Monday, April 30, 2012

Milligan Traditions: Creeking!

Milligan has many many traditions that we all LOVE to take part in.  One in particular is Creeking. This oh so wonderful event happens to each man and woman who dares to get engaged while at Milligan.  Friends of their gender surprise them one evening, tie them up, throw them in the back of a truck, ride around campus making as much noise as possible, and then throw them in the creek in front of Milligan!

There are a couple variations to this.  The guys typically go naked, and the girls will untie the lady before being thrown in!  Over all we have a blast doing this!

Last Friday I got to participate in my first ever creeking! Lauren got engaged last summer and we have been waiting for just the right time to get her!! We totally caught her off guard.  She screamed before we tied her up "Ah I hate you!" But she deep down loved it!  She even thanked us all for doing it at the end of the night!

Just so you know, almost all creeking pictures end up blurry.  There is always just so much going on!

Jessi practicing how to tie Lauren up

In the hall waiting to go get her!

She was so surprised! Thanks goodness she wasn't in any nice clothes!

Jessi tying her up 
And here they go carrying her out of the dorm!

Outside we go...

She was one happy camper about being creeked!

Everyone so excited to be creeking her!

Carrying her down to the creek.

About to "throw" her in.

The barely tossed her in.  I thought they were wayyy too nice about it!

Everyone who helped creek Lauren!

Jacob, Lauren's fiance, was able to be there to watch.  

Oh we had so much fun! And I cannot wait for the next one...BECKY!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bridal Shower Part 1: Prep Time

For the past couple months or so, myself along with two other wonderful ladies, Erica and Lauren T., have been planning a gorgeous awesome amazing Bridal Shower for the one and only Lauren Austin!  It has been so much fun planning with them and I am so grateful that they were able to help out! I cannot thank them enough!

Like most parties, the prep was one of the hardest parts.  Figuring out the invitations, the location, the people, the food, the gifts, the decorations...all of it took a lot of time and planning.  But I must say again it was fun and I loved it!

The night before the shower, Erica and I were doing some last minute crafts and making some food.  We wanted to make some Puppy Chow, which is not the easiest thing to make in the dorm.  Needless to say we laughed quite a bit.  It started off with just melting the chocolate and peanut butter in the microwave. Then when we added the chex, the bowl ended up being too small.  After finally coating everything in chocolate and peanut butter we then had to coat with powder sugar.  Well we didn't want to make a huge mess so what did we do? We got in the shower.  We laughed SO STINKING HARD!!! Best thing I have ever done to make food!
Erica "measuring" out the peanut butter.  BTW we didn't have measuring cups either! It was all done by eye sight and guessing!

Erica trying to mix and coat the chex mix.

In the shower shaking the bag in order to coat the mix with powder sugar. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early to set up the shower.  Pat and Lee Magness, wonderful Milligan professors, we so nice and allowed us to have the shower at their home! They were so welcoming and helpful, and we could not thank them enough for their generosity!

After a couple hours of prep we were ready to go and the guests were arriving!  We had a blast and I cannot wait to share the rest!! Here is a little sneak peak of what is to come!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Oh my goodness I just cannot believe I am already just seems so weird!  Sometimes I still feel like a kid, while other times I feel way older than I am!  Today was just the most wonderful day ever.  I felt so loved by so many people and really truly enjoyed my day! So thank you to everyone who made this day so awesome!

Check out this post to see some early birthday action!

WARNING: This is about the be a picture overload! But here is all the fun from my birthday!

We went to Barbs for dinner, of course! And just had so much fun! Have I ever mentioned that my friends are the bestest friends ever?!
Kylie and I at dinner!

Opening Kelly's gift! 

Ok so I may be a bit of a goof ball sometimes...Becky made that head band I am wearing.  Oh and that giraffe bag? Obsessed.  Also from Beck!

I laughed SO much the whole night! That is when you know I am truly one happy girl!

My monogrammed chevron mug from Jessi! Seriously LOVED it!

Smallest wrapped gift from Lo!

I am telling you...I hadn't even been drinking and I was going crazy! PS that is suppose to be a necklace not a headband thing!

Love from Danielle!

The girls after dinner.  I seriously love them for making me feel so special!

This comment from Erin was one of my faves on Facebook! And you better believe I played up the princess thing.

Vico also had me cracking up!  I sprained my ankle this summer and camp friends will not let me forget how stupid it was!

And then there was Carmen's comment.  I about died.  Stupid friend? Sometimes I don't even know what I am going to do with some of my friends!

Overall I had a GREAT day! I could not have asked for anything more.  I loved it so so much!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Another Link-Up on the Best day Ever!!! My Birthday!! HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

So It's Ok...

that I am so stinking stoked about it being my birthday!! 21 feels so old...

that just about everywhere I go I am known as a Princess...just the other day Jessi told someone I was the Resident Princess here.

that I did a little happy dance when  found out I FINALLY have a job interview when I get home! Wish me some luck here friends!

that I made a bad choice in painting my nails last night before changing out of my jeans.  I couldn't get into bed for like 30 minutes because they were drying and I didn't want to mess them up!

that I have no energy to put pictures in the post.  Don't worry though I will have plenty of pictures coming up after my BIRTHDAY!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wonderful Early Birthday Celebrations!

OK so I know it isn't my birthday...yet! But it is tomorrow! Already so many people have made this birthday the best one yet! Between all of the texts from my friends getting excited about tomorrow, the cards and presents I have received in the mail, and the party with my kids that we had tonight, I have been so beyond blessed!

The first birthday card I got this year was one from my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Gary! They are the best ever! Thanks so much for thinking of me:)

Then when I checked the mail today I had two more cards and a box to open! The first card was from one of my Professors.  She is just the sweetest thing and makes us feel so loved!  The second card and the box were from my parents!! And I am sure my mom intended me to wait till my actual birthday to open them...but I just couldn't help myself! I figured I was close enough to it anyways...
The card from Mrs. Bowman

Sweet card from my parents!

The box full of goodies to open! And let me tell you I am like a five year old on Christmas morning! I could not wait to open those boxes!!!

Yay for some new jewelry! I may or may not have picked these out over Easter break! Yay Mamerz for remembering!

The big ring (yes I know it is on the left hand) is the new one! 
The moment I opened it I knew I loved it!

And then there 6 other rings that can either be word alone or stacked like seen above!

Oh and then these gorgeous earrings! Love Love Love!

You can bet I will be wearing these tomorrow for my birthday!!

Then later tonight while I was at church Kelly and the kids threw me a little party! Love those kids to death but they cannot keep a secret to save their lives!
"Miss Mosby we have a surprise for you...but I can't tell you what!"
"Miss Mosby is today you birthday?"
"Miss Mosby I am so glad today tomorrow is your birthday"
Oh we had tons of fun! Thank you all so much!!! Even if you think I am old by turning 21...

The cute cake from kelly!

If so far my birthday had been this good, then I can only imagine what tomorrow has in store for me! All I know so far is it is going to be one the best days ever! It's not every day this girl turns 21 you know!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes and Always #7

Time to link up with Megan again over at Mackey Madness for a little Sometimes and Always!

Sometimes: I read blogs, check Facebook a thousand times, try out my new Mary Kay face mask, go to plays, talk to friends and so much more all to just avoid writing one paper.
Always: I hate writing papers and who wouldn't want to do all of that instead?!
This was all of my research.  Way too much if you ask me!

Sometimes: I get really excited over my birthday!
Always: Thats ok! My birthday is in 2 days and I will be 21!!!

Sometimes: I get really attached to the kids in the classroom I observe in.
Always: It makes me very sad to have to say bye at the end of the semester.

Sometimes: I get beyond terrified that I am going to forget to do an assignment
Always: I am so glad I have my planner and that I use it all the time!

Why did April have to be such a busy month!?

Sometimes: I have the hardest time sleeping
Always: That means I will be needing a BIG cup of coffee to get through the day!
New fave creamer! So Yummy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Search Words

So I was trying to put off writing my paper and was playing around here on blogger and came across this.  The keywords people search that lead to my blog.

Now lets see...sprained I am assuming leads to my sprained ankle I had last summer...but still kinda weird.
Marvelous Monday Milligan I can get as well.

Milligan College hot girls...I am flattered but where did this come from?
Milligan College pardee...don't remember blogging about Pardee lawn but it kinda makes some sense.

Oh and then MILLIGAN COLLEGE WEIRD?! I def don't get that one! One who would search that? We are not weird here.  Two why would my blog come up for that? I have to say I am kinda a little offended...

Oh goodness I wonder what will pop up next!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Letters

Dear School, This is the last week of you until next semester.  I will not miss you all that much.  A break from the papers and tests and projects will be wonderful.

Dear Beach, I am coming for you!  Give me two weeks and I will be there! Me and you are going to become best friends this summer.

Dear Best Friends, I am going to miss you soon.  I love being able to see you everyday.  Don't worry I will come visit Tennessee this summer and spend time with you.  Y'all should also come to Florida.  I'm telling y'all it's pretty awesome down there!

Dear Drive Home, You are two weeks away and I am already dreading you.  12 hours in the car is not ideal to me.  Please go by fast and provide some entertainment for me.
Im going to hope my car doesn't look like this again!

Dear Left Shoulder,  I want to kill you. You might just be the death of me.  If you could quite possibly stop hurting me all the time I would greatly appreciate it.  The pain you put me through is not very nice.  Also can you please let the doctor know in two and a half weeks why you are causing me pain? Stop hiding and spill the beans already!!

Dear Summer Job,  Please come out of hiding.  I need to find you and I need to find you BAD.  I'm a hard worker so please come find me soon!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Time For Some Confessions

Family, friends, my fellow bloggers, people I don't know who are randomly reading my blog, I have a need to make some confessions here.  And yes I give you full permission to make fun, laugh, cry, whatever feeling may come up.

First and foremost (is that how you spell that word? Looks kinda funny to me...) I AM A SHOPPING SNOB! There I said it.  It is out and everyone knows it.  Want to know how bad it is? I have NOT A CLUE how to shop at stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls.  I never shopped there growing up and this whole "search until you find something really cute for a great price" thing is so foreign to me and I don't get it.  I struggle and feel so overwhelmed when I walk into those stores.  Someone please help?!

Ok next confession... I spent all day Wednesday reading this lovely lady's blog.  Does this make me a stalker? If so, I am sorry.  But I could not help it!
Seriously people Carissa had me cracking up laughing all day.  I swear I almost peed my pants a couple times!! I'm not kidding when I say I read her whole blog.... she was just so funny and again I couldn't help it! LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  The more I read, the more it made me want to be her new bff! Everyone should go check her out!

Well there are my two confessions for the week.  I could probs come up with some more, but then I would have to use my brain and I am kinda tired of doing that!

What are some of your confessions?