Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Not Photogenic

Remember the wedding for my best friend that I was in a couple months ago? Well the gorgeous bride, Becky, finally posted the wedding pictures on Facebook.  All of her pictures were BEYOND gorgeous.  

BUT I did learn something about me....I a NOT photogenic AT ALL! I mean seriously don't try to take a picture of me without knowing to smile.  It's not cute.  And while I know I am about to embarrass my self quite a bit...let me show some gems for example.

I promised I smiled going down the aisle...I guess the photographer liked this look better!

I LOVED watching Becky put her dress on.  I thought she looked why am I smirking/looking like an idiot?!

I really don't know where this weird open mouth crazy look comes from.  No worries it shows up in other pictures too.  I guess  was just wayyyyy to excited?

During the toasts.  I swear I wasn't pissed or bored.  I do have a legit reason for this bad look though.  By this point in the wedding I had not sat down in almost 2 hours.  And when I stand for lengths of time my shoulder dies.  So I was in some serious pain here.  But I LOVED the speeches:) And why wasn't I thrilled I finally had alcohol in my hand?!

Oh the walking and talking look.  What the!?  I just don't even know...

Down the aisle again.  I promise I smiled....but then again maybe I didn't...

Oh the toasts...I wasn't bored here again the pain.  And I had been smiling all day.  So who knows what this is for!

And the open mouth again.  I don't do that very gracefully obviously.  I think it is time I retire that look for ever.  

Well my dear friends and family I think that is enough embarrassment for a while.  No worries if you want to see more check out my Facebook. 


Miss Riss said...

Listen lady, anyone can gather a bunch of pictures where the photographer caught them at a bad time and think they're not photogenic...I for one, know that you ARE. Just look at all the selfies we send each other ;)

Amy said...

Hahaha I love you. You are fantastic, smiling open-mouthed or not at all ;)

Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

BAHAHA your comments CRACKED me UP!!!!! If it makes you feel any better, none of our aisle walking pics were very cute, honestly.... lol #awkwardphotos