Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oatmeal Banana Muffins

I have not always been a huge breakfast person.  But over the past year I have learned that it really is the most important meal of the day.  But I love sweet in the morning most of the time.  And muffins are a favorite of mine.  So I was on the search for a healthy muffin.

And that is what I found.  I originally found the recipe here.  I was a bit skeptical because I am not a big oats person, but they were worth a try!  And I fell in love... and so did my whole family! So here I am to share this wonderfullness with all of you:)

The Ingredients:
2-2.5 cups of oats (the original recipe calls for 2.5 but that always seemed like too much when blending)
8 oz plan greek yogurt
3/4 cup suagr
2 eggs
2 ripe bananas (as ripe as possible or you will have a hard time blending them in)
1.5 tsp baking powder
0.5 tsp baking soda
As many chocolate chips as you would like

First preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Then line your muffin tins.  One recipe makes just over a dozen and I usually make two batches to feed the family all week.

Add all ingredients to your blender.  After trail and error I FINALLY found the perfect way to layer the ingredients to get the best blend.  First your two eggs.

Then about half your oats.

Then your greek yogurt, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, more oats, and bananas.  Then blend away.  You will need to stop and stir and push things down to get it blended well.

Blend until pretty smooth.  Getting all of the oats fully blended is almost impossible.  But just keep blending and they will be ok.

Pour into you muffin tins.

Add as many chocolate chips as you would like to the top!  Then bake in the over for 15-20 minutes.  They should be golden brown on top. (totes forgot to take a done picture)

These babies are only 95 calories each! How awesome is that?!  I usually eat two for breakfast.  They are quite filling and yummy and I love them!!  

Enjoy these and share them with your loved ones:)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moving Forward

I always seem to find that God has a really crazy way of always getting our attention and really showing us where we need to be and even who we need.  And everytime I think I know the answer, or hope that I get the answer I selfishly want, He proves me wrong and shows me the right way.

There have been so many times in even just the past week that this has been apparent in my life.  To start with I had put a whole lot of hope in finding friends in grad school.  I thought that was going to be the place a find my best friends.  And when I didn't I was greatly let down.

But God has a bigger and better plan for me.  The same day that I had orientation for grad school and was so upset over not talking to anyone, I got a Facebook message.  This message wasfrom a girl I grew up with years ago who currently attends the church I am going to.  I had been wanting to get more involved, but I can get great anxiety over that.

In the mesage not only did she invited me to join the group she is part of at the church, but she volunteered to meet me in the lobby after sevice and walk with me to the class! Seriously if that wasn't God stepping in I don't know what is.  Knowing myself I would not have just walked into that class by myself hopeful to meet someone.  But God provided the perfect person to come and get me.  And now I cannot wait to go this Sunday!

God is also showed me this past weekend while in Tennessee not only who my true friends are, but that I need not long to be in Tennessee but be happy where I am because that is where I am suppose to be.

I was SO beyond excited to see all of the girls again.  I love them and missed them greatly.  And before I got there I just knew this was going to be the highlight of my weekend.  But I was wrong.  The people I thought loved me the most? Not really.  Yes they love me, but not the way I was needing or hopeful of.
I was shown that I need not miss them or go so far out of my way like I have to make things work.  I know who my BFFL is and the others who will always have my back.  Those are the ones who made the effort to see me and spend the quality time I GREATLY needed with.

While it did hurt to make this reliazation about old friends, it was defnitely one I needed to make.  I needed this sign so that my heart can heal and I do not continually allow it to be crushed and stampled upon...because honestly that was what kept happening.

My love for those friendships and what they brought to me will never change.  But it is time to move forward and only allow the happy in my life.

God has an amazing and great plan for my life.  And I really cannot wait to keep watching it unfold and be amazed by His knowledge of knowng what I need and when I need it.  I am so thankful to have someone who will always know that!

Side note: when I was looking for pictures to add to this post I went to my Quotes pin board.  And sitting there waiting for me were all of these.  Apparently my heart already knew a long time ago what I would need.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet My Blog Bestie

Today friends I am switching blogs with Carissa from T is for Townsend! She is my blog bestie...we like text and everything! Love this girl and I am so blessed by her friendship! Without further to do I bring you the bestest girl in blog land!

Hello Simplicity is Key readers! 
I'm Carissa and I blog over at T is for Townsend.

I've been a Mosby fan for a long time now, cause if we're being can you 
not be a Mosby fan?
After a long time of stalking her blog, her Twitter feed, and her Instagram (cause I'm a creeper like that), we finally took our blog relationship to the next level...and now we totally text. 
I know.
Amazeballs right?!

So I thought, how fun would it be to swap blogs for the day, Mosby and I?! 
So here I am.
On Mosby's blog, having rambled on for a good two paragraphs and haven't even gotten anything done yet.

So let's get on with it shall we?!

Here's some fun facts about et moi.

-I'm an Arizona native. 
Born and raised desert dweller.
Check out things to love about Arizona here

-I'm afraid of grocery shopping.
It's a legit phobia, guys.
Gives me heart palpitations.
...that and left turns. Left turns give me heart palpitations too.

-I graduated with my Master's degree this May (you can check out that post here
...and while I don't miss homework, I really miss being a student and buying back-to-school supplies
Make sense?

-Sometimes I watch C-Span.
I love politics, but you probably won't ever find it on my blog.
Except for this it. It's not what you think it is.

-I have two labs that I blog about a lot.
A black one and a yellow one.
My husband tells me Gunther and I are a lot alike.
Read that one here.
There's no denying the truth I suppose.

And so I don't over-stay my welcome, I'd say that's about it for today.

I would love for you to come follow me via bloglovin so we can be friends and stalk each others' social media, and then maybe one day we can all meet up with Mosby in real life and hang out 
and drink Mimosa's.
I'm getting a little ahead of myself but really, that's a win-win right?!

Thanks Mosby, for letting me take over your blog for the day!
See you all soon!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home is Where Your Heart Is

Home is where your heart is.  That could not be any more true for my life right now.  And currently my heart has been in Tennessee with my BFFL and other wonderful friends.  Fortunately this past weekend I was able to hop on a plane and visit my friends and my heart:)

I left early Thursday morning for Tennessee.  As in I woke up at 4 am in order to get to the airport on time for my 7 am flight.  It was a rough morning and long day, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

When I landed in Tennessee one of the besties, Ashlee, picked me up.  I had not seen her since graduation so I pretty much ran to her for a great big hug!  We were both starving so we headed over to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and catch up time.

The rest of the day Ashlee and I just hung out.  We went up to Milligan so I could say hi to some people and hung around JC all day getting things done.  Finally at 5 pm Lo was off work and I could finally see her!

I stayed with Lo and her husband Jacob the whole weekend which could not have been more perfect.  Their apartment is so cute and I felt right at home the whole weekend.  I love it when I go somewhere and can really relax!

Both Lo and I were pretty exhausted after a long day, so by 11 I was tucked in the most comfortable bed ready for a good night sleep.  I knew I would be spending Friday with Lauren and could not wait!

Lauren and I are the most opposite people you could ever find, yet we are the best of friends.  She is my go to when I need someone.  And after all we have been through together I don't know what I would do without her.

We did some shopping and some talking and some eating.  And then went back to the apartment and hung out on the couch for a couple of hours.  Sometimes just being in the same room as someone you love is all you need.

Friday night Lo and I went over to Milligan to have a girls night with our friends.  It was so nice to see everyone, but for the first time I felt like I didn't fit.  Our lives are not longer intertwined and for some reason everything just felt off that night.  I love those girls but the night kinda left me sad. I was so thankful to have Lo with me to cheer me up and end my night good!

Saturday was a super relaxing day.  Lo and I woke up and spent the morning drinking coffee and just relaxing.  When we finally decided it was time to do something, it was running that we chose.  I was so stoked to be back with my original running buddy.  But those Tennessee hills and I are no longer friends!

After running we got ready and headed back over to Milligan to watch a girls soccer game.  It was just a scrimmage, but those are my favorites.  And we got to sit and hang out with Danielle:)

After some shopping we both decided we were starving, so a Barbs date was in order.  Barbs is in the center of our friend group, and it wouldn't be a proper trip without going!

After stuffing our faces we went back to her apartment and lounged for quite some time.  Then it was off to the Appalachia fair which happened to be right behind her place.  There I learned that cows are super HUGE and scary.  And we watched a talent show which was filled with children whose parents told them they were great singers.

A couple hours later we picked up some ice cream and had fun just hanging out.  Instead of watching chick flicks we opted for a psychology documentary on TLC.  Yeah we're a little weird.  The best part about being BFFL's (pronounced biffle) with Lo is that we don't have to always talk.  We just love each others company.

I was so sad to leave yesterday.  But knowing I will be back in 2 months definitely helps. This was a much needed visit.  My heart is now happy and I can't wait to be back soon!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Apartment Makeover Part 3

Another apartment project is done!  I have so loved being able to redo so many things for my new place.  Some people like to get things brand new...but I have loved being able to make things my own! For my other projects look here and here.  

This time I painted two tables that I am going to use as side tables in my living room.  They are really tv dinner trays, but since I don't have a lot of space in my living room, they will be perfect for it!

Here is what they looked like before:

I think I have mentioned before that I have only darker furniture in my new place.  So this light wood was not working for me at all.  And I figured this would be the perfect time to bring some more color into the place!

And here is the after!  I picked orange from one of the colors in my fabrics.  I think it was the perfect color and I cannot see it in the place in a couple of weeks!

It's more of a burnt orange than the pictures show.  I didn't want something SUPER vibrant.  I am loving warm colors and wanted to incorporate more.

I have almost completed one more project...recovering my couch cushions!  Actually my Mom is making the covers for them!  Unfortunately a post with pictures will have to wait till I move in.  Only two more weeks friends:)))

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Hard Transition

This weekend started one of the hardest transitions in my life.  I have officially not moved back to Milligan and I have officially started my Graduate student career.   And I wanted to cry all weekend because of it...a few of those tears were shed.

You see Milligan was my life for 4 years.  My friends were there, my professors were there, and it was home to me.  Watching so many others move back in this weekend broke my heart.  Honestly that is not even close to an exaggeration.

I had orientation on Sunday for Grad school.  It wasn't the same (it was a huge scary place).  I knew no one and talked to almost no one.  Everyone tried to call me Mary even though I insisted (and wore and name tag) that I went by my middle name Mosby.  It wasn't home and I didn't feel like I fit in.

Southeastern is a good school.  It is where God has called me to be.  So why am I so NOT happy about it right now?  I was so excited about it, but after yesterday I am having major mixed feelings about my decision.

I know I need to give it time.  I know I need to stop comparing it to Milligan.  I know God has a plan and in His time it will be revealed.  I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

On a positive note I get to see my best friends in 3 days!!!! Nothing could be better than being back home in Tennessee! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Fun Facts

Today I am guest posting over on Nadine's blog Back East Blonde! Go check it out and see all of the fun questions she asked me:)  If you are visiting from her blog: Welcome! Grab some coffee (or your drink of choice) and stay a while! Hope you love what see!

I figured since there would be some new people around these parts today, I would share some fun little facts about myself!

1. I bite me nails.  WORST. HABIT. EVER. I try to stop but it never happens completely!  One time I did have nails...

2.  I hate tomatos.  It's the one food I wish I loved but just cant seem to be ok with.  Is it a fruit or a vegetable?!

3. I have anxiety over going to new places by myself.  Example:  I have orientation for grad school on Sunday and I am SO nervous to be going!  I know I will be fine, but if I could avoid it I would.

4.  I went to a teeny tiny college.  Milligan College.  It is in Tennessee and we were the buffaloes!  GO BUFFS!

5.  I never keep my hair any length for a long period of time.  I have had it down past the boobs and way above the ears.  I like to change it up:)

Well friends hope you learned some more about me! And new friends I hope you stay around for a while! I am SO happy to have you here:)  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sometimes I Wish...

Sometimes I wish... that I was already grown up and married with kids.  

Sometimes I wish... that I had a very successful career.

Sometimes I wish... that I had lots of friends here in Florida or that I lived a lot closer to my besties in Tennessee.
Sometimes I wish... that food always had zero calories and I was naturally skinny.

Sometimes I wish... that I could run for ever and ever however fast I wanted too.

Sometimes I wish... I had more patience than I really do.

Sometimes I wish... that I would stop wishing and just be happy with my life!

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Not Photogenic

Remember the wedding for my best friend that I was in a couple months ago? Well the gorgeous bride, Becky, finally posted the wedding pictures on Facebook.  All of her pictures were BEYOND gorgeous.  

BUT I did learn something about me....I a NOT photogenic AT ALL! I mean seriously don't try to take a picture of me without knowing to smile.  It's not cute.  And while I know I am about to embarrass my self quite a bit...let me show some gems for example.

I promised I smiled going down the aisle...I guess the photographer liked this look better!

I LOVED watching Becky put her dress on.  I thought she looked why am I smirking/looking like an idiot?!

I really don't know where this weird open mouth crazy look comes from.  No worries it shows up in other pictures too.  I guess  was just wayyyyy to excited?

During the toasts.  I swear I wasn't pissed or bored.  I do have a legit reason for this bad look though.  By this point in the wedding I had not sat down in almost 2 hours.  And when I stand for lengths of time my shoulder dies.  So I was in some serious pain here.  But I LOVED the speeches:) And why wasn't I thrilled I finally had alcohol in my hand?!

Oh the walking and talking look.  What the!?  I just don't even know...

Down the aisle again.  I promise I smiled....but then again maybe I didn't...

Oh the toasts...I wasn't bored here again the pain.  And I had been smiling all day.  So who knows what this is for!

And the open mouth again.  I don't do that very gracefully obviously.  I think it is time I retire that look for ever.  

Well my dear friends and family I think that is enough embarrassment for a while.  No worries if you want to see more check out my Facebook.