Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reading and Diet Coke!

What has been filling my time this past week you might ask? Reading and Diet Coke!
Have I been reading some good intellectual books like many may so I should? Thats a hell to the no!  Save that for college people...this is summertime!  I have been reading whatever I have wanted to read.  I call them "fluff" books and I love them.  They are easy reads that don't stress me out.  And I have read 3 so far since summer started! Oh man have I been enjoying this week of laying out in the sun, either around the pool or at the beach, and just reading.

Lauren and I have discussed it several times, and have decided that while MANY people may have been bored out of their minds on this vacation, we are not!  We have enjoyed every last minute of it!!!  I am going to be sad to see the end of my time with Lauren, but I am very grateful to have had it!!

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