Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Another link up today!!!

It's ok...

...that I went to bed before 10 p.m. Tuesday night.  I was exhausted and knew I had to be up early on Wednesday.

...that I didn't know what to do last night since One Tree Hill was not on.

...that I miss counted my birthday the other day.  It was only 17 days till my birthday but I posted on Facebook that it was 22 days (it's 14 now).  Seriously where was my head?

...that the most common thing I have said lately is "where is my head" I seem to be very forgetful lately/ I have said some really stupid things. Just ask my friends.  They can vouch for me!

...that my friends know when they text me I will respond right away.  I'm a little OCD about that.  When I text someone I want to hear from them right away so I do the same!

...that I have Spring Fever and don't want to go to any of my classes or do any of my homework.

...that I am totally obsessed with Boyce Avenue right now thanks to my sister! Check out my fave song here

1 comment:

Angie said...

Don't worry about miscalculating your birthday! My hubby & I thought he was a whole year older than what he really was for about 4 years LOL!!!