Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 10

This week gets the biggest FAIL ever! And no I am not kidding.  Cut me a little slack though...I am much more stressed and busier than ever!

Between next Monday and Tuesday I have 3 tests and a presentation on top of all of my regular homework.  So that means I have to prep everything this week and do my regular homework.  And if I don't do that I will seriously be in some major trouble.  Oh add on top of that I take the GRE in 3 weeks.  Yup stressed.

And it doesn't help that my lovely left shoulder, you know the one I had surgery on, has not been very nice lately.  This is not even close to being a joke.  So much pain and no sleep are not a good thing!

if only you knew how many notecards I really go through!
Like seriously so far this week I have worked out once.  Fortunately I have really been trying to focus on my diet.  This means while I have not gained weight, I am still where I have been for about a month.  

And to be honest I am ok with this.  School is my priority right now.  This doesn't mean I am giving up at all.  Im still going to eat well and workout, it just may not happen everyday (the working out that is). 

I never ever ever want to go back to looking like this.  I just cannot do that to myself.  So don't think I am giving up.  Just realize priorities are changing!

Let us also acknowledge the fact that I am willing to bet money that my trainer will have something to say about this...and let us also acknowledge that it is probably what I need.  Oh what I would give to have her here to kick my butt.  Wait did I really just say that?

So now all I can ask for is some prayers for my shoulder, for my tests, and for me to push through this all!  Any and all will be greatly appreciated:))



Amy said...

Prayers coming your way girl :)

Janna Renee said...

I have been oh-so-bad the last week, so I feel ya girl! Good luck with everything, and don't let this get you down!

Holly said...

Booo for having a FAIL of a week, though everyone has them sometimes - I definitely do! :O I hope next week is better. :)