Friday, July 8, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session: E

Another week has gone by and there is so much I feel the need to fill you all in on!! This week was great, other than the fact that I could not walk!

Sunday was a slow check in day for girls camp and I did my best to hide my sprained ankle from all of the parents.  Seeing the girls camp directed hurt doesn't exactly scream SAFETY!!  But I got through the day with much help from all of my girls.  And to top it off I had 3 beautiful friends from last year here to bring some new energy that was much needed by all!!

Fortunately the camp has some wonderful friends who live near by, the Lucias.  I grew up with their kids at the camp, and thanks to them I have been able to get around camp because they have lent me their golf cart.  If it wasn't for them I do not know what I would do.  I could never thank them enough for their generosity.

Also the kindness the people at camp have shown me has been amazing.  I am not one that finds asking for help easy.  In fact I struggle greatly with that.  But this week so many people just offered their help! It was amazing for me to see how nice and caring people are.  For that I could never thank those people enough.  I would not have gotten through this week without all of their support.  They were my strength this week, and they seriously rocked!!!

This week went by pretty smoothly with me spending the majority of my time in the infirmary icing my ankle and trying to get the swelling to go down.  Finally on Thursday I was able to take off the wrap and put on a shoe and walk around.  Now this does not mean graceful walking, I'm talking major limp walking.  Not exactly the cutest thing, but I pull it off the best I can.

XiRho went WONDERFUL this week!!  The girls worked it singing Firework by Katy Perry and I could not have been more proud of them!!  Also we had out first Maiden of the Meadow knighted last night, and our first Knight of the Vine in 2 years.  It was tons of fun to see them and I was so proud of the two of them for all of their hard work!!!

After 2 weeks of being at the camp I was so ready to get out!!!  I am thrilled to be on my day off and not around tons of people.  I love the camp but there are times when I just need some Mosby time.  And I am so happy to have that today!!!
This is my ankle all wrapped up.  You cant see them, but the bruises are pretty bad.  But no worries I pull them off :))

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