Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home is Where Your Heart Is

Home is where your heart is.  That could not be any more true for my life right now.  And currently my heart has been in Tennessee with my BFFL and other wonderful friends.  Fortunately this past weekend I was able to hop on a plane and visit my friends and my heart:)

I left early Thursday morning for Tennessee.  As in I woke up at 4 am in order to get to the airport on time for my 7 am flight.  It was a rough morning and long day, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

When I landed in Tennessee one of the besties, Ashlee, picked me up.  I had not seen her since graduation so I pretty much ran to her for a great big hug!  We were both starving so we headed over to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and catch up time.

The rest of the day Ashlee and I just hung out.  We went up to Milligan so I could say hi to some people and hung around JC all day getting things done.  Finally at 5 pm Lo was off work and I could finally see her!

I stayed with Lo and her husband Jacob the whole weekend which could not have been more perfect.  Their apartment is so cute and I felt right at home the whole weekend.  I love it when I go somewhere and can really relax!

Both Lo and I were pretty exhausted after a long day, so by 11 I was tucked in the most comfortable bed ready for a good night sleep.  I knew I would be spending Friday with Lauren and could not wait!

Lauren and I are the most opposite people you could ever find, yet we are the best of friends.  She is my go to when I need someone.  And after all we have been through together I don't know what I would do without her.

We did some shopping and some talking and some eating.  And then went back to the apartment and hung out on the couch for a couple of hours.  Sometimes just being in the same room as someone you love is all you need.

Friday night Lo and I went over to Milligan to have a girls night with our friends.  It was so nice to see everyone, but for the first time I felt like I didn't fit.  Our lives are not longer intertwined and for some reason everything just felt off that night.  I love those girls but the night kinda left me sad. I was so thankful to have Lo with me to cheer me up and end my night good!

Saturday was a super relaxing day.  Lo and I woke up and spent the morning drinking coffee and just relaxing.  When we finally decided it was time to do something, it was running that we chose.  I was so stoked to be back with my original running buddy.  But those Tennessee hills and I are no longer friends!

After running we got ready and headed back over to Milligan to watch a girls soccer game.  It was just a scrimmage, but those are my favorites.  And we got to sit and hang out with Danielle:)

After some shopping we both decided we were starving, so a Barbs date was in order.  Barbs is in the center of our friend group, and it wouldn't be a proper trip without going!

After stuffing our faces we went back to her apartment and lounged for quite some time.  Then it was off to the Appalachia fair which happened to be right behind her place.  There I learned that cows are super HUGE and scary.  And we watched a talent show which was filled with children whose parents told them they were great singers.

A couple hours later we picked up some ice cream and had fun just hanging out.  Instead of watching chick flicks we opted for a psychology documentary on TLC.  Yeah we're a little weird.  The best part about being BFFL's (pronounced biffle) with Lo is that we don't have to always talk.  We just love each others company.

I was so sad to leave yesterday.  But knowing I will be back in 2 months definitely helps. This was a much needed visit.  My heart is now happy and I can't wait to be back soon!



Miss Riss said...

Glad you had such a fun time! ...What's Barbs? Also,I never realized BFFL was pronounced "Biffle"...thanks for the heads up =)

Jamie said...

Glad you had a great little trip!