Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Refresh and Renew

The other day I got the big urge to rearrange my living room.  I have been wanting to do it for a while and since I have had some time, I did it. Sine it has been a year that I moved in, I figured it was about time to make some changes. Refresh and Renew for this new year!

Previously this is how my living room looked

Over the course of the year I have added to and rearrange to make it now look like this

Brutus of course had to make and appearance!

A little messier and more lived in.  Also please excuse the iPhone pictures.  I was too lazy to get out the big girl camera!

Since I was rearranging my living room, I decided it was also time to update my gallery wall.  I don't think I am very good at this, but I try.  And I mostly like then end result.  Theory is always better than reality with me!

I had two new prints from 34 Magnolia Street Shop and wanted to personalize it with some family and friend pictures.  

I am loving the rearrangement of my furniture.  I feel like it opens up the space and makes it feel bigger than it really is.  When moving everything around I was reminded of being in college when we would rearrange our rooms all the time.  It always made life feel new and I feel the same now!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

9 Favorite College Memories

Seeing class start up for the second year that I am not there at Milligan still tears at my heart a little.  There is a part of me that will always miss my time there and wish to be back.  Minus all the homework and classes of course! I had the best time during my four years and always love looking back on all the fun memories I have.  So that's just what I am going to do today!

1. One night early into freshmen year I was a little homesick or something.  So these three girls, Eliza Becky and Ashlee, all forced me out of the dorm and we went for the craziest night of bowling.  I swear we probably could have gotten kicked out.  I ran down the lanes and we did not take a minute of it seriously. best random night ever.

2.  Halloween 2009. Eliza and I came up with this great idea that we should all go as "modern" Disney Princesses.  I am pretty sure all the other girls weren't as into as we, but it was so much fun! Ashlee's spray painted hair stained my car seats, we went trick or treating way too late, but we had the best time!

3. Christmas Parties.  This one happens to be from 2010.  Every year we had a party together.  One year we did Secret Santa.  One year we did Secret Santa Stockings.  And one year we did White Elephant gifts.  They were always so fun and perfect times to get some awesome group pictures!

4.  Sophomore year Ashlee and I flew out to California to drive Eliza back to Milligan.  As in we did a cross country trip. I made matching sweatshirts and we did it in two days.  It was the craziest thing ever but so much fun.  Definitely a trip I will never forget!

5. Barbs Birthdays.  After our first year of going all out for parties, we decided to keep it low key and mostly went to Barbaritos for birthday dinners! The best food and the best girls.  

6. Mine and Lauren's first 5k!! We worked so hard to be able to run that race and I was so thankful to have such awesome support from these girls!

7. That one time we had someone take pictures of "those girls: for Jessi's birthday.  Like I said we went above and beyond freshmen year for birthdays and this has to be one of my favorites!

8. Creekings.  It's a Milligan tradition.  Once one is engaged, male or female, they get creeked by all their friends.  We surprise them, tie them up, ride around campus in a truck making as much noise as possible in the middle of the night.  And then throw them in the creek.  We got to creek both Lauren and Becky.  Loved every minute of it!

9.  And then we graduated. It went by crazy fast but also super slow.  I loved being able to graduate with these girls and see them walk across the stage.  We finally felt as though WE DID IT!

They say college is the best four years of your life.  And that is so true.  I wouldn't trade a single day for anything and I know I was right where I was meant to be the whole time!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Update

It's funny how when I was super busy I had all the time in the world to blog.  And the last two weeks when I have had all the time in the world to spend on blogging, I haven't.  It's funny how life works sometimes.  But I have to say I have been enjoying my time relaxing and just doing life.

For starters I have not had one thing of homework to do in two weeks.  That is the best feeling in the entire world.  No stress all day everyday.  No class either.  I have to say this break was much needed and now I am ready to get back to school.

I have been spending a lot of time with family and friends lately.  Whether down at the beach, at home, or at a wedding, I have loved just hanging out with everyone.  It has been so relaxing and enjoyable.  

I started working out again.  Not just running but in the gym doing some cardio.  With the heat here so intense running has not been so enjoyable.  So I convinced myself to get on the elliptical and watch one episode of something.  And then I am done and feel better.  Gotta get some weight off bad.

I have always loved reading books and have been doing a lot of that lately.  When school is going on I don't have time or the desire to read but the last two weeks I have worked my way through a couple of books.  It is the best way to relax for me and that is what I have done!

Next Monday the craziness starts again and I can honestly say I am kinda ready for it.  Back to school, back to work, and hopefully fall will be coming soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finally Time For A Break!

Praise the Good Lord I am done with this semester of Grad School...kinda.  I am never really done nor do I ever think I will be.  But three out of my four classes for this summer have come to a close.  And I could not be more happy or excited!

Needless to say going to school for the first time in the summer ever was not exactly what I would call fun.  I hated it.  I got burnt out not too long ago and I wanted to quit grad school SO FREAKING BAD! My classes were hard, there was a lot of work, and lately there has been a lot of drama that surrounded me and resulted in lots of hurt feelings on my side.

So basically this little "break" the next three weeks are going to be much appreciated and needed.  Even though I will still have one class (my internship) and will still be interning, I won't have any homework or stress in that arena for a while! And I am thrilled!

Here is to enjoying the next few weeks and having fun. What are some ideas for me to do during this time?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Myself in 5 Years

I know that I am far behind the times when it comes to this video.  But I just saw it this weekend and I about DIED!  It felt like it was an eary premonition of what my life may be like in 5 years.

And then I saw this video and DIED again! I swear I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  And this song may or may not be my ringtone right now...And I am pretty sure this may solidify the fact that I will never have a boyfriend and I will never get married.  Because "I am a cat lover and I love to run!"

Well friends I hope yall got a good laugh today.  And say a prayer or two or three for me that this won't really be me in 5 years.  Even though it totally could be.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

That One Time I Pretended To Be A Fashion Blogger

During that fabulous weekend I was with Lauren, we went on a little adventure to get blog pictures. I (ok really Lauren) am working on a new blog design and needed some new pictures for that as well as for future use.  Lauren (who really is doing some wonderful fashion posts) needed some outfits photographed so we went and had some fun!

I always find taking pictures in the middle of a city kinda awkward.  But when you have your best friend, who also happens to be a blogger, with you then it turns into more fun than anything!  

And if you know anything about me, then you know at the end of the day I am a big goofball and love to poke fun at things in life.  Which is what I did during our day photographing each other.  I may or may not have acted out a couple of pictures as a Fashion Blogger.

This is my "I shouldn't smile in every picture" look.  Fashion is serious and I must be too.  This can also be called my "Lauren when are you going to take the picture" look.

 Oh look I found my shoe.  Isn't it just so great?! We all must look down at something in the picture right?

I really think I have nailed this looking down pose.  No one even really looks at the camera anymore these days.  Why should we? Leave it all mysterious and all...what am I really looking at?

Take that jacket off and throw it over the shoulder! Because you know...gotta show off the clothes that I was totally not given to pick out and review.  Dress: The Loft Jacket: Target Shoes: Target.  Oh and yall can Google those yourself:)

As much as I love to poke fun at fashion blogging, I have mad respect for those of you who really do it.  I could never take this seriously enough or ask others to take my picture.  And honestly I do not have the money to spend on clothes on any kind of regular basis.  But really mad props to those of you who take the time to make this happen everyday on your blog!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Feeling Feelings Is Hard

Every time I travel on a plane I take a book with me.  I love to read and it keeps my mind off of the anxiety I have with flying.  This trip I chose to bring along The Giver by Lois Lowery. I remembered reading this book back when I was a kid and since the movie is coming out soon I wanted to reread it.

I tell you all about this because while reading the book, I had such a strong desire to be in the world the book created.  In this world they do not feel strong feelings or really know what they are.  All feelings are kept by the "Receiver" because they are of the past and the guardians of the world do not want the citizens to experience them.

This last week my emotions have been a touch out of control.  I have cried at the drop of a hat so many times.  People probably think I am crazy.  I was so beyond sad to leave Lauren on Monday.  It felt as though it physically hurt my heart to leave the comfort of my best friend.  I have also experienced extreme anger with a peer, which turned into anxiety.  And anxiety makes me cry.

What I would give most days to not feel these feelings.  It makes life hard and undesirable when I just can't function like normal.  It has been a tough time for me lately and I have even started to wonder why God would have me go through all of this right now.

I am reminded of the sermon Sunday morning.  Continuing on looking in the book of Acts, the pastor talked about how sometimes God brings us to the bad days.  It is purposeful and intentional on His part to do so.  But why does he?  Because He knows something GOOD will come soon.  He is preparing us for the GOOD.  And if anyone knows GOOD it is Him!

The pastor asked the question "Do you turn to God during the bad days, or run and push him away?" I want to turn to God during the bad days.  And no he won't fix the bad right away.  It may take time, more than I would like.  But He will bring me through it all.  

I am clinging to God through all of these tough days.  I know He is shaping me into the person He needs me to be.  He is doing the same to you too.  Those days you just want to curl up in a ball and cry?  Cling to Him and hold onto the truth given to us.  It's not easy to stay, but when you do, you will never regret it!

Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Moving to New Hampshire

To be honest I really do not know even where to being with this post.  I have avoided writing it because I do not want to admit to myself that last weekend really is over and I am know longer with my best friend.  Tears may have been shed before, during, and after our goodbye. I guess that means I had a really awesome weekend?!

Before heading out for my trip, I had a pretty awful week.  I also have been battling that burnt out feeling with school for quite some time.  I NEEDED this break more than I have ever needed one before.  And I really just needed to see my best friend.

There is something to be said about being around friends who just get you.  You don't have to explain yourself and they already know what your thinking before your even thinking it.  And you like the same things like ice cream and tex-mex and pizza.  Which are all the most important things to have in common.

I got into Boston on Thursday morning and had another friend pick me up.  We drove back to Nashua to meet up with Lauren and Danielle for lunch.  It was like a little Milligan reunion in NH and I loved it!  The rest of the afternoon and next day Lauren had to work from home and kept her company.

On Saturday we both slept in, planned to run and then didn't, and then went exploring and picture taking for the blogs.  I told Lauren I wanted to see the coastal side of NH, so we headed over to Portsmouth, NH.  I fell in love with the old cities here.  I love the character and charm and how there were so many fun places to take pictures!

After Portsmouth we headed to York, ME for an outfit change and the Nubble Lighthouse.  I had never seen anything quite like Nubble and I was in awe.  I could not keep myself from saying over and over how gorgeous it was and how much I loved it.  I love how diverse our country is and even though I thought the ocean was the ocean, I now know differently.

Saturday night we chilled at home and worked on our blogs.  It is so nice having someone to talk blog about.  We may have done that Sunday afternoon and night too...

Sunday was spent at church.  You can read all about my experience there here.  It was a joy to finally see the place that drew Lauren and Jacob here.  And I got to meet many of their friends that I have been hearing about for a while now too!

I am now home and missing Lauren more than ever!  I had the best trip at just the right time for me.  I cannot thank her and Jacob enough for welcoming me into their home and being so sweet and kind.  It is always a home away from home to me and I am already planning a time to go back.  How does next weekend sound guys?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Experiencing A New Church

I know many of you are awaiting a full update on my wonderful weekend in New Hampshire, but since I am currently on a plane or somewhere traveling back to Florida that will have to wait.  

When planning my trip to NH I knew that I wanted to be able to stay through Monday so that I could experience the church Lauren and Jacob attend.  Since it is the reason they moved, I really wanted to know what it was like.

We all have our own expectations when going into a new church.  We like the church we chose for a reason, so why go and experience something else?  I guess when you are out of town and do not have the choice you go and experience.

Walking into Crossway I had no idea what to expect.  I had an open heart and mind to the place, since my best friend loves it so much and swore it would be great.  

Due to my open heart and mind I came to find Crossway to be simply sweet.  I loved worshiping with new people and hearing a sermon from someone I don't know.  The sermon spoke right to my heart and was exactly what I was needing to hear.  

To be honest, I really went into the church with a skeptical eye about how they functioned.  And then I walked out amazed.  I love how they took communion, how the sermon is a video from the other church, and how there is a host pastor at each church.  It was a different and unique and I loved it.  It really opened my eyes for loving other churches that are not my own.

I loved that I loved the church Lauren and Jacob have come to love.  It was a wonderful experience and taught me that I can go someplace new and it be good.  I do not need to settle for my church at all times.  Nor do I need to be judgmental or skeptical of other churches.  As Christians we should have a more open mind about the church, knowing that where ever God is, it will be good!

Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Things on Friday

It is FINALLY Friday!!!  And I find myself on this glorious Friday morning in New Hampshire, with my best friend, doing homework/blogging while she is working from her home office.  And it is wonderfully COOL outside for this Florida girl!  But seriously I cannot believe I am actually in New Hampshire.  Someone come pinch me!  

Since I am so enjoying my Friday morning, I thought I would share some things from this week with all of you lovelies!

1// Notes from friends like this just warm my heart.  And make class so much more bearable.  And apparently Catalina believes New Hampshire is in the North that girl!

2// This little guy is just doing his favorite activity.  He loves to sit in the windows and just watch the world past by.  And if there are birds out there? His day is made!  Also look at that tail! Everyone says it is the longest tail ever for a cat.  I have to say it's cute and I love it! I am also missing this guy just a touch today!

3// I finally was reunited with Lauren yesterday.  After bad anxiety with the flight I was so happy to be on the ground again.  And I had to sit next to that one guy you always pray won't be sitting next to you.  He was kinda nice, but Lauren is much nicer.

4// I had a pretty rough week in class this week.  I mean I walked out crying so yeah.  Sometimes people are just rude.  But last night as I waited for Lauren to get back from band practice, I felt the urge to open her bible and read.  And I was called to Romans 12.  It always amazes me that God knows just what I need to hear and when I need to hear it!

5// I am SO looking forward to this weekend!  Exploring New Hampshire and hopefully taking some new blog pictures! Lauren created the beautiful design you see now, and hopefully will be creating the next one that is soon to come!  I cannot wait to just spend time with her and get my heart all filled up again! 

Hope yall have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!