Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Brother is Growing Up and I am feeling Old!

Last night I attended my brother Benjamin's Senior Award Ceremony.  Just to brag a bit on him, he received a NROTC Scholarship to Georgia Tech, he was a Principle Scholar ( meaning he maintained a GPA of a 4.0 or higher his whole time in High School) and also got an award for being in the top 20 of his class.  I was such a proud sister!

When they presented Benj with his check to the Navy they started listing off everything he has achieved and where he will be headed.  I simply looked over at Bryce, my other baby brother, and was like "dude thats our brother!"  This time also made real that not only is Bunny going to college in the fall, but he will be entering the Navy as well.  Quite a shocker!!

Also being there made me feel old.  2 years ago I was him walking up there to get my awards and having fun with my graduating class.  It is hard to believe it was so long ago!!  I saw some old teachers which my brothers now have and it was just weird to be back in my high school.

It is quite funny to me when I look back on my relationships with my siblings.  Being that we are all so close in age, sometimes being the oldest doesn't mean anything.  Like for example Bryce may be the technical baby of the family, but we all know its me who is treated like the baby.  All three off my siblings look out for me like no other.  I love them all and wouldn't trade any of them.  But sometimes it scares me that we are all growing up so fast.  Next year we will be in 4 different states and only time will tell where we will eventually end up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Friend From High School

I got so excited because this Friday I got to see Annie, my best friend from high school!!!  Seriously people best person ever! Every time I come home we get together and catch up. Since she is going to school at USF in Florida, and I am at Milligan in Tennessee, we don't see each other all that often.  We are both also like super busy so we also don't get to talk half as much as we would like to!

It was so great to spend the day with her friday! We went and got pedicures, then came back to my house and just hung out until we decided to make dinner! Everyone be proud because we did an amazing job if i do say so myself!  We made Chicken Stir Fry and it was awesome!!!!  After that we just chilled and watched a movie and had some fun catching up.

I love it when I get to see her because we have so much fun catching up on not only ourselves, but everyone from high school.  Neither of us really keep in contact with many people from back then so when we get together we love to talk about them all and figure out what everyone has been up to! So much fun!!

Anyways, Annie is the best and I just LOVED seeing her on Friday and hope to get to spend more time with her!!!
Me and Annie back in High School.  Im thinking this was senior year Christmas Break in the Moutntains!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Side of the Room is Going to be The Best!

Ok so I like pictures.  Like I REALLY like pictures.  And I love being able to put them up on the walls of my room for me and everyone else to see.  And for next year I needed a new idea for this.  Now I LOVE the idea of individual frames all over the wall, but usually that can be pretty expensive.  And for a college student I was like um no.  That was until I found $1 frames at Michaels and some paint and was able to make the frames I wanted.  Now the only problem that stands in my way is I need about 50 more frames in order for me to be happy.  But here is the start of this new project I am working on for next year!
 Ten Frames and Three Colors!
 I started with the pink of course!

And this is the finishedish product!  I used pink, brown, and camel colors for the frames.  I am thinking of maybe adding a design to some of them but I am not quite sure what I will do.  For now I am getting excited about what they will look like in the room and how I will arrange them.  

Home and fixing things Up

After an amazing week at the beach with Lo, I came home to a couple of projects to work on for mom.  First we reorganized her cabinets in the kitchen in order for her to show off whatever pieces she has.  Then she left me to work on the books.  This is what I started with.  Way to many books, and not enough shelves.  Can we say stressed?!  Eventually I just did the best I could and then gave up.  When mom can find more shelves, then maybe I will work some more on it!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Loyal to A Fault

Sometimes this is how I feel.  Ella knew we were leaving and got in her kennel with the door open.  We didn't even ask her to.  She just got in knowing we were leaving and that that was where she was suppose to be.

I have been told by many friends that I am loyal.  And that is definitely a quality I love being able to have, but it is something I am learning I do to a fault.  I love the people in my lives and would do anything for them.  Call me up when your in trouble and I drop everything to get there as fast as I can.  When people talk about my friends behind their backs I am the first to speak up for them.  Sometimes it is something I just can't help.

But I have now learned that I can be loyal to a fault.  You may have done something completely awful to me and if I love you I will still have your back.  Someone could say the nastiest thing about me, but if I love them I am the first to give them the benefit of the doubt.  And while in your head you may be saying "Mosby that is what you are suppose to do." I have come to realized that is not the case in all situations.  There are some people that eventually I just have to stop defending.  Some that I just can't give them the benefit of the doubt anymore, and some who I just can not be loyal to anymore.  And that saddens me.  I hate losing those I love, but the time has come for me to move on and grow up and put on my big girl panties and take a stand for ME!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reading and Diet Coke!

What has been filling my time this past week you might ask? Reading and Diet Coke!
Have I been reading some good intellectual books like many may so I should? Thats a hell to the no!  Save that for college people...this is summertime!  I have been reading whatever I have wanted to read.  I call them "fluff" books and I love them.  They are easy reads that don't stress me out.  And I have read 3 so far since summer started! Oh man have I been enjoying this week of laying out in the sun, either around the pool or at the beach, and just reading.

Lauren and I have discussed it several times, and have decided that while MANY people may have been bored out of their minds on this vacation, we are not!  We have enjoyed every last minute of it!!!  I am going to be sad to see the end of my time with Lauren, but I am very grateful to have had it!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lauren B. Austinism

Oh my dear Lauren B. Austin.  Ever since hitting the road with her on Thursday, many funny things have come out of her mouth.  Many of which I may not want to repeat, but I think I will for laughters sake :)

"I just like a little taste of chocolate when I finish my meals" said after dinner thursday night after finding out Applebees doesnt leave mints for you after the meal.

"Don't worry its just a drug bust or something" said after passing an exit that is blocked off by about 10 police cars.

"Don't believe anything you hear this weekend" said to Lauren by my mother since Lauren has a rather hard time understanding the sarcasm my family lives by.

"Mosby you have got to come see this" said so that I would come and see one of my cats all curled up with her.  She petted the cat once.  And Im not kidding.  Once.

"How about them dinnies?!" said after I told her the story about fruit gummies and my family... no stress I had some to eat!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pizza Time!!

I am so grateful to be home.  I am with my amazing family and an amazing friend.  And last night we had some fun!!  I decided it was time for some cooking lessons for Lo.  Yes we all know Kelly is the one that needs them the most (love you kel!) but Lo is here and so we made some homemade pizza!!  It was fun to roll out all the dough and make some really good pizza!  And spend some great time with Lo!

It was all yummy and so much fun! So far we have thoroughly enjoyed our time hear and I have a funny feeling the rest of this week it going to be just as amazing :))

Time to Go Home

This past week was move out time at Milligan.  Lets just say when you have to do it by yourself...not so much fun.  I had so much stuff, and I even got rid of a ton of stuff!!!  It took two car loads to get my things to be where they needed to be!
In order to take this picture I had to stand up on my desk.
I just do not know how I accumulate so much stuff!!  This is my packed car for the trip home with Lauren.  Jordan and Lauren thought I looked absolutely ridiculous with my car packed this full.  Many asked if it was even legal!

Well Milligan it was a nice year but I am headed to the nice stress free beach with one of the bestest friends evs!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

All of Those Girls Are Brunettes?!

This weekend all of those girls were converted over to the dark side....of hair that is.  Kelly and Eliza both decided it was time to go brunette!  So on Friday afternoon Eliza chose to dye her hair.  And then on Saturday evening Kelly did as well.  While Eliza constantly is going back and forth between blonde and brunette, for Kelly it was a shock to see her change her hair! But I must say it looks AMAZING!!!!!

Here are some fun pictures of dying Kel's hair for the first time!!
 Getting Started
 Can't Go Back Now Kel
 We are hoping Kelly will wear her hair like this all the time!
 Oh goodness it is dark!!
Sexy lady!