Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I always hate to see the weekends go so quickly.  It is always nice to be able to sleep in and not have to worry about being anywhere all day long.  Some would call it lazy, but I call it enjoying lots and lots of much needed down time.

On Friday after working out I went to target to to grab a few things I needed.  And then what else was there to do but come back to the room and watch a bunch of tv and then crash.  I had a busy week in was in some major need of sleep.

On Saturday I got up and you guessed it I worked on the GRE.  I am working on the Math section right now and it makes me want to claw my eyes out.  No joke.  

After working on that for a good while, I worked out again (6 days in a row baby!!) and then rewarded myself with a good movie until I needed to meet up with Ashlee for some shopping. 

I was not really looking to buy anything, if much at all, but then we walked into Forever 21.  I could not tell you the last time I bought anything from there, so I was not very optimistic about finding anything.  That was until I found the sweaters.

I fell in love with these sweaters! And the best part? They actually fit!  For a while I could not really fit into Forever 21's clothes.  Well Saturday I did and I knew those sweaters were meant to be! Ashlee found one similar to one of them so that we could be twinkies!

The other sweater is same style except navy blue across the top with red and cream stripes.  BTW I am obsessed with stripes so I really did need these sweaters!

After lots of shopping we went to grab dinner and then tried out the new Froyo place.  It was seriously awesome and totes beats out the other ones we have here in town!

After a long fun night with Ash I went home to crash.  In doing so I thought it would be fun to watch another movie.  So I decided to watch The Story of Us.  I had never heard of it but it was my friends DVD so I thought I would watch it.


WORSE DECISION EVER! It has to be the most depressing movie ever.  It was about everything you never want to know about marriage.  Seriously take my advice and do not go watch it.  Really don't do it!

Sunday I had a ton of homework to do.  Annotated bibliography's are seriously awful.  And take way too much time to do.  But no worries I now know everything you could ever want to know about gender roles and women leadership in the church.  

After a long day of sitting on the couch watching more movies and doing homework I called it a night and went to bed in hopes this week would not happen.  This week is going to be way too busy and so not wanted!

At least fall break will be coming soon!


Cassandra said...

I LOVE the sweaters! Too bad about the bad movie choice :/ Good luck with that math section! I got a headache just from reading about you studying it lol

Amanda said...

Weekends are the bomb dot com! They definitely go by way too quickly! :( but, do you get fall break soon?? :)

When I saw the cover of the movie it looked really good.. Why was it so bad? =\

I hope your week is better than expected! :) have a wonderful Monday!

Amy said...

Love the sweater!! You look awesome girl!! :)

Emily Meyers said...

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Hope you stop by for a visit, and thanks so much lovely!
Xo, Emily

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