Monday, November 1, 2010

Composition 211

Does everyone have that one class they go to and feel like they are too smart for?  Like you sit there and think, "I already know all of this so why am I here?" Well for me that class would Composition 211 (111 too).  I walk in and when the Professor introduces the topic of the day I stop and say to myself "Are you for serious?! I learned that back in 11th grade!!!!"  Most days I sit very bored in the class and just wait for the time to pass.  And then we get the most time consuming assignments ever.  Like really who seriously cares if my sources that I use are not peer reviewed? Who even really knows what thats mean?!  Sometimes I wonder if in the end it will all really matter.  But none the less I need the grade so I do the work.  And when I do this is what I get:
Ten sources ranging from 3-30 pages in length!!! And no they didn't take a couple minutes to find, it took hours!!!  All of this for one person to read and give me a grade on! But I guess that is what college is about....spending hours upon hours researching and studying all for something that will last maybe an hour and then life will move on.  

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