.  I have been thinking a lot about grad school.  I know I am going to go into some psychology/counseling program.  I just do not know where or which program exactly.  I have two schools on my mind, Milligan and the University of South Florida in Tampa. I take the GRE on Monday and then we will see where I go from there!

6.  I am ready for Mamerz and Dad to come back from their cruise.  For one they just keep making me more and more jealous.  And two I miss them.  Please hurry home now.  Oh and look how cute those two are!
Ok time to spend my weekend studying up for the GRE! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 11

So I do not have much more of an update on the weight loss than what I said 2 weeks ago.  Still at the same weight, still very stressed, still struggling to find time to workout.

This week I told myself I was going to get back into it, and then failed miserably.  I have made it one day so far.  Things have just come up, I haven't felt good, or no motivation.

But the diet is still good.  That I can be proud of.  In general I crave clean foods.  I am over fast food (most of the time) and hate it when I do not eat healthy.  I just don't feel good afterwards.

Tuesday night Ashlee and I made turkey burgers and sweet potato fries! It was YUMMO!

On Monday I wore an outfit that I love! I also knew I had worn this EXACT SAME outfit about a year ago.  As in same shirt, pants, and boots.  I also knew I had taken a picture of this outfit a year ago because I loved it so much.

On Monday I decided to take a picture of the outfit again and compare.  I was blown away by what I saw.  And pretty dang impressed with myself.

I realize I am standing differently and that can have an effect.  But consider this: in both pictures I thought I was standing cute and in the best position to not look awful and fat.  

My thoughts: HOLY COW my stomach finally does not stick out as far as my boobs! Seriously I love that.  My legs also look pretty great too! 

It was so great to see this picture and I think I have reinspired myself.  Is that even possible!?

So that is what I leave yall with.  I am motivated now to keep pushing forward and keep losing the weight.  It is always going to be worth it in the end!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It was brought to my attention recently by one of the besties that lately I may not have been the most positive person to be around.  TRUTH.

I was complaining about EVERYTHING.  Class, people, my job. You name it I complained about it.  Not a good thing.

Now I could sit here and tell yall that I was super stressed out (truth) but that's just an excuse.  

There is always a bright side to things.  And I wish that I could always see this bright side.

I knew that I needed to move past this negativity and onto some positivity.  My first step in getting there was Fall Break.  As you all know it was a much needed trip.

I was so happy and content to just be sitting on the couch doing nothing and not having to care about what homework assignment I had to do next.  Key note here is I was FINALLY happy again.  I hadn't been for two weeks because I had way too much going on.

On my drive back to Milligan I started thinking about things.  

It's no secret that I do not handle stress very well.  I never have and so I am having to learn how to eliminate it from my life as much as one can.

After much consideration I dropped one of my classes.  It was an elective that I did not have to have and because my grade in there was not good (major stressor) and I could not foresee a way to bring it back up to what I consider acceptable, I dropped the class.

You have no idea how great it felt to turn that form in! I was praising Jesus all the way back to work since a good majority of my stress was gone!

While I am still have to remind myself sometimes to be more positive, my attitude has greatly improved.  I am so thankful this was brought to my attention and that I am able to work on it!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break/ Weekend Recap

Wait Fall Break is over? Why did it have to go by so quickly?!  I left last Wednesday, got back yesterday and today I am wishing I was still in Macon.

Prior to leaving for Macon I was a big ball of stress.  I had so many tests and so much to do that I was going insane.  Seriously, thank you God for Fall Break! I really needed it.

After driving a little over 6 hours, I arrived in Macon to see these two faces!

Oh and Briana and Raleigh!  I was so happy to be there! Mattie made us dinner and we just hung out that night and had the dogs for entertainment.  There is a deck on the rook of the apartment building and we headed up there for some fresh air!  You can see all of Macon there!

Thursday Mattie had some classes to go to so I got my sleep on.  It was nice to finally be able to really sleep in.  Though I have to say my sleeping arrangements were a little interesting...That air mattress actually wasn't all that bad...until Raleigh decided to claim it as her bed.

I also knew I had to get some work done on Thursday.  I opened my GRE book and got working.  I was pretty proud of myself when I was able to complete all but the practice tests finally!

That night we went out for dinner.  I loved being able to walk to dinner and take the pups with us.  No worries Boone walked Raleigh all the way home!

Friday Mattie had class while Briana and I slept in.  Then it was shopping time! Not much happened...but Mamerz may be in some luck...

Friday night Briana cooked dinner for us.  I was MAJORLY impressed and felt like I had eaten a really good home meal! I in turn made dessert for us all.  Well I tried to at least...

See the recipe was not a good one.  It was vague and I fell prey to it's stupidness.  What was suppose to be layers of brownie, whip cream and pudding turned into brownie soup which turned into frozen brownie soup.  At least it tasted good?

Saturday was one of the most relaxing days we had.  We laid in bed (after much begging from Mattie and Briana) and watched tv and played with the dogs.  Then we decided to take the pups to a field to play some ball! 

Boone throughly enjoyed sitting on Briana's lap in order to stick his head out the window.

The pups had to have their water!  This was also after Boone decided to get in the creek and Briana had to go in after him!

Me and my new best friend Raleigh! It's actually a miracle you can actually see her in this picture.

We tend to do some stupid things to Boone.  He enjoys it though.  Headbands are his favorite too!

It was nice to just hang out and not have much to do.  It was a much needed break that I am so grateful to have had.  I needed to take some time and relax and unstress.

But now I am back at Milli and trying to focus on doing work this week! 
Hope yall had an awesome weekend too!