Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Fun Facts

Today I am guest posting over on Nadine's blog Back East Blonde! Go check it out and see all of the fun questions she asked me:)  If you are visiting from her blog: Welcome! Grab some coffee (or your drink of choice) and stay a while! Hope you love what see!

I figured since there would be some new people around these parts today, I would share some fun little facts about myself!

1. I bite me nails.  WORST. HABIT. EVER. I try to stop but it never happens completely!  One time I did have nails...

2.  I hate tomatos.  It's the one food I wish I loved but just cant seem to be ok with.  Is it a fruit or a vegetable?!

3. I have anxiety over going to new places by myself.  Example:  I have orientation for grad school on Sunday and I am SO nervous to be going!  I know I will be fine, but if I could avoid it I would.

4.  I went to a teeny tiny college.  Milligan College.  It is in Tennessee and we were the buffaloes!  GO BUFFS!

5.  I never keep my hair any length for a long period of time.  I have had it down past the boobs and way above the ears.  I like to change it up:)

Well friends hope you learned some more about me! And new friends I hope you stay around for a while! I am SO happy to have you here:)  

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Miss Riss said...

#3 - me too!! I wanted to try Zumba, but was too chicken to go by myself, so I enlisted the company of a friend. Also, I'm totally that girl that goes to the restroom with her friends. =)hahaha