Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Brother is Growing Up and I am feeling Old!

Last night I attended my brother Benjamin's Senior Award Ceremony.  Just to brag a bit on him, he received a NROTC Scholarship to Georgia Tech, he was a Principle Scholar ( meaning he maintained a GPA of a 4.0 or higher his whole time in High School) and also got an award for being in the top 20 of his class.  I was such a proud sister!

When they presented Benj with his check to the Navy they started listing off everything he has achieved and where he will be headed.  I simply looked over at Bryce, my other baby brother, and was like "dude thats our brother!"  This time also made real that not only is Bunny going to college in the fall, but he will be entering the Navy as well.  Quite a shocker!!

Also being there made me feel old.  2 years ago I was him walking up there to get my awards and having fun with my graduating class.  It is hard to believe it was so long ago!!  I saw some old teachers which my brothers now have and it was just weird to be back in my high school.

It is quite funny to me when I look back on my relationships with my siblings.  Being that we are all so close in age, sometimes being the oldest doesn't mean anything.  Like for example Bryce may be the technical baby of the family, but we all know its me who is treated like the baby.  All three off my siblings look out for me like no other.  I love them all and wouldn't trade any of them.  But sometimes it scares me that we are all growing up so fast.  Next year we will be in 4 different states and only time will tell where we will eventually end up.

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