Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It was brought to my attention recently by one of the besties that lately I may not have been the most positive person to be around.  TRUTH.

I was complaining about EVERYTHING.  Class, people, my job. You name it I complained about it.  Not a good thing.

Now I could sit here and tell yall that I was super stressed out (truth) but that's just an excuse.  

There is always a bright side to things.  And I wish that I could always see this bright side.

I knew that I needed to move past this negativity and onto some positivity.  My first step in getting there was Fall Break.  As you all know it was a much needed trip.

I was so happy and content to just be sitting on the couch doing nothing and not having to care about what homework assignment I had to do next.  Key note here is I was FINALLY happy again.  I hadn't been for two weeks because I had way too much going on.

On my drive back to Milligan I started thinking about things.  

It's no secret that I do not handle stress very well.  I never have and so I am having to learn how to eliminate it from my life as much as one can.

After much consideration I dropped one of my classes.  It was an elective that I did not have to have and because my grade in there was not good (major stressor) and I could not foresee a way to bring it back up to what I consider acceptable, I dropped the class.

You have no idea how great it felt to turn that form in! I was praising Jesus all the way back to work since a good majority of my stress was gone!

While I am still have to remind myself sometimes to be more positive, my attitude has greatly improved.  I am so thankful this was brought to my attention and that I am able to work on it!


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