Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wonderful Early Birthday Celebrations!

OK so I know it isn't my birthday...yet! But it is tomorrow! Already so many people have made this birthday the best one yet! Between all of the texts from my friends getting excited about tomorrow, the cards and presents I have received in the mail, and the party with my kids that we had tonight, I have been so beyond blessed!

The first birthday card I got this year was one from my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Gary! They are the best ever! Thanks so much for thinking of me:)

Then when I checked the mail today I had two more cards and a box to open! The first card was from one of my Professors.  She is just the sweetest thing and makes us feel so loved!  The second card and the box were from my parents!! And I am sure my mom intended me to wait till my actual birthday to open them...but I just couldn't help myself! I figured I was close enough to it anyways...
The card from Mrs. Bowman

Sweet card from my parents!

The box full of goodies to open! And let me tell you I am like a five year old on Christmas morning! I could not wait to open those boxes!!!

Yay for some new jewelry! I may or may not have picked these out over Easter break! Yay Mamerz for remembering!

The big ring (yes I know it is on the left hand) is the new one! 
The moment I opened it I knew I loved it!

And then there 6 other rings that can either be word alone or stacked like seen above!

Oh and then these gorgeous earrings! Love Love Love!

You can bet I will be wearing these tomorrow for my birthday!!

Then later tonight while I was at church Kelly and the kids threw me a little party! Love those kids to death but they cannot keep a secret to save their lives!
"Miss Mosby we have a surprise for you...but I can't tell you what!"
"Miss Mosby is today you birthday?"
"Miss Mosby I am so glad today tomorrow is your birthday"
Oh we had tons of fun! Thank you all so much!!! Even if you think I am old by turning 21...

The cute cake from kelly!

If so far my birthday had been this good, then I can only imagine what tomorrow has in store for me! All I know so far is it is going to be one the best days ever! It's not every day this girl turns 21 you know!


MzJessicaxo said...

So adorable!! Happy Birthday beautiful!

Mosby Hardin said...

Thank you:))