Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Little Babies Are Growing Up!

Left to right: Chelsea, Me, Gatlin, Sarah A., Erin, Sarah B., Elizabeth, Stephanie, Nicole, and Louise

This was taken about 2 years ago.  My loves, my campers, my friends! Oh how they have all made a huge impact on my life.  They are some of the sweetest girls I know! And I have just LOVED being able to watch them grow!

And now I feel really old because they will be staff this summer! (and they like to remind me that I am old) And I am not going to be able to be there to watch them do the amazing job I know they are going to do!!

The summer they were my campers (aka the summer we all lived together because they will always be my campers) we had so much fun! I was only suppose to be sleeping in their cabin due to my job keeping me away from them and busy so much.  But you just cannot help but get pulled into their craziness and love them.  Oh how they made fun of me (don't worry I got them too)!  I went to bed much earlier than them since I had to be up much earlier.  And no they did not like to keep quiet at night! I have never seen girls talk and giggle and laugh as much as them!

Oh and then there were the times I let them come to the store with me.  I think it was Erin and Sarah who were with me for some reason.  And I had to play taps and they BEGGED to come with me.  So I let them.  I think they go into more things in that store then I thought possible.  But they had fun and thats all that mattered.

Oh and who can forget our saying? "Aqui sole chaussette?"I know the spelling is wrong there probs.  But  we needed to know whose sock it was.  And since we had a French camper we needed to know how to say that in French.  And from there we named Chaussette. 
Chaussette was my dinosaur who kept me company in the store.  The girls named him.  We loved him so much!

I just love these girls so much and wish them the best summer ever.  They will be there for a month, and I will be praying for them all the time! I hope they love being staff and are able to be there for some campers like I got to be for them!

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