Friday, October 22, 2010

General Biology 110

Even though it has been almost 3 months of school, today was the day I decided to take control of Biology class and finally pay full attention! Yes, I know I should have been paying attention the whole time, but as many of you know paying attention to a boring topic is NOT what I excel at.  So I as I sat in Hyder Auditorium today, towards the back of course, I started to listen to what Professor Leek really had to say about fungi.  I took all the notes (even some little extra ones not on the powerpoint!) and listened intently to what he had to say.  No longer was I constantly on my phone texting everyone from Tennessee to California to Colombia, or playing games to get by.  I finally listened to what was going on.  And it was then that I finally realized that when you pay attention you actually start to understand the notes quite a bit more.  I know this is nothing new or anything, but I just thought I would share that thought with you.  So from now on I have made the decision to keep taking control of Biology in hopes of actually passing this lovely course!

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