Wednesday, April 18, 2012


OH my was yesterday just MARVELOUS! While many of you were at work or in school...Milligan College classes were canceled for the day and we had Marvelous Monday! It's a tradition here at Milligan that one day every Spring all classes get canceled for a fun filled day! Usually it is called Wonderful Wednesday but we changed it up this year!  Typically it is a surprise as well! But as the semester moves on, and the air gets warmer, we can kinda always figure out when it is going to be!

This years theme was "Block Party"! We had tree climbers, walking on water, all kinds of intramurals, a water slide, color war, group picture, and a milk chugging contest! Oh how we enjoyed our day! It was so nice out, which was great because I was able to get some color on this white skin of mine!

So here it is people! Our Marvelous Monday!!
Brochures were put under the door to announce the day!

Becky Danielle and Eliza at brunch

Me Ashlee and Becky at brunch

Block Party People!

During the faculty hunt Becky contemplated going down this hill. I did not! She eventually came walking with me.

Walking on Water

Me Becky and Heather waiting in line for some Sno Cones!

Eating Sno Cones and watching intramurals with Lauren

Oh guess who got hurt? Me. Guess which hand? The left.  Told you the left side of my body is cursed.

Oh the water slide!

Tree Climbers.  No way I was doing that.

Watching the Color War with Lmac!

It smelled like koolaid!

Becky after the color war

Oh here is a close up of my hand.  My ring finger is hurt.  I don't even know what is wrong.

About to shower after a long day.  I felt like a hot mess!

Milk Chugging Contest.  The soccer girls getting ready!

Only college kids would find this entertaining.  People chugging milk just to puke it up 3 seconds later.  It was gross.  Cannot believe I watched.

Lauren just hanging out trying to get that milk down.  Love her heart for trying.

I just loved loved loved Marvelous Monday! Shout out to Kelly who planned it all! Oh how I am already looking forward to next year and the fun we are going to have!!


Angie said...

That looks like an absolute blast!!!!
I so want to do that Walking on Water thing. Looks too fun.
Glad you had such an enjoyable day :)

Mosby Hardin said...

Oh thanks! I didn't actually do the walking on water. I felt like it would be a touch too claustrophobic for me! But others said it was a blast!