Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Moving to New Hampshire

To be honest I really do not know even where to being with this post.  I have avoided writing it because I do not want to admit to myself that last weekend really is over and I am know longer with my best friend.  Tears may have been shed before, during, and after our goodbye. I guess that means I had a really awesome weekend?!

Before heading out for my trip, I had a pretty awful week.  I also have been battling that burnt out feeling with school for quite some time.  I NEEDED this break more than I have ever needed one before.  And I really just needed to see my best friend.

There is something to be said about being around friends who just get you.  You don't have to explain yourself and they already know what your thinking before your even thinking it.  And you like the same things like ice cream and tex-mex and pizza.  Which are all the most important things to have in common.

I got into Boston on Thursday morning and had another friend pick me up.  We drove back to Nashua to meet up with Lauren and Danielle for lunch.  It was like a little Milligan reunion in NH and I loved it!  The rest of the afternoon and next day Lauren had to work from home and kept her company.

On Saturday we both slept in, planned to run and then didn't, and then went exploring and picture taking for the blogs.  I told Lauren I wanted to see the coastal side of NH, so we headed over to Portsmouth, NH.  I fell in love with the old cities here.  I love the character and charm and how there were so many fun places to take pictures!

After Portsmouth we headed to York, ME for an outfit change and the Nubble Lighthouse.  I had never seen anything quite like Nubble and I was in awe.  I could not keep myself from saying over and over how gorgeous it was and how much I loved it.  I love how diverse our country is and even though I thought the ocean was the ocean, I now know differently.

Saturday night we chilled at home and worked on our blogs.  It is so nice having someone to talk blog about.  We may have done that Sunday afternoon and night too...

Sunday was spent at church.  You can read all about my experience there here.  It was a joy to finally see the place that drew Lauren and Jacob here.  And I got to meet many of their friends that I have been hearing about for a while now too!

I am now home and missing Lauren more than ever!  I had the best trip at just the right time for me.  I cannot thank her and Jacob enough for welcoming me into their home and being so sweet and kind.  It is always a home away from home to me and I am already planning a time to go back.  How does next weekend sound guys?

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