Friday, April 6, 2012

Need Some Birthday Present Ideas?

Well then you came to the right place! I know you all have been pondering what you are going to get me for my birthday.  So I thought I would help you all out and give you some ideas!
So I would LOVE a new iPhone case. (yes I know I am ALWAYS asking for a new iPhone case) but I  REALLY like this one.  Oh and I would like the yellow chevron (obsessed with chevron and it matches my blog!) with MOSBY on it! You can find these here. LOVE LOVE LOVE

I love my Keurig that I got for Christmas this past year.  Use it just about everyday.  This being said I am in need of some more K-cups! Here are some fun flavors!

Oh and one can NEVER go wrong with a good gift card.  Target, Walmart, Barnes and Nobles, Panera Bread, Barbaritos, and pretty much wherever else I can go shopping at I would LOVE!

Yikes! Do I sound like a brat yet? So sorry if you think that. I just love my birthday:) This is the one time of the year I get to do this!

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