Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Door Decorating Classy Style

Every year before Christmas break (really thanksgiving break) many girls in the dorms decide to wrap their door for Christmas.  We stand on chairs, get the boys to help, tie bows prettily, and work really hard to make them look super cute.  In years past there have been Disney inspirations, but this year we went classy and sassy.  Classy makes us seem very mature, and then we add a little sassiness to keep us centered on who we all really are deep down (not so deep for some of us!).  So here it is, our classy and sassy doors!
 Mine and Lindsey's Door
Kelly and Lo's Door
Hope you all enjoy seeing a little of our classy side (now that were twenty and all!).

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The living situations at Milligan aren't too bad.  We have nice rooms, usually nice roommates, 
bathrooms we don't have to walk down the hall to use, 
and an opportunity to form a great community.  

The one thing though that I have come to notice as not so desirable in our dorms is the noise.  
For some reason our walls are paper thin and you can hear just about everything 
coming from your neighbors.  And sometimes your neighbors are not the quietest people.  
While for the most part not too many issues arise from the noise, 
there are those times when your cramming for a test, or trying to sleep and someone decides that is the perfect moment to blare their music and sing at the top of their lungs.  No bueno.  

Contrary to their beliefs this is not a good time to do this.  Also its never a good time 
to do that after quiet hours.  Again no bueno.  
Some people could use a lesson in this.  Respect is always much needed 
when living with about 300 girls.  If only more people knew how this works.

But like I said, living in Milligan's dorms is not so bad.  It's so nice to be 
able to form such a great community with such amazing girls 
(even if some of them need to learn how to be quiet!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


One of the things I have learned very well while being in college is how to procrastinate.  I seriously should go pro at this.  If I don't want to study for biology I hang out with friends, if I don't want to read for Humanities I talk to my best friend on skype, and lately my solution to not wanting to write a 10 page comp paper is I color!! Now I love to color and this is the perfect thing to do to get out of writing a paper.  Here are the results of not wanting to write the paper so far today:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Composition 211

Does everyone have that one class they go to and feel like they are too smart for?  Like you sit there and think, "I already know all of this so why am I here?" Well for me that class would Composition 211 (111 too).  I walk in and when the Professor introduces the topic of the day I stop and say to myself "Are you for serious?! I learned that back in 11th grade!!!!"  Most days I sit very bored in the class and just wait for the time to pass.  And then we get the most time consuming assignments ever.  Like really who seriously cares if my sources that I use are not peer reviewed? Who even really knows what thats mean?!  Sometimes I wonder if in the end it will all really matter.  But none the less I need the grade so I do the work.  And when I do this is what I get:
Ten sources ranging from 3-30 pages in length!!! And no they didn't take a couple minutes to find, it took hours!!!  All of this for one person to read and give me a grade on! But I guess that is what college is about....spending hours upon hours researching and studying all for something that will last maybe an hour and then life will move on.