Monday, August 5, 2013

Apartment Makeover Part 2

A couple weeks ago I finished my first makeover project for my new apartment.  That table is now everything I wanted it to be and I cannot wait to put it in the new place! This past weekend I worked on my second makeover project: my desk.

It is another piece from my parent's beach house that never really got used.  As much as I am not a fan of whicker, this desk is the perfect size for what I needed.  And well of course there is to be no white furniture in my apartment so it had to get painted.

My goal/plan was to paint it mint.  Typically I prefer a more green mint color over the more blue mint color.  Well when I went to buy paint, I thought I got the color I wanted.  Turns out I got more of a light blue color than the mint I really wanted.

And after it dried I loved it!  I plan on using the same color to paint the wooden monogram I received for graduation from our neighbors to hang above my bed.  Coral and this blueish/mint color are what I believe my colors are going to be.

I hate that I was not able to capture the real color of the desk in these pictures.  It is so light that most of the pictures make it look white.  Hopefully when it is in the apartment and I take new pictures you will be able to see the color better!


Miss Riss said...

Looks fantastic!! Awesome job!

Amy said...

You are so crafty! I've been meaning to do things in my place, and I am just soooo slow to actually put the time aside to finish projects (or start them).

Go you! Love how this turned out :)