Wednesday, August 6, 2014

That One Time I Pretended To Be A Fashion Blogger

During that fabulous weekend I was with Lauren, we went on a little adventure to get blog pictures. I (ok really Lauren) am working on a new blog design and needed some new pictures for that as well as for future use.  Lauren (who really is doing some wonderful fashion posts) needed some outfits photographed so we went and had some fun!

I always find taking pictures in the middle of a city kinda awkward.  But when you have your best friend, who also happens to be a blogger, with you then it turns into more fun than anything!  

And if you know anything about me, then you know at the end of the day I am a big goofball and love to poke fun at things in life.  Which is what I did during our day photographing each other.  I may or may not have acted out a couple of pictures as a Fashion Blogger.

This is my "I shouldn't smile in every picture" look.  Fashion is serious and I must be too.  This can also be called my "Lauren when are you going to take the picture" look.

 Oh look I found my shoe.  Isn't it just so great?! We all must look down at something in the picture right?

I really think I have nailed this looking down pose.  No one even really looks at the camera anymore these days.  Why should we? Leave it all mysterious and all...what am I really looking at?

Take that jacket off and throw it over the shoulder! Because you know...gotta show off the clothes that I was totally not given to pick out and review.  Dress: The Loft Jacket: Target Shoes: Target.  Oh and yall can Google those yourself:)

As much as I love to poke fun at fashion blogging, I have mad respect for those of you who really do it.  I could never take this seriously enough or ask others to take my picture.  And honestly I do not have the money to spend on clothes on any kind of regular basis.  But really mad props to those of you who take the time to make this happen everyday on your blog!


Lauren @ 34 Magnolia Street said...

Oh my gosh. "The clothes I was totally not given to review" I DIED.

You are hilarious and I love you.

Danielle Merante said...

My favorite - "Look! I found my shoe!"