Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Really now why do weekends have to end? I enjoy them way too much, and as everyone says Monday is not a welcomed day in my book.  Especially this Monday.  This Monday is GRE day for me.  Stress me out much?

I knew this weekend was going to be filled with studying.  But I also wanted to make sure I had an easy going and fun weekend.  

This started off with hanging out with Lo all night Friday.  It was suppose to be a girls night with all of our friends, but everyone got busy and I was the only one to show up.  Not complaining AT ALL.  We took some much needed time to just talk.  About everything.  So worth it to not go to bed till 2!

Saturday I wanted to get my sleep on till I needed to study.  Loved it.  I then went and spent 5 hours at Panera studying my butt off.

I had two practice tests to take and it was a very up and down day.  One page I would get all the answers right, and then the next page I would get them all wrong.  But overall I feel very prepared and know I am going to do well on the test (ok I am praying I am going to do well!).

After studying my day away I decided to have a chill night with my hair straightener.  I always feel better when I am looking good!  Oh and I came home to this from the best roommate ever!

Sunday I was going to be very productive.  Church, grocery shopping, study a little more for the GRE, bake some cookies, do some other homework, cook a yummy dinner, and get a good nights sleep.

I accomplished 3 of those things.  I did some grocery shopping, did some homework, and had a yummy dinner that I did not make.

Instead I chilled out all day and then went to dinner and a movie with the roomies.  We saw Pitch Perfect and now I am in LOVE.  Seriously go see it!

Oh what a wonderful weekend!  Even thought it was so not what I thought would happen, it was exactly what needed to happen! I have such a thankful heart!

Also prayers for the GRE this morning would be much appreciated:))

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Amanda said...

I hope you did okay on your test! Why exactly is the GRE?
Hope you can breathe a little better tonight! Sleep well & enjoy your evening :) XO