Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress Can Be Overwhelming

Sometimes I start to wonder if all of the Milligan Professors sit down and plan to give all tests and projects at the same time! I swear they do it!  This week seems to be one of those times when I have a bazillion things to do and only have a short time to do them in.  Between having a 2 papers due, 3 tests (two on the the same day), several assignments to do, a doctors appointment, fall festival for church, meetings with professors, and everyone and their mother asking me to help them with something, I have probably gone beyond crazy!!!!  It seems like there is never even 5 seconds for me to stop and relax.  Stress has seemed to be all around me and never seems to go away.  

On a positive note though, stress seems to empower me to do more things in a more timely manner.  When under so much stress all I want to do is make it go away, so I work work work until it is done!  I have made list after list, researched many different topics, sent several emails, all while trying to maintain some sort of social life.  I may not have succeeded at this whole social life thing, but hopefully my friends will be loving enough to understand that soon I will be back to my normal social self!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mosby,
I graduated from Milligan many years ago, and went on to another very large four year institution....the professors there didn't seem to mind giving us tests and projects all on the same day either! But, I think you have it right on when you say that stress seems to empower. It motivates, and causes that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach until you have everything organized and completed! At least, that's what it does for me...
You hang in there - it will all come together! And I am positive your friends will understand and be glad to have you back in the social scene!