Sunday, August 3, 2014

Experiencing A New Church

I know many of you are awaiting a full update on my wonderful weekend in New Hampshire, but since I am currently on a plane or somewhere traveling back to Florida that will have to wait.  

When planning my trip to NH I knew that I wanted to be able to stay through Monday so that I could experience the church Lauren and Jacob attend.  Since it is the reason they moved, I really wanted to know what it was like.

We all have our own expectations when going into a new church.  We like the church we chose for a reason, so why go and experience something else?  I guess when you are out of town and do not have the choice you go and experience.

Walking into Crossway I had no idea what to expect.  I had an open heart and mind to the place, since my best friend loves it so much and swore it would be great.  

Due to my open heart and mind I came to find Crossway to be simply sweet.  I loved worshiping with new people and hearing a sermon from someone I don't know.  The sermon spoke right to my heart and was exactly what I was needing to hear.  

To be honest, I really went into the church with a skeptical eye about how they functioned.  And then I walked out amazed.  I love how they took communion, how the sermon is a video from the other church, and how there is a host pastor at each church.  It was a different and unique and I loved it.  It really opened my eyes for loving other churches that are not my own.

I loved that I loved the church Lauren and Jacob have come to love.  It was a wonderful experience and taught me that I can go someplace new and it be good.  I do not need to settle for my church at all times.  Nor do I need to be judgmental or skeptical of other churches.  As Christians we should have a more open mind about the church, knowing that where ever God is, it will be good!

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The Jessa Olson Blog said...

I have had a really hard time going to a new church. We went to Lifechurch in OKC, and no other church has lived up to it. But I can tell that we need to get our butts to church though.