Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend seemed rather short to me...and that may have to do with coming home from the beach on Sunday and not Monday.  No me gusta!  But a weekend at the beach is never anything but GREAT!

This was Mattie's last weekend in town for a while so Friday night was spent out on the island with friends.  At dinner Mom had to parallel park and well then this happened...

Laurie standing in the middle of the road holding up traffic so we got our parking spot!  Sometimes I think we find the crazies...and love them for it!

Saturday was going to be a good day to blog about.  Dad and Mattie were going to go diving, I was going to take lots of pictures, and tell you all kinds of fun stories.  And then the weatherman person lied.

2 foot seas my butt!!!  We went out thinking it would be mostly smooth.  Well I was riding on the front of the boat out there and Mom thought she lost a child it was so rough.  I only flew out of my seat twice... Needless to say we called off the diving and went to the beach.

Sunday I headed home with the dogs and got my DIY craft on.  I have these six canvases that were up in my dorm that I wanted to recover.  And so I bought some fabric and covered them.  Easy Peasy.  And I plan to buy some cute thumb tacks and hang some pictures on them:)

Hope everyone had a happy happy weekend:)


Miss Riss said...

I can't parallel park either!! It's just not in the cards for me. Hahaha!

Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

Love the new canvas looks!!! The fabric is so pretty and vibrant! :)