Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break/ Weekend Recap

Wait Fall Break is over? Why did it have to go by so quickly?!  I left last Wednesday, got back yesterday and today I am wishing I was still in Macon.

Prior to leaving for Macon I was a big ball of stress.  I had so many tests and so much to do that I was going insane.  Seriously, thank you God for Fall Break! I really needed it.

After driving a little over 6 hours, I arrived in Macon to see these two faces!

Oh and Briana and Raleigh!  I was so happy to be there! Mattie made us dinner and we just hung out that night and had the dogs for entertainment.  There is a deck on the rook of the apartment building and we headed up there for some fresh air!  You can see all of Macon there!

Thursday Mattie had some classes to go to so I got my sleep on.  It was nice to finally be able to really sleep in.  Though I have to say my sleeping arrangements were a little interesting...That air mattress actually wasn't all that bad...until Raleigh decided to claim it as her bed.

I also knew I had to get some work done on Thursday.  I opened my GRE book and got working.  I was pretty proud of myself when I was able to complete all but the practice tests finally!

That night we went out for dinner.  I loved being able to walk to dinner and take the pups with us.  No worries Boone walked Raleigh all the way home!

Friday Mattie had class while Briana and I slept in.  Then it was shopping time! Not much happened...but Mamerz may be in some luck...

Friday night Briana cooked dinner for us.  I was MAJORLY impressed and felt like I had eaten a really good home meal! I in turn made dessert for us all.  Well I tried to at least...

See the recipe was not a good one.  It was vague and I fell prey to it's stupidness.  What was suppose to be layers of brownie, whip cream and pudding turned into brownie soup which turned into frozen brownie soup.  At least it tasted good?

Saturday was one of the most relaxing days we had.  We laid in bed (after much begging from Mattie and Briana) and watched tv and played with the dogs.  Then we decided to take the pups to a field to play some ball! 

Boone throughly enjoyed sitting on Briana's lap in order to stick his head out the window.

The pups had to have their water!  This was also after Boone decided to get in the creek and Briana had to go in after him!

Me and my new best friend Raleigh! It's actually a miracle you can actually see her in this picture.

We tend to do some stupid things to Boone.  He enjoys it though.  Headbands are his favorite too!

It was nice to just hang out and not have much to do.  It was a much needed break that I am so grateful to have had.  I needed to take some time and relax and unstress.

But now I am back at Milli and trying to focus on doing work this week! 
Hope yall had an awesome weekend too!


Miss Riss said...

Glad to hear you had a fun weekend!! I love those dogs!!! Lol!

Mrs in Training said...

Jealous of your fall break, ours is called "thanksgiving" ha. And brownie soup sounds delish ;)