Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekends are my favorite.  I would wish that everyday was a weekend but then I guess I wouldn't appreciate them as much.

On Friday's the only thing I have is one class at 9.  After that I am a free bird.  I had never been to Fresh Market and so I thought I would check it out and pick up a few groceries I needed for the weekend.  That place intimidated me.  Don't know if I will ever make it back there...

Since I didn't have any other plans on Friday, and since sleep has been hard to come by for me, I decided to take a nap.  Apparently I have some pretty crazy bed head.  I took a picture of it.  Not cute.
I spent the rest of Friday not doing too much.  I look forward to days when I can do nothing!

Saturday I attempted to finish the 3 grad school applications I started.  Uff those are hard.  Trying to figure out what I want to do and where is really hard.  

The girls and guys soccer teams were playing Saturday afternoon and I was excited to get out of the apartment and enjoy some fresh air.  Even thought we froze, Kelly and I had tons of fun sitting and talking and cheering on the Buffs!

I made it to church Sunday morning, which I am always happy to do.  I was even more excited because it was cold enough for me to wear one of my new sweaters.  Totes made my day!

That afternoon I tried to attack grad schools again.  And they attacked back.  Like I said, they are hard. 
I don't know where to go or what to do.  Do I get my Ph.D. or just a masters for now? What do I get in my degree in? Why is Psychology such a broad field?  Can I even get into a Ph.D. program?! I just don't even know.

Someone please tell me what to do.  That would be so much easier.  Or just having someone tell me the best plan would be great.  

Last night I received a message on Facebook from my Uncle Gary with some awesome words of encouragement.  It always amazes me how God knows just what we need when we need it.  In the message he sent me some verses for wisdom to get through this whole grad school application process.

Oh how James always seems to speak right to my heart 
and always knows just what to say!

Another one that tells you like it is! 

I love it when I receive the strength and wisdom I need from those I love. And it is even better when it comes from God.  So thankful for this!

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