Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moving Forward

I always seem to find that God has a really crazy way of always getting our attention and really showing us where we need to be and even who we need.  And everytime I think I know the answer, or hope that I get the answer I selfishly want, He proves me wrong and shows me the right way.

There have been so many times in even just the past week that this has been apparent in my life.  To start with I had put a whole lot of hope in finding friends in grad school.  I thought that was going to be the place a find my best friends.  And when I didn't I was greatly let down.

But God has a bigger and better plan for me.  The same day that I had orientation for grad school and was so upset over not talking to anyone, I got a Facebook message.  This message wasfrom a girl I grew up with years ago who currently attends the church I am going to.  I had been wanting to get more involved, but I can get great anxiety over that.

In the mesage not only did she invited me to join the group she is part of at the church, but she volunteered to meet me in the lobby after sevice and walk with me to the class! Seriously if that wasn't God stepping in I don't know what is.  Knowing myself I would not have just walked into that class by myself hopeful to meet someone.  But God provided the perfect person to come and get me.  And now I cannot wait to go this Sunday!

God is also showed me this past weekend while in Tennessee not only who my true friends are, but that I need not long to be in Tennessee but be happy where I am because that is where I am suppose to be.

I was SO beyond excited to see all of the girls again.  I love them and missed them greatly.  And before I got there I just knew this was going to be the highlight of my weekend.  But I was wrong.  The people I thought loved me the most? Not really.  Yes they love me, but not the way I was needing or hopeful of.
I was shown that I need not miss them or go so far out of my way like I have to make things work.  I know who my BFFL is and the others who will always have my back.  Those are the ones who made the effort to see me and spend the quality time I GREATLY needed with.

While it did hurt to make this reliazation about old friends, it was defnitely one I needed to make.  I needed this sign so that my heart can heal and I do not continually allow it to be crushed and stampled upon...because honestly that was what kept happening.

My love for those friendships and what they brought to me will never change.  But it is time to move forward and only allow the happy in my life.

God has an amazing and great plan for my life.  And I really cannot wait to keep watching it unfold and be amazed by His knowledge of knowng what I need and when I need it.  I am so thankful to have someone who will always know that!

Side note: when I was looking for pictures to add to this post I went to my Quotes pin board.  And sitting there waiting for me were all of these.  Apparently my heart already knew a long time ago what I would need.

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Brittany said...

I am so glad that God gave you just what you needed. A friend to take that extra push. I am the same way, far too nervous to try out things that I really want to do. I am trying to work up the courage to go to a small group type thing here at my school, but we shall see. And i know the hardest part about growing up is realizing that some friends also grow apart and are not who you thought they were, it is hard but new ones come along :)