Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Side of the Room is Going to be The Best!

Ok so I like pictures.  Like I REALLY like pictures.  And I love being able to put them up on the walls of my room for me and everyone else to see.  And for next year I needed a new idea for this.  Now I LOVE the idea of individual frames all over the wall, but usually that can be pretty expensive.  And for a college student I was like um no.  That was until I found $1 frames at Michaels and some paint and was able to make the frames I wanted.  Now the only problem that stands in my way is I need about 50 more frames in order for me to be happy.  But here is the start of this new project I am working on for next year!
 Ten Frames and Three Colors!
 I started with the pink of course!

And this is the finishedish product!  I used pink, brown, and camel colors for the frames.  I am thinking of maybe adding a design to some of them but I am not quite sure what I will do.  For now I am getting excited about what they will look like in the room and how I will arrange them.  

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laurenaustin said...

Loving this mosby:) Can't wait to see your designs!! #lovethiscrafty :)