Friday, July 29, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session:H

No seriously people, this really had been one of the best weeks of camp this summer!! Between it being my last week here, and the new staff who came and brought the best energy ever, I could not have had more fun.  I have no voice anymore, but all of the screaming and excitement was worth it!!!

This week Girl's Camp welcomed about 15 new staff and LIT's and with them came so much energy and excitement.  It was so refreshing to see that.  And thanks to them I got my last wave of energy that I needed to end my summer here at camp Vineyard!

All week long everyone has been like "Why are you so happy?!" They all thought there was a boy, but no I was just happy and wanted to spread that to all of my girls!!  We had a blast having morning watch with all of the boys this week.  And for Xi Rho tonight we are singing the Glee Version of Don't Stop Believing! And lets just say the girls are kicking butt!!!

While this week has been good I am very ready to go!  8 weeks is long enough here, and I cannot wait to go and see my friends and family before finally going back off to school!!

I have made so many new friends here and for that I will always be grateful.  The Vineyard is truly a second home to me and I do not think I could ever have a summer without it in my life.  For those of you who have been reading this and thought "Man Mosby has had a pretty amazing time at what seems to be a pretty amazing place" then you are right.  And if you want a part of this next summer, we would love to have you!!! Just let me know and I can totally hook you up with one of the best places on earth.

And as the saying here goes "Because Childhood Only Happens Once"

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session: G

Another week has flown by, and I am now preparing to go into my last week at camp Vineyard for the summer of 2011:(  While I am sad that I will have to say goodbye, I am looking forward to going back into the real world!

So this past week....yeah.  I feel like i should be writing all of this in Spanish, since that is the only language I heard pretty much all week!  This week was Mexican invasion week!!!  We had about 70 Campers from Mexico arrive.  And while they are loads of fun and we are happy to have them, I am super tired of saying "English Please!!"

This week girls camp killed at XiRho AGAIN!!!!  After changing the song like 10 times, we finally decided on the World Cup song from last year "Wave Your Flag" by K'naan.  I was really worried though because when we practiced the girls looked dead.  I kept telling the "Pareces muertas!!!!" which means you look dead!  But when it came time for XiRho they were alive and loud and had tons of fun!!!

So far for this week the drama has been kept to a minimum, which was good news for me.  I was not quite as stressed most of the week, and got quite a bit accomplished this week!!

Please continue in your prayers for the camp and for myself and that I have a great final week at camp this summer!!

My BEAUTIFUL head counselors after the girls attacked us with soot from the fire pit! Loves them:)))

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session:F

This week went by super fast, just like I prayed it would.  That does not mean it did not have its ups and downs.  It was another crazy week at the Vineyard and I loved every bit of it (ok well most of it!)

This week girl's camp got a little smaller which was good news for me.  Less girls to worry about, and more one on one time for the girls that were there.  My sprained ankle is healing, but I still have some trouble walking and use my golf cart to get around pretty much everywhere.  Oh and everyone likes to make fun of the way I walk.  No me gusta!!!

We decided to make this week Beauty Week in girls camp.  And all week we talked to the girls about how they are made in God's image and this alone makes them the most beautiful girls ever.  We even went so far as to have a no makeup, mirror, or hair day on Wednesday!  And for all you out there who know how much I hate not being able to do my hair and makeup know this was not all that easy for me.  But I did it for the girls and I loved it.  Its amazing though how natural it is for a girl to just look at herself in a mirror.  Think about it people.  Try to go one full day without doing it.  Its not easy.

This week for XiRho Girl's Camp sang "Who Says" by Selena Gomez.  And lets just say we killed boys camp hands down.  The girls had fun, I had fun, and overall I was super proud of all of my girls.

This week I also learned quite a bit about myself.  One thing I already knew was that not everyone is going to like me.  But this week I had to learn how to handle that in a business sense.  Before hand when someone did't like me I just brushed them off and told them it was their loss.  This week being the leader of Girl's Camp I couldn't do that.  I had to like them even when they didn't like me.  And thats hard people.  But I am making it work for the next two weeks and then most of those who do no like me I won't ever have to see again.

Drama seemed to always be around me this week and it was not fun.  I think after 6 weeks people are tired and we have more trouble dealing with everything going on around us.  And of course I had to be the one handling it all.  And as I hope is still true, we got it all worked out in the end.

This weekend is my long weekend off and I am spending it with my family in Virginia.  It has been so nice to see all of my moms extended family, and spend some time with them.  I have not been here in about 7 years, so coming back to a place I grew up is always a nice thing to do!

I hope you all are having a great fun weekend.  Please continue to pray for the camp and for me as I go into my last two weeks at Camp Vineyard!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session: E

Another week has gone by and there is so much I feel the need to fill you all in on!! This week was great, other than the fact that I could not walk!

Sunday was a slow check in day for girls camp and I did my best to hide my sprained ankle from all of the parents.  Seeing the girls camp directed hurt doesn't exactly scream SAFETY!!  But I got through the day with much help from all of my girls.  And to top it off I had 3 beautiful friends from last year here to bring some new energy that was much needed by all!!

Fortunately the camp has some wonderful friends who live near by, the Lucias.  I grew up with their kids at the camp, and thanks to them I have been able to get around camp because they have lent me their golf cart.  If it wasn't for them I do not know what I would do.  I could never thank them enough for their generosity.

Also the kindness the people at camp have shown me has been amazing.  I am not one that finds asking for help easy.  In fact I struggle greatly with that.  But this week so many people just offered their help! It was amazing for me to see how nice and caring people are.  For that I could never thank those people enough.  I would not have gotten through this week without all of their support.  They were my strength this week, and they seriously rocked!!!

This week went by pretty smoothly with me spending the majority of my time in the infirmary icing my ankle and trying to get the swelling to go down.  Finally on Thursday I was able to take off the wrap and put on a shoe and walk around.  Now this does not mean graceful walking, I'm talking major limp walking.  Not exactly the cutest thing, but I pull it off the best I can.

XiRho went WONDERFUL this week!!  The girls worked it singing Firework by Katy Perry and I could not have been more proud of them!!  Also we had out first Maiden of the Meadow knighted last night, and our first Knight of the Vine in 2 years.  It was tons of fun to see them and I was so proud of the two of them for all of their hard work!!!

After 2 weeks of being at the camp I was so ready to get out!!!  I am thrilled to be on my day off and not around tons of people.  I love the camp but there are times when I just need some Mosby time.  And I am so happy to have that today!!!
This is my ankle all wrapped up.  You cant see them, but the bruises are pretty bad.  But no worries I pull them off :))

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session: D

Wow another week has flown by so quickly!!!  As I write this is am sitting in he infirmary with a sprained ankle.  Falling yesterday was probably the highlight of my week, but let me tell you all about the rest!

After having long talks with my head counselors, I have finally been able to get them to come together and do some great things! Thanks to them I was able to step back quite a bit this week.  This in turn resulted in less stress for me, which I was greatly thankful for.

The week was seriously a great one! I had so much fun with the girls!!  I was so happy to finally have some old campers whom I love dearly come!!!  They are seriously some of the best girls and I love being able to spend time with them and mess around with them!!

On Wednesday evening after a bonfire one of my staff came to me and thanked me.  I asked her what for and she said "For showing me who God really is and how important it is to have a real relationship with him."  To say the least people, I was in shock!!  A happy shock that is!!  It is so awesome to be seeing the work God is doing in peoples lives, and I am thankful that she is coming to know Christ.  Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to learn more.

The only other big thing that happened this week was....I SPRAINED MY ANKLE!!! Now people this is serious.  I have never sprained or broken anything, and I never want to again.  Unfortunately I do not have a good story other than I stepped wrong off the porch of the office and rolled it.  We all thought it was broken given that it swelled up immediately.  Thank God the X-Ray's did not show a break!! And thank God I had my sister and brother there to take me to the hospital!!  For now I am on crutches (so not for me) and drive a golf cart around and live in the infirmary.  Hopefully all will get well soon!!
This was taken at the is still this big if not a bit bigger and turning colors now! Dont worry all I still look super cute every day :))))